Sexuelle Monstrositaten with the Italien Stallion

Has anyone seen this movie? The guy has to be 16" long! There are no straps or other gimmicks you would use to fake it with, and he cums alot too! (but not too much)

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Sexuelle Monstrositaten with the Italien Stallion

Has anyone seen this movie?
The guy has to be 16" long! There are no straps or other gimmicks you would use to fake it with, and he cums alot too! (but not too much)
Its a German language video I got from another member here.
If he's fake, it's the best fake I've ever seen.
Great stuff!

I wish I could grab frames from it, but I don't know how.

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Ummmmmmm, seen what movie? No link, URL, or anything to direct us to a spot for viewing.
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It's a movie being traded. I tried to find it on porn sites and could not.
There are a lot of them.
The title is "Sexuelle Monstrositaten"
It's put out by Orion.
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16" long? I don't think 16" penis ever exists.
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That is NOT the video. It is from that series of videos, though.
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I think this is what you are talking about: Sexuelle Monstro..

I think I've seen the clip that you are talking about in a US fake cock complilation (Long Dan Silver and the like). You are right that it is a pretty good fake, but there is just zero chance that thing is real.
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Sorry to bump a 6 year old thread but i've been searching high and low for this video. I've got Sexuelle Monstrositšten but I can't find Sexuelle Monstrositšten #2 House of Fun anywhere. There's no where to download it and no online retailers stock it.

I found this that has some info and screenshots Monsters of porn #2 - Orion / XXL / Pussy Power DVD

I know it's fake but I like that stuff so if anyone can help i'd much appreciate it :)
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you can find part 1 & 2 on p2p like emule

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Thanks Snakebyte but I spent all weekend trying to find it on eMule without much success. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
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found them when i searched for "sexuelle"
you'll find some french movies but also those you are looking for among them.

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Thanks again Snakebyte but I still haven't been able to find the exact scene I'm looking for. I've attached a screenshot and the DVD covers to show what I'm trying to find. Also, I think the girl in the scene is Hayley Russel.

I would buy the DVD but I can't even find that since it's been discontinued.

Any help would be appreciated.
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seems like there was at least one movie made by orion with the same title? my bad.

edit: oh wait, should be the correct one. i'll look into it.

edit2: http://streamcloud.eu/mrbbycl3tnu6/S...taten.avi.html
it's the first part though

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