Listening to others having sex

Who likes to listen to others having sex? when I lived with my parents in out town house our next door neighbors 21yr old sons bedroom was next to mine. When he was having sex

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Listening to others having sex

Who likes to listen to others having sex? when I lived with my parents in out town house our next door neighbors 21yr old sons bedroom was next to mine. When he was having sex I could hear his bed squeak and thump the wall and his moans also his gf's screams of ecstasy from his huge dick. I knew his size and this just made it all the more better. Use to make me hard straight away and Id have to wank to relieve myself of horniness!

So who has gotten horny and hard from listening to other people? or has it been annoying??
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I lived in an apartment building where my bedroom and the bedroom of the apt next door shared a common wall. The guy in the apartment next door was this quiet, bookish type. We rarely spoke beyond saying "hey" to each other if we happened to meet up. One weekend I was laid up with a cold and ended up sleeping most of Saturday away. I woke up in the middle of the night hungry and thirsty from not eating or drinking anything all day. I didn't bother with the lights and went and got a snack and was sitting in bed when I realized how quiet everything was, I also realized that I could clearly hear my neighbor talking in his bedroom. I sat there on the bed trying to hear if there was anyone else and quickly realized that he was alone. Then he moaned! Clearly it was the sound of someone having sex. I put my ear against the wall and could clearly hear him. He was talking to his cock. He kept saying stuff like " so fucking hard...yeah...gimme some of that pre-cum...yeah...fuckin' big, hard cock..."
I was hard as a rock and strokin' mine along with him. He went on like that for at least another hour. He would get up and walk around the room and even out of his bedroom into the rest of the apartment. At one point I heard him unlocking his front door so I went to mine (our front doors faced one another across a common porch area) and looked through the peephole, he was standing with the door open stroking a huge hard on. He half stepped out the door and just stood there stroking for a few minutes then he went back inside. When he finally blew his load he muffled his moans with his pillows, but from the other side of the wall it was like he was right there in my bed moaning and pumping out what sounded like a huge load.
Once i became aware of his routine I would listen to him every chance I got. I figured out that he was also into self-sucking along with some serious marathon edging sessions.
It was fucking hot!
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I heard my friends a few times it's kinda hot actually.

I'm female... check the pics..
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I had a duplex once and one night after my girl and I had finished having sex, we continued to hear moaning. Upon careful search of the bedroom, we figured out that one of the airducts from the upstairs apartment lead straight down through our closet. Hearing the girl upstairs go at it with her boyfriend got us all worked up.

Even funnier is when my upstairs neighbor and I both simultaneously came clean about what we could hear. Basically, we were causing the other to get horny because of sounds through the airduct. Shortly after we moved out, the corrected the duct issue.

Shame for the new tenants.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Don't PM me, I won't reply.
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I've heard some neighbours going at it once or twice. I've no idea who they are or what they looked like, but just getting to listen in was really sexy. I stopped and pretended that I had to fix my shoelace so I could listen for a minute, haha.
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In my last apartment, one of my neighbors liked loud women. Often he would have what sounded like a different woman every time over. I didn't keep track, so I don't know if it was a different woman every week or every month or what have you. I just knew the woman of the moment disturbed my sleep often enough to piss me off. I really don't like being woken up by someone having sex when I've got no woman to help keep my bed warm.... Anyways, I almost got to the point where I would walk down to his apartment and tell him if he wanted to have a woman over he had to share her with me. But, he moved out, and things got quite quiet until the college kids moved in two floors below me.....
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I'm kinda embarrassed to admit it, but it is kinda arousing to listen to the thumping.

Sometimes prompts me to go on a bootycall of my own.

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hmm interesting... I am thinking, who had heard me having sex lol!

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well the college dorm that i'm currently in is that when you come in the door, there is a shared kitchen and a shared living room, then there are 4 separate bedrooms and on more than one occasion I can remember "sex sounds" coming from more than one room at once! flippin hot is what it was!
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I am far more turned on by the sound of people having sex than actually seeing them do it. Most of the time it's painfully frustrating. If I'm startled awake by it then it's damn annoying.
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Other people have sex?

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Woke up one morning in our apartment to hear the couple in the adjoining apartment. I had to wake my girlfriend up to take care of things because it made me horny!
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listening, sex

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