Hawaii 5-0-James MacArthur

I just got seasons 1 and 2 of HAWAII 5-0. I hadn't realized just how hot James ("Danno") MacArthur was! Plus, he ALWAYS has a sizeable basket hanging down his left leg. ...very sexy guy!

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Hawaii 5-0-James MacArthur

I just got seasons 1 and 2 of HAWAII 5-0. I hadn't realized just how hot James ("Danno") MacArthur was! Plus, he ALWAYS has a sizeable basket hanging down his left leg. ...very sexy guy!
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In the 1980's, I attended a convention somewhere in California
and I was honored to be among about 30 convention attendees
to be treated to dinner and later to a play. We had very
good seats, I think it was the 3rd or 4th row, in the orchestra.
The play was The Front Page, which was written by his father,
Charles MacArthur. His mother was Helen Hayes, if some are not
aware of that fact.

James played the part of Hildy and was excellent in the part. He
wore period era clothes, loose with wide legged, loose fitting pants.
Being up close to the stage we were able to see the actors and the
action very well. It was quite obvious that James was either going "commando", or had enough to do a bit (a lot, actually) of swinging
around in those period era pants!

He's a cutie alright, and even at a certain age, still is!
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wait... werent those supposed to come up as links?... im confused...
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James MacArthur is hung huge! I never missed Hawaii Five O just to look for that monster flopping down his leg. Jack Lord, also on the show, had a nice package as well. I would have loved to see James in the nude so that I could see his huge piece of meat. What a hunk!
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OMG! I had SUCH a crush on him!!!! And YES I used to be GLUED to the TV set as a young homo just to get a quick glimpse of his big dick hanging down his leg. What a hunk! Thanks for the trip down hunk lane, NOTSMALLMATT!

Lemonhead...since you have the DVDs...give us some captures of the schlongfest!!!!!
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Im sure james had his day with the hollywood babes....probably did the whole hollywood sex and coke scene in the seventies and eighties. my older friends who had their prime back then said it was a fun time for all...and a time of great experimentation.
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He was the kind of straight boy I wanted to throw down and show a thing or two. I always imagined him resisting at first, but getting totally into it before we were done.
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Oh man ... this thread brings back memories. I remember watching first run episodes when I was in my early teens. In retrospect, it's odd that someone that young would like a police series. It wasn't that I had a "crush" on MacArthur or Lord. They were attractive but not in any "special" way. I simply liked the show.

My favorite episodes dealt with "Wo Fat" and had a "cold war" overtone. I could depend on "McGarrett" to invariably outwit "Wo Fat" but until the final season he never caught "Wo Fat". Those episodes would be campy today. Even as a teenager I though it was odd that "McGarrett" -- a local officer -- would be involved such things.

An oddity to me, then and now, was "McGarrett" driving a Mercury Park Lane, an upscale car.

Hawaii Five-O arguably had the best theme song, ever!

Family trivia: James MacArthur's uncle was John D. MacArthur, a billionaire back when there weren't many of them.
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I tried to post the direct links to these songs, but they didn't work, so scroll down on this link and you can hear the LEGENDARY theme song!

The Hawaii Five-O Home Page
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He looked hot in SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON...he can swing on my vine any time.
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i knew a guy in highschool who shared the same name and he was huge too
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you can go to his website and see all kinds of pics and info there, I will have to admit that he was a handsome guy back in his day. hopefully this link will work, you can see all kinds of pictures of him throughout his careers.

James MacArthur Official Website Image Index
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I was saddened to hear on the news today that James MacArthur of Hawaii 5-0 died. He was often the topic of conversation on this site. I always thought that Shepard Smith of Fox News resembled him a little bit. What do y'all think?
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Im very sad and sorry also that James McArthur dies.

He was so hot and cute and horny looking on the show. I jerked off to him watching the show a lot.

I will miss him. Very talented actor and played in many roles.

May he Rest in Peace.

Danno will never be the same on tv now but he was much entertainment when acting.

Thanks for putting this on. He will be sorely and sadly missed by many admirerers.
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