Anal Sex...what's it like...??

Originally Posted by ManlyBanisters the myth that having kids gives you a bucket cunt - it just doesn't !! OMFG I just sprayed water all over my monitor!

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Originally Posted by ManlyBanisters View Post
the myth that having kids gives you a bucket cunt - it just doesn't!!
OMFG I just sprayed water all over my monitor!

It's not harassment just because your delicate feelings are hurt.
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I'm an old member who stops by from time to time. Just to let you guys know, anal is the best, but only if you do it right. I don't know about you, but I don't get off on hurting my lover (man or woman). To get your girl into anal, start slow. Eat her pussy and give it a few licks from time to time. The sensation will drive her wild. Also, have her play with your ass. It feels good and you know what, you'll understand what she will be feeling if you go too fast or don't use enough lube or take your time. I have taken a guy the size around of a soda can (hurt like a motherfucker, but once I got it in, felt like nothing else in the world). And I have turned a number of women into anal sluts. I had one girl who only wanted anal because they gave her the "best orgasms" .
Now, what does it feel like? The texture of the anus is different from that of the vagina. I feel that it's "hotter" both in temperature and excitement. It's not always tighter (in fact, I've had girls with tighter pussies than their asses).
(Bareback anal is the best, but don't do it unless you know your partner is safe, the best sex in the world can't top a life threatening illness)

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
(I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head)

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I love have anal sex with my woman is rarley happens but it is really intense. I bought some anal beeds to relax her and it works. I went to amsterdam and at the adult stores the have a large selection of anal beeds I was shocked didn't know what it did so I bought one and it reaaly relaxes her anal muscles. I always talked to her about anal but she refused in the begining my cock was to thick for her stretching her ass was really difficult. but with the beeds it was not as difficult still a challenge for her to accept my wide cock and fat head but once in it was very pleasurable extremly tight .... u have to try it and be patient don't jam your cock in too fast especially if you have a large/fat cock. it will take time for her to relax.. advise is eat her out and insert the beeds slowly then your fingers follow by your cock... anyway...just writing about this is getting me hard...
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Feels different. Starts out tighter, then when the sphincter relaxes it's really about the same. Overall I prefer the feel of a vagina by a large margin... self-lubricating (and vaginal secretions still work better than any lube I've ever used), different texture, different shape, better smell. Anal sex is cool for a change of pace, and enjoyable because it's a little taboo, but don't count on it being an earth-shattering experience. It seemed like a big deal to me for a long time because I couldn't find any girls willing to try with a guy my size, up until the point when I *did* finally find someone, and then it was nice... but not that big of a deal... and I felt like a dumbass for trying to talk other girls into it before that weren't interested.

there is a game i play
try to make myself okay
try so hard to make the pieces all fit
smash it apart just for the fuck of it
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it's better then vaginal sex
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I enjoy it. You have to use lots of lube and start out slow. But once the cock head pops in past my sphincter, I just relax and my ass opens up for hard and fast pumping. I just love the feeling of being stuffed in my ass with a cock - combined with clitoral stimulation (either through fingers or Hitachi magic wand), I have such wonderful orgasms.

I have to be in the mood though for anal though and when I am, I make sure to cleanse the area with a Fleet enema. I pour out the saline and refill with warm water a few times. Then I wait at least an hour for things to settle down inside.

Also, the timing and pace has to be right. If I get hit at the wrong angle or too fast (when starting out), it can hurt. But the last few times my guy and I have gone at it, it's been perfect sliding in from the start. With a pillow under my ass and my legs in the air, it's been heaven.

One thing though, I don't like cum in my ass, so he pulls out.

It doesn't happen too often, but it's a nice change in the repetoire from time to time.
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My wife has let me enter her there a few times over the years...it helps to be "average" in size sometimes.

Everything previously said is so true...slow and steady. But once the head of your cock pops in ...Heaven !!! So tight, so warm....

It's hard not to get overtaken by your own arousal, but you must be sensitive to your partner, because there is some discomfort for them.

The only time she's let me in is when she's really in a hightened state of arousal, very hightened ! Maybe twice a year ?

Good luck....Have fun...Enjoy !
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I've seen your pics, Haagen, and can tell you with a cock like that, anal may take a few tries. The first time I tried it was with my then girlfriend. She really wanted it, but we still had to practice, going a little further every time until she could take it. Of course, niether one of us were very good at sex at this time (we were 16 or 17, somewhere in there)

Now, my boyfriend and I trade off fucking each other, and he's about 10 inches long with a nasty curve. I completely love it, but it took 3 tries on different days before he could get totally in me and stay for 15 min or so.

As to how it feels, the girl I did it to said sometimes she didn't like it because of the pain, but she came harder than she ever did when I was inside er from behind. The same for me, when I'm being fucked. The most intense orgasm ever. And I have to agree that anal is tighter than vaginal at first, but then loosens up. The big advantage for me is you can bend her over in different positions, so by changing the way she's bent and by switching betweem the front and back doors you can hit every conceivable angle.

But seriously just be aware that you can really hurt someone with that incredibly massive tool, lol. so go slowly
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whats anal like?? painful if ur on the receiving end lol
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Originally Posted by marleyisalegend View Post
whats anal like?? painful if ur on the receiving end lol

its only really painful the first time or two then in my opinion a lot if its mental. she has to want it and relax other wise its gunna be so tight u wont get it in.

once shes relaxed WHOOHOOO!!! have fun man
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How about the hygenic side? What does the receiver need to do to make sure the experience isn't unclean or foul?
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it smells
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Originally Posted by widenine View Post
How about the hygenic side? What does the receiver need to do to make sure the experience isn't unclean or foul?
go to a local pharmacy, there are plenty of products that'll help you, err, clean up the "house"
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Originally Posted by HaagenDazs View Post
lol @ bucket cunt.

Thanks for the info.

I might try it one of these days.
Will take a special lady to accomodate you, Dazs......good luck.
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Originally Posted by lucky8 View Post
it smells

ha! that it does. Whenever I'm planning any ass play, I suggest we take a shower together. (s)HE thinks it's romantic, but what I'm really doing is taking the opportunity to wash the ass thoroughly before I attempt to go spelunking.
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anal , sexwhat

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