Can you stick your penis in a toilet paper roll?

Originally Posted by scottbud This thread is depressing! I could get two of me into our tp rolls. :( I can relate - I fit much too easily (couldn't do two of me tho) but

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Originally Posted by scottbud View Post
This thread is depressing!

I could get two of me into our tp rolls. :(
I can relate - I fit much too easily (couldn't do two of me tho) but hearing from dudes who can't fit SOFT makes me even more jealous of the big boys!
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Jesus, what wont a guy put his dick in, lol

"Blah, blah, blah, go blow it out your arse!"

So I'm having an introspective ramble.
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I've upped my standards. Now up yours.
Don't think. Vote Republican.
People who make excessive generalizations are blowhards.
Don't hate me because you're You.
Everybody stereotypes.
Are we here now?
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HAHAHAHAAA!!! I thought the same thing!!!

Originally Posted by Rugbypup View Post
Jesus, what wont a guy put his dick in, lol

SexAndCandy... two great things should just go together!
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Fuck no!!

I need an industrial sized one!! :D

My Adult Website www.skinnythick.co.uk

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No, I could only just when I was 14. But now no way
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Originally Posted by rusty__ View Post
i tried it once..they threw me out of the supermarket.
don't you hate it when that happens? (good one rusty.)
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i can with room to spare...sigh
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yeah easy, soft or hard -dont stick out the end either when hard
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No, not even flaccid.

Nor a paper towel roll.
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D_Rufus Rodzilla
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No fuckin' way. Can't get it past the head.
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Hey! I know what to do with a drunken sailor!

NZ All Blacks rule!

Vancouver Canucks rule!

クジラを救いなさい -- 日本人を銛を打ち込みなさい

西 !
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It seems obvious that a great majority of the men here cannot fit their dick into a toilet paper roll.

Since that is settled, what should we stick our cocks in next?
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D_Aston Asstonne
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Noo way!Toilet paper rolls are tiny.
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not hard

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paper, penis, roll, stick, toilet

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