jerking stories

tell us about the best jerk you've had or seen

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jerking stories

tell us about the best jerk you've had or seen
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This guy above me seems to be my biggest! LOL

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Adolescence was a crazy period for all of us...Hormones, sudden erections, wet dreams, etc.

I was in my early teens and had been jerking off for a while, but only thought it was ME doing it. I slept over my friends house on a Saturday night and the story begins....

We shared his twin bed, as his younger brother was asleep in the other bed. During the night I had my usual erection and of course put a hand on it as I always do...somewhat forgetting I was in a different bed.

After a few minutes of rubbing, my breathing picked up tempo. My friend rolled over from having his butt towards me to having his stomach towards me. I stopped what I was doing, fearing I was going to get "caught".

Soon I felt what I thought was his hand against my thigh. As I stroked my cock with one hand I reached down with the other to see what was poking me....It was his erect penis ! At first I wasn't quite too sure, not having felt another penis before. I stopped everyting and just laid there, with my heart beating not only from my own jerking session, but also from touching my friends penis.

Curiosity then got to me. I had to touch it again. So I put my hand on it and felt around the shaft and then to his balls. I now had a penis in each hand, though his was still covered in his underwear.

I just kept my hand on his erection, not really moving it too much, I really didn't know what to do with it. All of a sudden he rolled onto his back and moaned. His next move surprised me...He reached down with one hand and wiggled out of his underwear to just below his crotch. I could now feel what it was really like. It was much thicker than my own and the head was almost twice the size of mine.

I waited a bit, got up the nerve, and reached over again and put my hand on it. It was hot to the touch and as hard as stone. I fumbled with it a bit, feeling my way up and down, touching his huge balls and pubic hair. My head was spinning, what was I doing I kept asking myself. But it all felt so natural.

Soon I stopped, feeling a bit guilty and concentrated on my own cock. I was about ready to cum when I felt his movements, knowing that he himself was jerking off with me. Here we were , 2 teens, exploring our bodies on a hot summer night, sharing the same bed. Not a word was said, but we both came within seconds of each other. There wasn't much to clean up, if anything at all.

We pulled our underwear back on and went to sleep. It took a few days before we talked about what happened. He was more worried about what his brother might have heard, being in the next bed. I told him I thought he was much bigger than I was. We took our cocks out and compared. I was right, he was larger in all aspects: Head size, thickness, the amount of pubic hair he had and his low slung balls. Plus his genitals were a darker color than the rest of his body.

I couldn't get over what a difference there was between 2 penises.

During the course of the next few years, we began to explore each others bodies and became very sexually active. As we reached our Jr year in HS we got interested in girls and parted ways.

I still have the fondest memories of our times together...male bonding.
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I used to live near my high school, when I was 16 my parents let me stay home alone for the weekend. It was about 11:00 at night and I was horny, just had on a pair of mesh shorts and a t shirt. I decided to walk over to my high school without underwear, was summer, hot night, etc...when I got over there I was just sort of kicking around in the front of the building, and I started to get a nice hard on...

couldn't do anything about it, so I just sort of pulled my cock out and ended up jerking off right in front of the high school main entrance...started out slowly, under my shorts, looking around...but after a few minutes, I had my cock out and was working hard on it...I was outside, it was at night and I shot a nice load all over the pavement...was fucking hot, exciting...the next day I walked up to school and admired the wet stain :)
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Hot stories!
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I guess you can call me the whore king, but I was able to get with five straight friends, but two where espically special to me. I remember back in 6th grade or so my friend came over and started talking about cocks and stuff. He pulled his out he began stroking it. He beg me to pull mine out, but I wasnt too sure, finally I did and we compared. Eventually we started jacking off together, then jacking each other off and eventually sucking each other off. He would call all horney and want me to blow him and I usually did. I loved hearing him moan when he was about to cum. Sadly, we drifted apart and he started treating me rather poorly, i think he was insecure who he was.

Another time with a new friend was around 8th grade. He was in my room, and put his hand to his hair and started playing with it. He sat down in my chair and ask" What do you want to do?" With the look I knew he wanted to do something so he pulled his 7 inch cock out with a nice long mushroom head. I did the same eventually this lead to touching each other and then sucking. It was the first time I ever got a blowjob, it was from a guy. We did this alot. One nite we did it all night long when he spent the night. Eventually we drifted apart and we still talk, but 6 years later, I doubt we will ever do it again...
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I dunno, I have had some really nice jerks thinking of a lady friend of mine
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Originally Posted by DRockStar View Post
then jacking each other off and eventually sucking each other off.

I did the same eventually this lead to touching each other and then sucking. It was the first time I ever got a blowjob, it was from a guy. We did this alot.
that sounds odd to me, that you did it once, then did it again, but the second time was your first...??

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Best I ever had was the very first time I ever did it.

I was 13 and lying in my bed. I couldn't sleep, and was just aimlessly touching myself (as one does sometimes when bored), and managed to rub myself just the right way that I was like "Whoa... that felt good!"

A bit of experimentation, and I was gasping and arching my back off the bed and stroking myself with a reckless abandon.

I'm sure I'd heard the term masturbation before, but I didn't really know what it was or that it's what I was doing. I couldn't think about much of anything, really. It was just this pleasure so intense it was incredible and a little scary at the same time.

Kept it up until I came, groaning, spurting onto my stomach. I did know what cum was (from sex ed class) and was kind of excited to see what it looked like (this was back in the days before the internet).

To this day it's the most intense orgasm I've ever had from masturbating. I had one other time where I was in a jacuzzi bathtub where the sensations of pleasure were even more intense, but I had such a tightness in my chest from it that i was afraid at the time I'd have a heart attack and got scared and stopped before I came.
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Spidermansmells has posed an interesting question.

Where is the leadership by example issue here?

I would expect spidermansmells would take the lead on this issue. I will be waiting for his story.

My story involves a study hall in Junior High and a time-out room. There were two of us boys there in the time out room and the room had a glass window on the top half above the work desk. The wall behind the desk was plywood. We were both sitting there pretending to study and the whispering soon became a discussion of jacking-off. We both started rubbing our cocks through our jeans. Soon we had them out through the fly and we each were working out a batch of sperm/semen. The idea that we had to complete the act before we got caught was a real motivator and we were really stroking. Needless to say it did not take long. I do not recall how many times we shared this time-out room, but I do recall that every time we were both there that it was fun and exciting.

The Study Hall Teacher was in the opposite corner of the room and usually let what was happening, happen. Unless you became loud or caused other distraction you were really on your own.
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sorry i didnt even think about putting one up

mine would be the time I friend was staying at my house. we were 14 his parents were away for the night we were watching tv and he got up and said he'd be back soon. 15 minutes later i went to find him. he was jerking in his room didnt even care that i was there. i watched him for a while and got horny so i pulled my dick out and started stroking it. I eventually got naked like him and weas getting into it. he called me over so i sat infront of him while we both jerked. he lent forward and grabbed my dick and started stroking it i let him and then grbbed his. i came all over my stomach so did he.
that was a good time

jerking, stories

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