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Originally Posted by toobig4u j... and then you have the whole "store security" thing. Maybe they thought you were trying to steal a wrench. Then again, it wasn't Sears (they sell wrenches, but Macy's doesn't),

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Originally Posted by toobig4u View Post
j... and then you have the whole "store security" thing.
Maybe they thought you were trying to steal a wrench. Then again, it wasn't Sears (they sell wrenches, but Macy's doesn't), and if that's what they really thought, they should've fished around in your pants for it.

Man, that's sad, though. What did you do, poke someone with it? Flop it on a checkout counter? Use it to flip through a rack of clothes?
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I'm surprised at the guys (and gals?) on this thread who are using the "double standard" excuse to justify their showing of their erections (albeit clothed) in public. The argument that a woman can wear skimpy clothes to highlight her breast in public, while guys are not supposed to show off their dicks in public, is a ridiculous one.

In the province of ONTARIO, in Canada, women won the right to go topless anywhere men were allowed to go topless...which is essentially ANYWHERE!

They won the right because it was successfully argued in court that a woman's breasts are not inherently sexual in nature...that their primary purpose is to nourish their chioldren...therefore, naked breasts are not "dirty" and can be exposed in public.

Now penises and vaginas have two primary functions...one of them is definitely sexual in nature. I think it is alright for society to say (through laws) that they should not be displayed in public (except at nudist camps or nude beach).

Having said that...I do believe it is okay for a man to display a clothed bulge or even an erection in public...just like it's okay for a woman to display a "cameltoe" if she wishes. Heck...I have to believe it's okay, because I do it all the time. But I'm very discreet about it. I only do it in gay bars...or on public transit and even then, I make sure that it's a "private show" for someone I either want to pick up or to give a little (big) thrill to.
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Originally Posted by LeeEJ View Post
Maybe they thought you were trying to steal a wrench. Then again, it wasn't Sears (they sell wrenches, but Macy's doesn't), and if that's what they really thought, they should've fished around in your pants for it.

Man, that's sad, though. What did you do, poke someone with it? Flop it on a checkout counter? Use it to flip through a rack of clothes?
I think that is pretty darned funny - I guess one day, if I wanted to end it all, you could just poke the wrong person with it in public. And, yes, I know Macy's does not sell wrenches. Wonder what Sears would do? I think if I was going to get frisked, I would rather it be the blond chick in NM.
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I only wear underwear at work, the rest of the time not. As some people mentioned above, it's a personal preference, and if a person wants to stare, they will. I normally get a boner when sitting on a train, or a plane, and you start to day-dream, thinking of nothing in particular(that's BS of course. Invariably, you'l be thinking of pussy,cock or tits). By the time you realise it, it's basically too late to do anything about it, and adjusting it to make it less obvious is just going to draw more attention to it(especialy sitting on planes, centre seat) Of course, now that you start conciously thinking about it, it gets harder and more obvious. Now comes the battle of getting it down...what the hell, it happens to everyone I gues. That's where those boring in-flight magazines come(?) into their own-it's actualy to cover your cock growing down your leg. Why worry about it?
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LOL I second that. Im from Auckland too. I don't think we really care in NZ unless you are flopping it out and spinning it around like a helicopter.

Theres this guy who used to walk up ponsonby road with a raging hard on all the time, was that you scottbud? LOL

Originally Posted by scottbud View Post
I think those people that get shitty should be shown up-close that it is not hard, then they can feel inadequit. Shove it in their face and ask them if they could hide it. Watch them sink back in their seat. lol Just all move to Auckland New Zealand we all love seeing cock out loose move here and run free.
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Originally Posted by BillyLuvsBoob View Post
Cool guys, glad to hear that others enjoy the same freedom.

Totally agree, it's not offensive, as long as you're not being offensive with it. Just doing my own thing, if others choose to look, that's up to them...

It is interesting though that this type of thing can still stur up some 'heat' from others, and also interesting that guys still need to try and 'cover up' something that's pretty natural and happens all the time.

I remember seeing some 'JackAss' skit, with the guy doing everyday tasks with a hard-core boner, and seeing peoples reactions - it definetly made some people quite uncomfortable, while others just didn't seem to care.

