girls accidentally seeing your penis

lol i dont think its an accident when a girl sees a man's penis

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lol i dont think its an accident when a girl sees a man's penis
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There's no accident about it. During the summer months as a teen, a group of us neighborhood kids would get together,usually an equal mix of girls and boys, 14-16 years old.

Back in the '70's an inground pool was a rarety, so when one of the girls families got one installed, that was the place to go. Because it was on the spur of the moment kind of time frame, none of the guys had swimming trunks, no speedos then, so we just wore our tighty whities.

The girls just wore long t-shirts and panties. It didn't dawn on us guys for quite some time that the girls were always the first to initiate the swimming outings...always when there was a "bunch" of us guys, right after playing baseball or kickball or other event where we were extra hot and sweaty.

The guys were busy horsing around and the girls just put thier toes in the water and sat there watching us and laughed and giggled. I found out the next year that the grils were setting us guys up so they could see our cocks and pubic hair through the white cotton underwear. Once the cotton got wet there was no hiding what was underneath.

We never realized that we were showing that much, or maybe we did and didn't care, but I guess we put on quite the show for the girls in attendance. Some of the guys really had a full pouch in their briefs....I noticed a few myself.
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B_Swimming Lad

Plenty of girls have seen my dick... Can't say too many of them were acidental though Hehe.
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Originally Posted by Swimming Lad View Post
Plenty of girls have seen my dick... Can't say too many of them were acidental though Hehe.
LOL If you got it flaunt it lad!

I accidentally did it in front of friends at a party. It was a PJ party and I thought I had buttoned the single fly button on my pants. Later one of the females sidles up, pushes me into a corner and I'm thinking she is going to kiss me. Nope. She reaches down and buttons the button and says "Thanks for the show, I doubt you want this seen since you are sporting wood."

Thanks God we were all pretty hammered. I wasn't terribly embarrased, but my girlfriend found the whole thing more embarrassing than I did. I kind of found it flattering.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Don't PM me, I won't reply.
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my wife's GF(lived next door) got a nice view of my package late one afternoon. we went boating that day and when we got home, the wife needed her cock, so I delivered the goods. I fell asleep, nude, spread eagled on the bed. the wife was in the back making supper. and the GF popped in the back door, and there I was to the left,laying on the bed, kitchen to the back right. It was an old house with 2 back doors, odd layout.

The GF told me this later that night while we were out drinking and dancing, or I would not have known. She grabbed my crotch in a crowded bar, and I said what are you doing? She told me what she had seen, and she said she stood there for 2-3 minutes and then quietly slipped outside and knocked on the door like she just got there. she said she had no idea that skinny guys had nice fat cocks, and she was no prude, she fucked her share of guys over the 4 yrs we were neighbors. she "bothered" me on several occasions and I had my chance to fuck her, but I knew she could not be discreet, and I did not want to give up my wife & marriage for her pussy.

It was really no big deal, as we all used to go skinny dipping at the rock quarries around here in our teens and 20's, boys and girls.The wife's GF was not part of the local scene then. And a few years after this incident, the GF and her then BF, myself and wife sunbathed nude one afternoon on a beach, Mississippi river, mid week. We were pretty drunk.
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Originally Posted by No_Strings View Post
Honey, believe me - if I had the body to strut around naked with, I damn well would at every opportunity.
Good grief! I had just as well give up then. If you don't have what it takes to strut naked, they would shoot me for trying...
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I was at my neighbors and using the restroom, she accidentally walked in on me while i my rubbing my cock. I was so shocked, but then she just stood there, she asked if she could do it for me so i let her give me a blow job. I fucked her right there on the toilet.
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yesterday at yoga class i wasnt trying to look but I saw this guy in front of me you could see up his shorts and i saw his package..even though he was flaccid I could tell he was pretty hung so no complaints here
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yea my sister. I was jerking off and she walked in and stared for a little bit, then she stumbled and started to studder. I asked her later about it and she said it was by far the biggest she had seen.
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There have been many times in which it has accidentally happened to me... some more of an "accident" than others... one that always gets me is when i was living with my GF at the time, her best friend called her to see if she could borrow a dress for the night... my GF wasn't home at the time and said to go ahead and swing by as I was at home... my GF called to alert me that she was swinging by in 30 minutes... fresh off a workout i jumped in the shower... got out no less than 10 minutes later and she was at the doorstep of our small 2 bedroom apartment... i yell from my room to come on in, i closed my bedroom door behind me and she was supposed to go to the spare bedroom for my GF's stuff... instead she came in our master bedroom only to find me butt ass naked... her eyes darted from my eyes to my dick, mouth opened she continued to stare as she fumbled to grab the door handle and leave the room... she finally finds it after what seems to be a minute... and walks out but doesn't close it all the way... she goes in the other room and grabs the dress and walks back to my door, peers through and says sorry that she walked in... "Julie" is a very lucky girl... by this time my dick was half-cocked and i was just hoping she would come in and take another peek... unfortunately she said goodbye and see you later tonight...
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I had just moved into a new house with a girl roommate who i had not previously known along with some other friends. (this girl is very cute.) i ordered some food to be delivered, i thought that they would take much longer as they usually do so i hopped in the shower. Once in the shower i realized that I had forgot to bring in a towel, all i had were the shorts i had been wearing. The food showed up really quick, I heard the doorbell and was like "fuck!" so i jumped out of the shower soaking wet and threw on the khaki shorts, I ran out of the bathroom and my roomate was standing in the hallway wondering who was at the door. I had buttoned the shorts but forgot to zip the fly and my cock was basically just hanging out. I'm assuming she saw as it was pretty obvious that my chub was completely out of my pants.
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Only time it happened to me was the classic "in a hot tub" story when all the girls go topless and you try and hide the hard on. Then I stood up (I was drunk, so I was blissfully unaware of being hard...or just didn't care) and I was poking out the front flap.
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A few times I have been exposed

A memorable night on a beach in Spain "stands out in my memory"

Also at university 3 girls burst into my room and saw what they wanted to see

In hotel rooms I have been seen by maids

etc etc etc!
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Plenty of times....
Most recent was at after prom. It was me and my 1 friend (a girl) getting ready in out hotel room I had to pee so i went into the bathroom and close the door. Right as I closed the door she opened it and said "i need to do my hair"
i said "ok well i need to pee"
she said "i don't care"
so i said "Ur not comin in unless your shakin it for me"
she said "fine but then u owe me one"

Worked out perfect for me because after she grabbed it and complimented me it turned into a quick hand job :)

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