Skinny Dipping

I did this a couple times with friends, also in highschool. It is very nice to do this with some close friends, you will become even more close once you have seen this naked. I

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I did this a couple times with friends, also in highschool. It is very nice to do this with some close friends, you will become even more close once you have seen this naked.

I have never done this with girls but always with friends. One time was a really good time.
We stayed in a tent at a camping at a lake during summer. When we got a little drunk the first clothes came off (we were playing strip poker). When everybody was naked we ran into the lake and kept swimming there for a while.
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Have done this several times. I have a relative who has a heated pool. Usually when they go out of town, I will check on the place. While there, I take a swim in the pool-usually 9-10 pm. Neighbors are too far away to see anything. It is really a great feeling...warm water all over the body. Like to just relax and float on my back. Diving off the boards can be fun too!
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Love this and wish I had more opportunity to do so.

"There are two ways to reach me: by way of kisses or by way of the imagination. But there is a hierarchy: the kisses alone don't work.

~ Anais Nin

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I love to skinny dip, lots of fun and love the free feeling.
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I've done it before on a beach, but no where else. It wasn't labelled as a nude beach, but it was out of the usual area as the only way to access it was actually walk along the beach sands for about 15-20 minutes.

"It's only illegal if someone sees you do it"
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I did it twice, i was with two friends and one of the friends parents on a sailing trip.
Me and my friends were bathing in shorts but his dad said we were sissys and jumped into the water naked. I said we should try it but they disagreed so i dropped my shorts and dove into the water.
Then i realized there were two girls looking at us from another boat and it got awkard for me... Especially as i had about 1" flaccid penis back then, haha!

Then we did it all three of us friends later because i said it felt great. :)
We also masturbated together and were showing our cocks to each other.
I was maybe 3" hard at the time and they were about 5" and 7", but they understood i was really late into puberty and said "hey itll grow for you too, dont worry. Mine grew very fast as i got into puberty".

It was a really fun trip overall, i remember the face of my friend when i told him he had hair in his ass! I noticed when he dropped his pants and "mooned" me, haha. He said "WHAT?!" and we laughed.
We did lots of fun stuff! It was great,, too bad he moved a year later.

Im not a size king, 'just' 6.5" x 5".
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I belong to this drawing group. We get together every wednesday night and sketch each other. Since there are no paid models, we just take turns modeling. So we are used to seeing each other naked. Last summer, I invited the group out sailing on the San Francisco bay. We sailed over to Angel Island and anchored in a cove on the leeward side. It was very warm and some of the guys took off their clothes and jumped in the water. (which is still freezing cold) Eventually almost everyone was diving in naked. There was a boat about 30 feet away. They must have seen us because they all started diving in naked as well. It was a fun binding time. The funny thing was, as it turns out, the other boat docks at the same marina as me just a couple of spots down. I saw the owners a couple of days later. They asked when the next time I was going to go skinny dipping in the bay. And then said wouldn't mind seeing YOU naked again. Was kinda funny and unexpected.
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I do it as often as I can, its awesome
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A definite summertime around here. When I was in highschool, this area was less densely populated, and it was easer to find ponds, lakes, or streams that didn't have a built-in audience.

Friends and I used to go to the local concrete company lake, smoke a doobie or three, get naked, and go swimming. It's mighty fine!
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I grew up on a farm--skinny dipping in the farm ponds was the only way to survive the month of August. Nobody made a big deal of it, just what guys did on the farm. I still hate wearing shorts to swim.
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Never have done this personally but might have too after reading some of the posts here :)

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Until my family come here when I'm fourteen years old, we never wore speedos to the pool. One night is for man and boys, and girls swim with their mothers on another night. The girls wear bathing suits or underwear but we swim naked and nobody went crazy.

Now grown man showers in his underwear, scared someone will see. Modesty used to be for the women.
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Ilove to do it whenever I can but the chances to do keep getting fewer as things get built up. there is nothing like the feeling of the water as you swim through it passing over your body...cock, balls and all. I used to do it with a friend in highshool that had a pool at his parents house after dark, also in a few lakes and streems. one summer I was visiting in new hampshire with a friend whos family owned a house near the river. with in walking distance was a swimming hole with a cliff you could dive off. I wasn't that much into diving but the swimming was great. I slipped off to the river at about 11pm one night alone thinking I might swim naked alone but when I got there some of the local guys I met before were there. I went in in shorts since I wasn't sure they were naked, being it was not well lit and they were waiste deep or if would be cool with it. I got half way in when one of the guys said "you don't need your shorts its just us guy here." with that I turned back and left them on the beach with my towel. I had a good time swimming and jumping off the cliff naked a few times. nothing sexual happened it was just guys being guys naked togther.
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It's important to say the lessons did not allow speedo because this make it equal for everyone, no matter how much money your family have or what you could afford to wear --and none of us there was rich. We did wear swimsuits for the family pool times, and this was three or four afternoons each week, I think.

Even if you are too ashamed to go to the family nights in your cutoffs or underpants, everyone deserves the chance to learn swimming. Its only being fair.

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I grew up skinny dipping in creeks and ponds with my cousins and young friends. Except for one guy who fatty dipped.
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dipping, skinny

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