Safe Cruising Spots in NJ?

Anyone know of any places that are safe to cruise in NJ?

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Safe Cruising Spots in NJ?

Anyone know of any places that are safe to cruise in NJ?
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Originally Posted by joeyrobbie View Post
Anyone know of any places that are safe to cruise in NJ?

I don't know about safe but the common ones are the rest stops up and down 295. Especially the one on the northbound side right before the exit for 195. Very well known for gay activity. There is a scenic over look of the river on the southbound side and on the northbound side there is a nature trail. I'm surprised it hasn't made Ripley's Believe It or Not as I have actually seen condoms growing on trees there.

Vince Lombardi rest area on the NJ Turnpike right outside the Lincoln Tunnel, is another biggy. I doubt there is a partying girl in the state who hasn't stopped there to tinkle after a night out at the clubs in NYC.

Check out gay bars in NJ.

As a straight girl I have never failed to hook up after a night out at Martell's Tiki Bar, The Stone Pony, The Cabin on rte 33 east in Howell,
NJ. The Cabin is known for their great food, large and inexpensive drinks and a great array of local bands, Thursday through Saturday nights. In the summer they have horseshoe and volleyball teams so you can get to know folks a bit.

PS - I'm not proud. I have had sex in cars with boyfriends at almost every Garden State Parkway rest area from Paterson to Belmar; and New Jersey Turnpike rest areas from Mahwah to Cherry Hill. I thought everybody did that when they were young . . . no?

For those of you that are thinking eeeewwww! You need to know that New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country. It is also in the top 10 for most expensive places to live, and we have the unfortunate distinction of having the highest auto insurance. Our mass transit is almost non-existent and what there is sucks. Consequently owning a home is not as common here as other places. It is not uncommon for men and women to live at home until they get married and move out . . . even if that doesn't happen until their lates 20's or early 30's. So sex in cars is pretty much de rigeur.

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May I suggest you look here.

Cruisingforsex.com is a website that reports the hot spots and also tries to report when police activity has increased and the spot has become unsafe legally or when it has become unsafe for other reasons like bashings etc.

The site has been around for along time and it has many many faithful members who keep it updated and accurate.

LATE EDIT: Their website has become ungodly cluttered over the past few years as they try to find sponsors and money to keep it running. Here's how to avoid all that.

Once you get past the entry screen, in the left hand column click on READ and then SEX LISTINGS. Choose your locale by any of the means listed in the menu, and then your desired cruising destination (baths or sex clubs; public places; XXX arcades, theaters). When you get to the next page scroll down to the listings and click on Show all listings to see all the listings for that city in your chosen destinations.

Hope this helps, but as always, cruise at your own risk. Remember what happened to George Michael.

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Yes, cruising for sex.com lists many places to have fun, but remember that the cops read these sites too. Stay free and SAFE.
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The other site with sex listings is Squirt.org

I think you need to register to use it.
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ANy places in manhattan or bronx?
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Originally Posted by earllogjam View Post
The other site with sex listings is Squirt.org

I think you need to register to use it.
There's a park 15 miles from my home and it's listed on that website. Every month in the paper they list the names of the gays who got arrested there. That's an awesome sight to go to if you want to get busted. The police monitor it all the time.
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Any updates on this? How about the NYC metro area, including northern NJ?
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