Largest vagina ever?

UselessJunk.com - white booty ghetto banged

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Largest vagina ever?

UselessJunk.com - white booty ghetto banged
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I've seen bigger, you could only park a car in there, I've seen ones that have their own west wing :-)
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that actually looked perfect to me.

Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have, so to speak, pawned a part of their narcissism.
Sigmund Freud
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Well, personally, I prefer vaginas to be much much meatier than that.
The only disproportionately large thing in the video is the guy's wristwatch.

Pornography & Erotica 1960-1979.
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Largest? I was waiting for the second cock to go in.
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that can't be the biggest pussy because you haven't met my ex gf...
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I have yet to see a penis that was as big as a baby! lol!!! Largest vagina ever? You have got to be kidding... we don't need threads titled largest vagina ever featuring a video with a "normal" man and a woman. He does have a REAL big dick though... he is a porn regular... never caught his name. Useless junk's videos are usually just that! Useless Junk! lol!!!!!!
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This one seems "roomy"
http://p13.xtube.com/watch.php?cv=1&idx=2&from=&v=99oAeM4YK4j&cl=745PUk A16Of&a=200707190255_bloPT&b=2ctTGp1tOKh&s=S&geo_c ountrycode=1&geo_latitude=1&geo_longitude=1&sstr=l rf|vfpernz|1|1|F|664pr41o7q5q673r167q3p9943140485
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Thats Nothing...

Actually sad. He dosent even pound her -
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Has anyone ever seen the Lily Thai and Mandingo scene?? She takes him to the balls without any pain and even squirts!!! I think shes the only one Ive ever seen take Mandingo
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Old 08-08-2007   #11 (permalink)

That was queef-a-licious!! I luv it when a sky scraper is shoved in a twat balls deep to the point where cottage cheese is going out of her nose!!! Fawking 1812 overture of queefs!! oh...ah...oh.. FARB.. ah...oh... FARB FARB.. OH.. ah ...ohhhh.. fawkin' pussy lips flappin' queefs!!

largest, vagina

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