I wonder, is the negative reaction due to the 'potential' an erection implies, like some kind of 'penatration weapon', or is it more relating to the individual who is apparently experiencing some 'un-shared' enjoyment...

Anyway, glad to see other guys are similarly relaxed and willing to enjoy their freedom without shame.
Hear hear. I've wanted to do a scholarly study on this for years. If you go all the way back to the greek civilization, they used herms, statues of giant erect phaluses, to ward off evil spirits. In the practice of pederasty, the penetrative partner was always viewed as effeminate and made fun of, and in vase art depicting the degredation of barbarians and other enemies, the virile greeks are always depicted penetrating the ass of the enemy with a giant raging hard on. If you ask me, these beliefs endure all the way to the present day. I think the presence of another penis is threatening to other men, simply because of the fear of penetration. Of course, there is no way to directly link present day cultural dogma to the beliefs of the ancient greeks, I can't help but think that in some way that cultural idea is definately at the root of this "double standard."

I'd call the book "All About Dick." What do you think? lol...

You better stop whining, pining
Get your dreams in line
And then just shine, design, refine
'Til they come true
And you better get to livin'.
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B_Guy Love

Originally Posted by PacknThick View Post
You shouldnt make a habit of it, unless you wanna get spoke to by the right authorities dude. The habit will be a route (an intentional one from what it sounds like).

Is it illegal to have an erection in public where you live? That sounds so bizarre.
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Originally Posted by salpecam View Post
I like as many people as possible to see my bulge, and I dress in tracksuits and jeans that emphasise it. Before walking around in the town centre or mall I'll give it a quick rub so it's semi-hard. Sometimes on trains, if I see a lady I like I will pop off to the lavatory and masturbate to full erection, then dress and return to a seat that allows her to see it straining to get out. I love the saucy comments I sometimes get! And I quite like it when some women are obviously amazed and are with men who are obviously jealous.
My ex boyfriend used to do this. Its amazing how many women would just stare at his bulge......they never said anything but it was a turn on just watching their reactions.
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The late James Brown (rip) sang "It is a man's world" ..but you must hide the fact that you have a penis? crap....It's 2007 everyone know males have penises. be proud and not pervy. Society would never ask a woman to bind her breast because they are too noticeable. i only freeball always and everywhere. i just look away if someone looks too much. If god created man, in his image, then be proud of your "holy" penis.(big,small,hard or soft) .One day you will not have to worry about it. till then be proud of what you have.
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I suspect the issue that people have is that a bulge per se is ok. Whats not ok is show a cock thats in an obvious state of arousal. People can get offended by this (not surprisingly) and can find it threatening.
I think showing a prominent bulge cos you have a big cock or because you position is in a certain way seems acceptable.
Womens boobs are on display all the time but this is not deemed offensive as they are not in a state of sexual arousal. Interestingly if their nipples are showing both men and women find it quite distracting (I know I do!). Offensive though? I don't think so.
Of course women can be sexually aroused and not show any visible signs unlike men.
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sounds good guys i constantly freeball love showing off my bulge if anyone wants to look
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I've seen my share of erections around campus and it's quite a nice surprise. Some guys try to shove it down the legs of their pants, but they usually show off more than guys who turn it up.

I never complain, though!
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Isn't this the same as a big boobie gal going braless.....but then no-ne comments
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A big boobie gal going braless - very nice - but I think they typically prefer some support to reduce the pain those heavy melons can give... while the freedom of going commando gives guys less pain, as our ballsack isn't being restricted, and can hang-low as nature intended...

Also, dervin, your comment regarding the double standard I understand, as boobs aren't purely sexual, due to breast feeding - and that men have boobs too, but, when focusing on SIZE, they are a fair comparison - and as such, the societal double standard is a fair comment IMO.

Women view their Boob size in a similar way to men viewing the Cock size. Boob size can be seen as a feminine/fertile aspect, where cock size is the equivalent masculine/virile aspect... no body get too excited over 'man boob' size, or 'clit' size comparisons, though a big clit is fun to nibble on...
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boobs don't get boners when aroused, and showcasing your arousal in public (unless it's a place where you're supposed to do that), especially if there could be kids around is a good way to get tagged the town pervert, if not worse.
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erections, public

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