Interracial Sex

I was a mere 16-yr-old the first time that I had interracial sex. I was away visiting family in the south. The 3 cousins that I stayed with would tell me stories about how much

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Interracial Sex

I was a mere 16-yr-old the first time that I had interracial sex. I was away visiting family in the south. The 3 cousins that I stayed with would tell me stories about how much sex they would have with many of their female classmates.

They knew that I wasn't a virgin, but had no idea how hung I was. I never shared that information. I was eager to meet some of these girls to see what all of the fuss was about. I was on vacation, away from "my" regular pussy, and horny as hell. The next afternoon, two of the girls (one white/one black) were invited over by my 16-yr-old twin cousins. The girls were there to fuck the brothers and had no idea that I was in the house. When I finally got dressed and joined them in living room, one of the girls kept staring at me whenever she could. I suppose that my bulge was on display in my thin cargo shorts. The next thing I knew, they were off to the basement to start their fuck session, leaving me in the living room. What I didn't know was that they had planned an orgy, with me as the guest.

One girl started to remove my shirt, the other took off my shorts. They left me standing there in my boxers as everyone else disrobed each other. Then one of the girls groped me and shrieked. After pulling me out of my boxers, everyone was in amazement at my size. My cousins were well-endowed themselves, but not as long or thick as me. The girls stood there frozen for several minutes before one began to suck me while the other licked my chest. After the foreplay, the action took place. I only fucked the white girl, and it was amazing. Her pussy was so wet and tight. I'm glad that my uncle and aunt were at work, because she could not muffle her moans and screams. She was too tight to take all of me, but I gave her as much as she could take. After we fucked, I went to take shower while everyone else continued to have fun. She came to see me again twice before I left. I will never forget that experience. Ever since that vacation, I have been uninhibited when it comes to the race of my female sex partners. I wonder what she's up to these days?

Have any of you had interracial sex? How did it happen? How was it?

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hot story dude....


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That is hot !!!
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I'm married to a black woman.sooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah!

I would rather die on my feet,
than live on my knees.

The problem is......
Some people are book smart but reality stupid.

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I have had sex with black men, an asian and a middle eastern man.

Have to admit I love the look of a black man's cock against my white skin.
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I had interracial sex when I was 15. I was a Braddock Ridgian and Hedgerow Courtier whose people had migrated from Cather Avenue, my partner at the time was a Harmony Hillperson living in Virginia Run.

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son...boy after my own nature...
I'll make this short cause I think I may have answered something bout my 1st exp.
I in the south U know...worked with my grandma who was housekeeper/cook for a white family.
This family had a son & daughter...older then me by a few yrs.They were high school age. I was about 11 yrs. old I didn't go to public school at that time...I was homeschooled suchas it was. Grandpa believed in hard work on the farm & stuff....U know how that went.
Well, to make a long story short the daughter of this family begain to take notice of me.
We begain secertly have sex play and stuff. I really didn't understand what was really happenin...except when she wanted my dick...I gave it to her how ever she wanted. She like to play & jerk on it...see me get hard and stuff. I also went down on her quite often.
Then it happen...she let me hit that pussy with my dick...didn't think or know 'bout rubbers and stuff and what would happen when I was shootin cum up in her.
But I soon find out...she got in a family way...PG by me...I was then by now 12 yrs old.
Can't tell U how U how upset her family and my grandma & grandpa was not only upset, but scared too.
Grandpa was esp. scared...I didn't know why Grandma cried...and for the first time I saw grandpa's eyes get full of water & very neverous acting. But didn't never say why or talk to me about what I had done.
Grandma packed a suitcase for me called my mother & step-dad (in Chicago) to come get me ASAP.
When they came to get me, they went into another room to talk and sent me upstairs. I couldn't hear what they were sayin until I heard my mama
hollor out..."Oh my God!"
They called me downstairs and for a mintue they just all looked at me.
Mama and grandma looked liked they cried.
Grandpa just sit there in his chair lookin down at the floor.
My eyes got full of water too. I didn't know why accept I was leavin & didn't want to.
My step-dad just looked at me shankin his head looking at me before the first words I heard...he said very roughly...damn sin! Get yoself in the car boy!
I did...sittin there for a few mintues before my ma & step-dad got in the car...we were on our way to Chicago then.
What was strange to me, grandpa & grandma didn't come out of the house to say good- by.
I cried to myself all the way to Chicago still not fully realizing what I did.
After a time...when I did get to visit grandma and grandpa again...grandma said that family had moved away but Miss Cindy had a baby boy (half black & half white...that could be told with no doubt).
This boy (my son) is 40 now.
I now understand why grandpa & grandma sent me away...
I was a 12 yr old boy black who fucked this white girl about 16 who got a bady by me that put danger to my life. U just didn't do stuff like that then without being beat to death or hung from a tree,castrated or just disappeared never to be heard about again.
I often now think...was this all my fault
If this would have happened in today's times...wouldn't this be a rape of a minor child...me being only 11-12 But I remember...I's a black man weren't & aint looked at the same way as if it had be a white boy.
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I've had almost nothing but interracial sex, generally preferring all ethnicities over other white guys.
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My God whopper!

