Why Do Women Like Hard Fucking

My question in full: Why do women like to get fucked with hard, very hard thrusts ? I like to take my time and ease in and out at times, mostly for better control and

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Why Do Women Like Hard Fucking

My question in full: Why do women like to get fucked with hard, very hard thrusts ?

I like to take my time and ease in and out at times, mostly for better control and longevity. But my wife wants it rammed in and out HARD and when she comes, it's explosive !! And very vocal. It's fine by me, but I'm wondering, is this a " G Spot" orgasm trait ?

I doubt I'm doing anthing to her clit by slamming into her hard and fast...Correct me if I'm wrong ladies. I'mjust happy to be of service to her.
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Not every woman can orgasm this way. I orgasm via penetrationm and I prefer it that way. Yes, licking my clit and rubbing on it feels good, but hard pounding makes me cum the best/hardest.

More often than not orgasm is cause by clitoral stimulation.

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some like hard fucking and some have hard fucking thrust upon them...

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honestly i've always wondered why that is.
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Because it feels good!

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It's similar to masturbation. As the feelings intensify you feel the need for stronger, faster friction. And there is an animalistic part that plays into it, for me anyways. The aggressivness. Feeling the strength of the male, submitting to the wildness.

It's kind of like asking why some men like to fuck women hard. I would love to know.... :)

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cause if you are able to drive me wild then I just want to be fucked hard!
is there anything better than this?

Any HUGE man that wants to show on cam for me is welcome!!
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It's what pushes me off the edge of sanity......


what others have said.....

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...in order to get cul de sac orgasms. YUM

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

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It hurts so good!! yeee

I'm female... check the pics..
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Originally Posted by TattooedMamaMeg View Post
Because it feels good!
<---- What she said.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

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For me it's about the intensity. I like a high intensity...

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Personally speaking I like a variety, beginning nice and slow and ending hard, fast and deep.
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after 10 seconds I get "harder harder" then "dont stop"

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Tenacious D's idea of Hard Fucking

and not-so-hard Fucking.

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fucking, hard, women

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