Sexy Gay Movies

Hi Does anyone no of any gay movies, with good gay action in them, please let me no! thanks

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Sexy Gay Movies

Does anyone no of any gay movies, with good gay action in them, please let me no!
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come on guys there must be some?
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Originally Posted by jason_x_shaw View Post
Does anyone no of any gay movies, with good gay action in them, please let me no!
It would help if you could spell. No should be know. No is as in yes or no.
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I really liked another gay movie, it had its moments if you looking for gay themed movies. That lead Michael Carbonaro in that movie was sure interesting.

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Hey Jason X,

You might look at a Google Group, gaybluefilms, while it is mostly gay pornos, they also have gay themed movies. The join link is:

Google Groups

and on Yahoo

Yahoo! Groups

Among all the porno (some of it rather good BTW) are entries for themed movies listed under: gay themed <title of movie>

Of course, I am not condoning nor advocating the downloading or distribution of copy written material. But should you wish to know a title and get a synopsis of mainstream and independent gay themed movies, you can then NOT click on the download links and instead rent or buy the movies.

Also, MCF Male Celebrities Forum has quite a lot of gay themed entries. The link for MCF is:

Male Celebrities :: Index

They usually have a screen cap or two from lots of movies.

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Testosterone with David Sutcliffe (very hot guy with a sexy beard) and Antonio Sabato, Jr. The frontal nudity of Antonio Sabato, Jr. is worth the viewing.

I liked the Fluffer (the guy was really hot. Not that much sex.), Eating Out 1 and 2, and The Rules of Attraction (the kiss with James Van Der Beek and Ian Somerhalder was hot.)
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Summer Storm: greatest i think
Another Gay Movie
Short Bus
Brokeback Mountain
Home at the End of the World
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Europa, Europa

Check out TLA Video.com for others

Hey! I know what to do with a drunken sailor!

NZ All Blacks rule!

Vancouver Canucks rule!

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西 !

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