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The most comfortable underwear for the well endowed are full-cut boxer shorts. Try Penneys, they have a 'yoke front, 3 snap' that reminds me of the older style from the 1950s. There is only about

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The most comfortable underwear for the well endowed are full-cut boxer shorts.

Try Penneys, they have a 'yoke front, 3 snap' that reminds me of the older style from the 1950s. There is only about 1 inch of elastic on each side of the waistband. the rest of the waistband is soft cloth. There is no binding - the waistband floates on your abs.

ONLY available via the catalogue...I remember my pop wearing them. I wear them now..I like the 3 snap design, a bit more room, longer in the leg- designs are older (not 'loud' or 'wierd' just...well older).

Let me know what you think...
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Here is a the link to the picture of the yoke-front gripper shorts from the Penneys catalog.

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Gap makes some sport briefs with a pretty roomy pouch, in my pics they're the green ones. also Alfini bikini briefs are perfect for larger guys lots of room and stretchable you can find those at macy's.
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i'm horn
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I looked at ergo. Looked like it might be comfortable, but seems like it might create more of a bulge than normal underwear. Are there any that provide decent concealment. I know its impossible to have 'no' buldge at my size, but it would be nice to minimize it. Boxer briefs are hit/miss. Regular boxers are nice, very comfortable, but with shorts or slacks i drift to one side or the other, and the resulting buldge is decidely 'more' attention grabbing since you can tell quite easily the shape. especially sitting down. Is there a boxer for large men that keeps everything together, minimizes buldge, and is at least moderately comfortable?
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They are called free balling.
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Just have them custom made to fit your anatomy. That is what I did. It's worth the money if comfort and support are important and you can't find what you are looking for over the counter.
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Mundo Unico
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One word--Ergowear.com. Well, maybe that's 2 words!
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I bought some slightly irregular pouch briefs. I wonder if that means the pouch is lopsided or if it's in the back?
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Without a doubt, if you need a large luggage compartment, you need Sosoftwear snap boxers. You put the equipment through a hole and there is a separate loose compartment that snaps on and off and keeps it all in place comfortably, so that it doesn't shift. Like a bra, only for guys. Big guys.

Snap Front Boxer: Gosoftwear: Men's Apparel
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2(x)ist essentials...Pouch...
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D_Circumcisus Skinless

I hang 7x5 soft with fuckin Huge balls, my doctor tells me that i must have some support, but the current pouches do not add comfort to me without crushing my junk or have my Dick twisted up or bent in an uncomfortable position, I have checked out Ergowear and they too don't offer much to me.....help I don't want to have another Hernia operation, that shit is painful....and the jocks are too constraining and ball crushing as well

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