My Teacher's Big BULGE

When I was in highschool, I had a huge crush on one of my teachers. Years later after I had graduated we reconnected and he was and still in amazing shape. I had gained and

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When I was in highschool, I had a huge crush on one of my teachers. Years later after I had graduated we reconnected and he was and still in amazing shape. I had gained and kept the freshmen 15. So I convinced him to work out with me so I could learn proper form when working out. Needless to say we hit the showers later, and he was definately bigger than I would have imagined. I have been trying to get him to bed ever since.

It does not matter how tall the tree grows, what matters is the deepness of the roots …because when the wind will blow it not the size or the tree that will make the difference…but his roots. Charles De Gaulle.
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yeah, there was a gym teacher in my school who would always wear these really short, kinda snug athletic shorts to class. he was a big wrestler back in his day, still has some muscles, but some waist girth too, about 5' 3'' and 40 years old.

everyone could clearly see he was hung, but one day he got a boner. oh dear... it was about 8-9 inches and really thick. he didn't grab it or anything, but he calmly went out into the hallway as all the girls gagged and the guys stood with their jaws dropped.
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Well, I remember one substitute teacher that had a huge and I mean huge bulge. It looked almost like they had a potato stuffed in the front of their pants. Nobody guy or gal could take their eyes off of it. Everybody talked about it for years. We all speculated what Mrs. Podrasky kept in there.

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We had a football coach that was rumored to have had an extremely large cock. Darn...I should have played sports instead of "bass drum!"
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I went to a very consevative private school, the staff were not allowed to have a penis! But I tought HS PE for two years in Hawaii, coaching the swim and dive team. I would play the game of who was crotch watching me!

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I have acually quite a few instances involving high school, teachers, members, and more!

My sophmoe year I had <name redacted> for Algerbra... What a bore, he was totally flaming however. I don't know much about his endowment, and he didn't sport much of a bulge. This is just a fun story. At this point I wasn't out of the closet so I couldn't really flirt for a better grade. It came down to final exams and that was really the deciding factor of whether or not I pass the class. It was hot and towards the end of the school year. I figured there was no better day but then to make my move. When he was passing out the test walking desk to desk I stuck my knee out into the aisle just enough to grace his leg and get his attention. When he looked me in the eye I winked at him. About half an hour into the exam when all the smart kids were really into it and the stoners were passed out I dropped my pen to get his attention. When he look I made sure no one else was and started to rub my groin under the desk. I forgot to mention I was wearing shorts... after gaining his undevided attention I continued to jack myself through my shorts pulling them open enough to flash him my hard member.

Then there was <name redacted> my Freshman year English teacher. This is where the bulge comes in... It was about two weeks into class freshman year and my friend stephanie passed me a note that said look and his crotch. I did and noticed it was absolutely GIGANTIC! This very bulge became the topic of many notes passed around that class, and I'm sure every other he had ever taught. The rumor that he wore diapers was almost believable his bulge was so huge.

<name redacted> however is whom I came most aqauinted with. He was my senior year Gym teacher. And his body was almsot god-like. his ass was the bulge that caught most of my attention but his cock was nice too. I didn't think when signing up for gym class I would enjoy showertime since at this point i was out of the closet and gauranteed to be harassed. But I dealth with it anyways because I had gym 2nd period so I had to look nice for the rest of the day. lol. I only got to see him shower twice he didn't often shower after only his second class. Only if he was leaving early. However his member was about 4 inches soft not very thick either. It sucks it wasn't a huge horse cock I would stayed after school and played dodgeball with him. Only I probably would have wanted to get hit with as many balls as possible. lol.

Anyways that's my high school career if you have a queer youngin's looking for hott tachers send them to <name redacted>. In Michigan!

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Ah...Mr. Kennedy, who taught in the room next door to my class when I was in 6th grade, always had a nice bulge. I remember when he came in the students' restroom after lunch one day. We had those urinals that went to the floor with no partitions inbetween. He stood to my right and jumped back when he got some splatter toward him. Of course I looked when he did that. He had the thickest dick I'd seen at the time, and I could see some of his nearly black bush, too. A good memory from the beginning of puberty. lol
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my PE teacher had a long dick that was visible through his trousers.
My maths teacher had extremely huge bollocks, heavy ones that always hung in his Levis 501. His balls were so massive that his jeans were a much lighter colour at the spot were his nutsack hung.
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I also had caught a glimpse of the outline of my music teacher's
huge dong in his pants during choral practice once. I had known
him for years, but never thought of him as well-hung. But that day,
he wore pants that were a little tighter than usual. As he turned
toward the basses, trying to get a bigger sound, he leaned a bit,
and i looked down. A huge tube steak was clearly seen hanging
down the left side! It sort of opened up a new way of looking at
my music teacher, if you know what i mean.
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Email Unconfirmed

all the teachers i ever had were fat and ugly old men/women. not very attractive, so i have no interesting stories to share.
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I actually sucked off my defensive backs coach when I was a junior in high school. He was a good 8.5 and around 6.5 around, he let me doit all season then he transferred to another school :)
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when my math teach had to go to austrailia for a few months we had a substitute teacher.he was fairly old and he never taught us anythign but when you would go up to his desk you can just see his big dick crawling down his leg
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I didn't eyeball my male teachers, but I did have one teacher who was notorious for rubbing his package against students. We had the old school left-handed or right-handed desks (mostly right) so students usually had one arm on the arm rest while they were working. He would come up behind them, male or female, and squish his crotch into their elbow or upper arm. It was gross for everyone involved.

For the straight guys out there, we used to have a young science teacher who had DD's and continually rock hard nipples. She used to fuck one student in the grad class every year. I was not one of the lucky one, unfortunately. One day she came into my calculus class to speak with my teacher. He left to get a coffee, so she stood there and asked me if i could relay a message for him. She had on a sweater that was very see-thru under the fluorescent lights, and luckily her bra was too. I got a serious close-up of her gorgeous nipples! I think one of the teachers took her aside and told her because she wore a cardigan over it the rest of the day, and it was way too hot for a sweater like that.
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I had a teacher in grad school who had a huge package. All the girls would talk about it with us 'mos and giggle it was so funny. He'd jump around the room running up and down the stairs between the rows of desks and it'd flop around in his pants. It was very distracting to say the least...he was also very hot and maybe like early 30s so he was just a real distraction in general.
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My favorite gym teacher.... his name was Reece... like the candy... ((seriously. Actually how I remember his name and not just what he looks like))

anyways.... I don't know if he was hung.... but it was pretty obvious he had a nice, big, heavy bag 'o balls.... rawr....

It looked like he wore whiteys under his shorts.... but his package weight had stretched them to the point where his stuff still swayed and leaned and wiggled. Mmmm....

I was lucky enough to have him twice.... and he taught us wrestling, since he was the wrestling coach. Mmmm..... He was HOT too.... face and body. Not very tall.... but hot enough I couldn't help acting flirtatious even though I was adamant about hiding my enjoyment of guys in highschool.

I tried to get him to use me for his wrestling demonstrations in class.

8" by 6+" girth last I checked ((a long time ago)), gay, pagan, and a caring and thoughtful guy.

Cockhungry, and often ravenous ... but now looking for something more meaningful.
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big, bulge, teacher

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