Jacking off while driving?

My BF and I were talking earlier about this and I thought I'd ask. Does anyone else jackoff while driving? I do sometimes when I'm driving a really long way, like Miami to NYC. I

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Jacking off while driving?

My BF and I were talking earlier about this and I thought I'd ask. Does anyone else jackoff while driving?

I do sometimes when I'm driving a really long way, like Miami to NYC. I don't know it is the vibration of the car or just boredom, but I get hard and I get off behind the wheel.
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Never done it. It'd have to be a long, empty stretch of road, the more lanes the better.
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Masterbation while driving...
That takes boredom to a whole new level...

I know that sometimes I drive RATHER long distances myself, and quite frankly the idea just never dawned on me... Although I must admit, I have had just about everything done to me while driving, but thats just because everyone I know is remarkably perverted... Or perhaps just in need of some good sex... OR whatever reasoning they have....

My point is, 'Interesting... I'll have to think about that'.

-Young Boi

I'm friendly, nice, and full of spice. -Me
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I do it all the time. If the girlfriend is'nt there to blow, I just jack off. best way to let those km's slide on by.
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HI there. I love to suck cock while riding in a car. sometimes i suck the driver and mostly hubby drives while i suck a huge cock in the back seat. omg...the time just flies xoxo ann
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Damn whitewife, thats quite a cock in your pix.

Okay, onto the subject, yes, I've done it a number of times but not in YEARS. I have also dated woman that enjoyed rubbing off a good one behind the wheel while alone on the road.
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On long dull drives I have....not relaly to the point of orgasm, just something to 'while away the time'.... A few times have pulled into rest areas to finish the job' (would have to have a major wipeout AND orgasm at the same time...).
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Yeah, I do it all the time, longer trips mostly. Guys is trucks notice as they pass. I think they are doing the same. I don't like to cum while driving, too much of a mess. If I have to blow a load, I pull over to a rest stop. A wooded area works best and is private. I did get busted by a trucker one day. I didn't notice him until I had finished.
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D_Coyne Toss

I love doing it, but Italian streets are so crowded that it can become very dangerous: it is better to do it only in motorways (and not in rush hours) or in streets you know very well.

Cum is a mess, I agree.
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I love stroking my huge cock while driving. There's nothing hotter than having the people that pass you stare in amazement as you show them how hard your dick is. Especially when its a hot mother daughter duo, lol. Kinda risky though since all it takes is a cell phone call from somebody that doesn't like it. I haven't been caught, but it happens.
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Definitely love to stroke my thick dick on long solo drives.
One of my favorite ways to pass the time.
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Girls do it, too. I once drove from Phoenix to Oklahoma and then to Minnesota. What kept me awake was cruise control and my vibrator.

Funny and true story. At work I have an officer friend who was out on patrol when he saw a vehicle that suddenly swerved off the road, onto the curb, and came to a stop. When he approached the vehicle he found a girl with an open box next to her and her panties down. Turns out she had just bought a new vibrator and couldn't wait to get home, and had an unexpectedly strong orgasm.

He wrote her a warning, then told her to put it away and wait until she got home to use it again, then drove away. He did NOT want to have to write a ticket and report on that one!

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she said "i am afraid"
"Come to the edge" He said
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Driving + Jacking Off + Alcohol (allegedly) = Big Accident

cbs13.com - Suit: NBA Player Watching Porn, Drunk Before Crash
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Maybe it's easier to take Sam Kinison's advice and do that while using K Tel's Elastic Bush. Can't get to Reno Fast enough use K Tel's Elastic Bush Cums in three colors.
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Done it, on a hot summer day...long drive. Just could not resist. My ex girlfriend masturbated while I drove too b4...very hot!
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driving, jacking

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