It was such an injustice. You're right, it should have been looked at that you were a minor but because you're black, it was all your fault.

I bet if you were white and she was black, it would have been her fault to the eyes of the world. How fucked up is that?

Do you have contact with your son?
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DAMN wooper-lee
that shit is fucked up!....i hope u meet ur son one day!


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I am a white male and had sex with different races but never really thought about it that way. Cuz I was looking for great sex and what I got was great sex! So what does the skin color matter as long as you get a smile on your face. Right? Besides what I like are big tits, big cocks, nice round asses, and for you to be a little freaky!! So as long as you got 1 or 2 of those I don't care about anything else! LOL
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I am a white guy and I can say that I prefer to have sex with guys outside my race. I love black, hispanic, asian, arab guys. I guess its a turn on to get fucked by them for me, especially the asian ones, All the asian tops i have been sure could fuck an ass good!!! :)
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Originally Posted by badboybryce View Post
Have any of you had interracial sex? How did it happen? How was it?
Yes, I have. I think you will find that most of the members here have as well.

My extended family still think like msu_hotboy's dad. My mom and a few cousins just care that I find a nice man who treats me well. My dad is kinda like a black Archie Bunker but he's coming around. He wants grandchildren and he has finally come to realize the pickings are pathetically slim for black men of our socio-economic level.

I grew up in a predominately white, upper middle class neighborhood. So that's what I was used to seeing. Oddly the first 6 guys I was with were black. Only the last one was hung and as close to a soulmate as I think I have ever come. Unfortunately he was an alcoholic. The rest of my beaus, fuck buddys, and FWB's have been white. I haven't had sex with a black man since the Reagan Administration.

[quote=Jennuine73;1050622] My God whopper! It was such an injustice. You're right, it should have been looked at that you were a minor but because you're black, it was all your fault.

I bet if you were white and she was black, it would have been her fault to the eyes of the world. How fucked up is that? [\quote]

You are correct Jen! Unfortunately the same ignorant attitudes are still rigidly in place today in this country.

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Interracial sex is the only sex I ever have.

It is very rare that I have sex with someone of my own race.
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I've had partners of other races. Some of them were hung and some weren't... by my definition.

I have always heard from guys that white girls are more vocal than others during the act. It is also a popular belief that white guys are more into tits and legs while black guys are more into hips, ass and thighs. I have heard the rumor that black girls are more active in bed having more motion in their ocean while white girls are more apt to lye there and simply take the cock.

Can someone please speak on this issue? These are things that I've heard over and over till I am begining to believe it just may be the truth.

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interracial, sex

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