Can You Feel Semen Being Ejaculated in the Vagina?

Curious here. I know that many women can feel a man's penis ejaculating by feeling the penis tense and spasm. What I do not know is if women can feel the semen itself being spurted

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Can You Feel Semen Being Ejaculated in the Vagina?

Curious here.

I know that many women can feel a man's penis ejaculating by feeling the penis tense and spasm. What I do not know is if women can feel the semen itself being spurted in. Does the vagina suddenly feel fuller? Do you feel the semen spraying against the vaginal walls if a man has a forceful ejaculation? Does it take a particularly copious or forceful ejaculation to feel it? If you do feel it, is it pleasant and does it heighten your sexual enjoyment?

Thank you!

My apologies if this has been addressed before. My searches proved fruitless.

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I cant feel it.

I can feel the penis jerk someimes or spasm.

But no, the vagina doesn't feel fuller or warm or anything really.

I think the vaginal walls are already so warm that the heat difference would be nil or negative.

The walls of the vagina are actually quite thick, so unless your shooting at a really forcefull rate, I doubt many women could feel it.

I know some women say they can, but for me, it is the jerking and spasm, the moaning, the "I'm cumming" and the dragging of the swollen head of the cock that I can feel rather than the ejaculate.

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I can't feel it either, I can feel his cock twitching and his strokes usually get deeper but the actual jet of cum itself no I can't feel it.
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I can't feel it either. It'd be nice if I could, but I'm not going to worry about it. I don't think very many women can feel it anyway.

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One time I felt the heat of it. Was very erotic.

While it lasted, it was fun LPSG.
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(I can feel it up my ass, the orgasm and the spurt)
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With my ex b/f I almost always felt it. It was HOT.
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No, but I can feel it as it leaks out of me.

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Originally Posted by mercurialbliss View Post
No, but I can feel it as it leaks out of me.
I hope we are still talking semen here.

A link should support your point, not be your point.
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Let's see..yes I can usually feel a cock releasing & there's almost always a twitch or intense thrust as he cums. I have felt" it" that is when he errupts a nice heavy load. Not all men have that. I would not say I am feeling full but I do have sensation of sum warm sticky-jizz between my legs. I enjoy knowing also that I can work a man's cock to cum. I have developed my muscles so I can get a nice tight grip as once we get going. I have been told it's quiet a good tight so that I enjoy that he slips in slowly like into a glove feeling snug n tight...I am sure it's up to the individual/woman. OK so that's my exp. with this. Hope this helps ya.
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My gf and previous gf's usually know because my dick spasms/twitches alot when shooting, even when I'm masturbating. I'm not sure if they actually feel the ejaculate, though.
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I can`t feel it, but there is something that stimulates me to orgasm at the same time as him.
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I cant feel it either...


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When I saw this thread I immediatly wanted to post my experiences, but I wanted to see what a few other people said first. Anyways, my girlfriend absoloutely loves when I cum inside of her, I shoot really thick and heavy loads of cum when I orgasm, she says that she loves feeling my cock throbb and pulsate but she loves even more the feeling of my powerful streams of cumm pounding her. It is this reason alone why I will probably never cum on her tits or on her face, because I just love watching her eyes roll to the back of her head and seeing her just erupt in the best orgasm when I cumm inside of her... god I'm ready to pay her a visit now...
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When my lady has an orgasm, I love the feel of her twitching vagina. I just always assumed that what she felt when I came inside her was my twitching cock. The feel of semen comes when I pull out and it begins to drip down her or my pelvis (depending on who was on top).
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