MMF, my first menage a trois story

I just finished writing about a ménage a trios experience which featured my first full on gay experience. (here: http://www.lpsg.org/sex-with-a-large...-straight.html Feedback was so helpful and positive I thought people might enjoy the stories of my

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MMF, my first menage a trois story

I just finished writing about a ménage a trios experience which featured my first full on gay experience.
(here: http://www.lpsg.org/sex-with-a-large...-straight.html

Feedback was so helpful and positive I thought people might enjoy the stories of my two other ménage a trios experiences. The first was MMF, and the second was MFF.

The first came with my decision to leave school in France (over three years ago now) to play basketball in the Caribbean. I played for Trinadad and loved every minute of it. The guys became some wonderful friends who I keep in touch with to this very day. And yes, after games and practice we all showered together. There were some really well hung guys on that team, and three of them even went into the 10+ range when erect. How do I know that specifically. Well, five of us all lived together in a house, on the beach and there were always a group of ladyfriends around. Hell, let’s just say it, they were the basketball groupies. And there was a lot of open sex in the house. So I saw a lot of stuff going on. The culture was such a wonderful melting pot of backgrounds and nationalities and kind people, so race was never an issue. No one cared that I was white, and I never cared if they were black, or afro-cuban, or Hispanic, because there’s no names for people like that there. It’s a culture so complex that it doesn’t even apply.

So, getting to an earlier point. We all showered together and would be in the locker room. Now with the fair amount of not much else going on in Trinidad, we got a decent amount of press and attention. Of all the reporters, there were two females. One reporter who was young, determined, and paid no attention to the guys who would be swinging their junk about the place, and the other was a producer for the one of the only camera team. She was in her late 30’s or maybe even early 40’s. She had short blonde hair and subtly tanned skin, and when she was in that locker room. She would stare. She would stare like it was her job. She would flirt with players and some of the guys loved it. One time practically cornered my best friend and teammate coming out of the shower. He was a tall, handsome black power forward and one of the 10+ guys. He also usually steered clear of her. But right then she leaned in and whispered “I want to come back with you tonight.” He was kind of shy, but mumbled out an okay. I was completely unaware of this at the time and didn’t seem to understand why I was suddenly driving her home with my friend in the car too. I figured it out pretty quick and was lamenting my decision to come home and get in their way when all the other players had left from the locker room to go the bars.

So we got back to the beach house. No sooner had I put down the keys and she said “I’ve been thinking about the cocks on your team for months.” We stopped like deer in headlights. She kept talking. It was the first time I had heard someone refer to themselves as a size queen. She finished it by taking off her shirt and revealing a black bra and saying “come on fellas.” He responded “give us a sec!” and she walked into the other room. I said “good luck” and he said we should actually give it a try. I had been very stubborn until this point but there were two problems 1) the woman’s whole mrs. Robinson act was actually turning me on a lot (I had a previous experience with an older woman that reminded me of the moment) and 2) I was a horny 21 year old. I said “It could be really weird.” My friend responded “and it could be really awesome.” So there. I followed him into the bedroom.

She was down to her underwear and I saw she really had a fantastic body for her age. There didn’t seem to be once of surgery, just natural and athletic, with the normal signs of aging. She came over immediately and pulled down our shorts. I kind of started to feel dizzy and was worrying about falling over. She started feeling both of us. She wrapped her mouth around his cock and started pumping him and he got hard really quickly. He was huge, with a perfectly straight black cock and I was just hanging there, not much in comparison (I have a straight cock too but considering his length it really is something else). It was the first time in my life I felt very inadequate, but within a moment that thought was gone, she was on mine too and all I had was that tingling feeling running up my spine. When we both hard I realized his was probably skinnier than mine, or equal or maybe just seemed like it was. Either way I stopped thinking about it.

We all went over to the bed. She took off her bra and underwear and revealed a small landing strip of natural blonde hair. He was lying down as she sucked his cock and I started to eat her out. She hardly gave me any notice for about 5 minutes, until she turned and said in a completely monotone voice “oh can you please just fuck me already.” Despite seriously rattling me at the moment, I went to go get a condom out of my wallet. I was out of magnums. I looked at my friend who said, “I only got one.” I ran out of the room looking for a condom. I was panicking, this was the one house where there were sure to be magnums somewhere and I couldn’t find any. Then I remember I had some in my car. Without thinking I went outside and 3 steps later I remember I was buck naked with a boner and it was daylight. I took a look around and didn’t see anyone. It was only 10 steps. I ran to the car and opened it, went into the glove compartment. Got out my traveling kit I use on the road and pulled out the pack of condoms. I ran as fast as I could and stopped dead. There staring at me from the side of our little road was three girls about 15 years old and one of their mothers. Their looks were perhaps a mix of bewilderment, horror, shock and awe. I just yelled “so sorry!” and ran back inside.

In the three steps from the permanently scarring those girls I pretty much lost my excitement. I came back in and she was still blowing him and furiously masterbating at the same time. I got myself ready and came up behind her. She reared herself back up and I commenced. My heart was racing. It was more like an action movie, or some crazy series of events. I felt like I was totally outside my body. I have no idea whether I was good I was so outside of the moment. Next thing I know she pulled up her head and kind of sat up. She moved me to swing underneath her and told my friend to take her in the arse. He got up, slid on a condom, put on some lube, and did as told. It took us longer than it should have to find a kind of rhythm that worked for all directions. My friend’s and my balls kept hitting each other, but we didn’t say anything. I swore I saw him laughing though. She started with the dirty talk and it started to get kind of weird. She was saying she loved our cocks, wanted to be“double corked” and all sorts of wine terms or something. I was out of it at this point and she seemed to sense it. She said “move up” so I slid up the bed. She pulled off the condom and starting sucking me off as my friend and her stopped having anal and moved to regular intercourse. We had basically switched positions since the beginning. Then out of nowhere I came. There was like no buildup, it was like oh hey, I’m about to. It had been like a half an hour, which wasn’t that much time, but usually I feel it coming. I gave a quick warning and I let it fly everywhere all over my friends bed. And I must have been pent up for days because there was a lot. She got it all over her breasts and really seemed into it. I slithered off the bed into a crumpled heap of exhaustion and bewilderment as my friend finished her off. She just kind of shuttered for a bit and closed her eyes and said for us to be quiet. Five minutes later she got up, got dressed and asked for a ride back to the basketball courts. I said I’d drive her. My friend hadn’t even cum so I left him to his own devices.

On the drive back she didn’t say anything about what happened we just talked about basketball. I loved the Celtics and the Bulls and remembered watching them during my visits to the States in childhood. She was from the states too and loved the Lakers. We got there, she didn’t say thanks but only a “keep fucking” and went off. We didn’t tell anyone else on the team about the experience and from that day on she didn’t take a single look at the two of us in the locker room again.

It was probably my one experience in my life time with “nymphomaniac” behavior. And it was definitely fucked up and a little weird, but some of what happened was really hot too, there was no denying it. She was really hot and sexual and some of the images from that night really do excite me, but there were just too many moments of weirdness too. And it was those moments of weird that weren’t brought back into focus through that connection of actually knowing someone (besides my friend). I didn’t like it in the grand scheme of things and it always helped reinforce my no random hookups rule. Of course I’ve broken this rule, but I still think it’s a good rule.

And oh yeah, that night I washed my friend’s sheets.

Phew. That took awhile, but it's kind of a funny story with a little self realization, and I’ll take my time to tell the third story another night. That one I think is a lot hotter and not as weird.
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