Hot girl grabbed my dick last night.....

Iím not exactly sure in which forum to place this thread; hope this is OK. Anyway, please allow me to ramble on a bit. So itís as if lightning has struck twice. Last night, for

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Hot girl grabbed my dick last night.....

Iím not exactly sure in which forum to place this thread; hope this is OK. Anyway, please allow me to ramble on a bit.

So itís as if lightning has struck twice. Last night, for the second time this year, and only the second time in my life, a hot woman that I had only just met has taken it upon herself to give my crotch a good feel. I realize that in the grand scheme of life it is a trivial, almost silly moment but, as many a man will no doubt attest, it is also a familiar fantasy.

I know I am just gloating, but please forgive me. I really want to tell someone and I canít tell anyone I know for fear of sounding like an idiot, all excited about getting felt up. Not that I wonít necessarily sound like an idiot here but I thought you people might enjoy the story. Iíll try to be brief. I know that my cock is not overly large (7.5 x 5.5) but it has certainly given me a lot of pleasure, including the incident last night.

The first incident happened about 7 months ago, much to my surprise and delight. I wrote a thread about it:


Last night at a bar I occasionally attend, I bumped into a woman I dated about 15 years ago. We were only together for about a year and then careers and life took us in different directions. We remained friends and kept in contact for awhile but I had not spoken to her in at least 12 years. She was a hot 22-year old and still looks great at 37.

We had a nice conversation, speaking for about 5 minutes, catching up. Both of us are now married. She was at the bar with a group of young women who were celebrating her nieceís 22nd birthday. Her niece, very hot herself, was having a great time, and was already a bit drunk when we were introduced.

I left the group and went to stand at the bar where I could watch some hockey and ogle the bartender, discreetly. Yes, Iím a man and a horny, lecherous pig. Pleased to meet you. This establishment makes a point of hiring hot, 20-something women as bartenders, and insists, it seems, that they work in low-cut black tank tops. God bless the management.

The women bartenders are all beautiful but one, in particular, has a body so perfect she almost seems like a cartoon. She was working last night so I stood at the bar, one foot up on the rail, beer in hand, eyes alternating between the TV and her amazing tits and ass. As usually happens in this situation, I got somewhat aroused.

After about 30 minutes my ex-girlfriend comes over and says goodbye. Her niece and the nieceís friends are still going at it. I continue watching the game and the bartender.

Not long afterwards, the niece and one of the other women, also hot, come over to say ďhiĒ. They were both very nice and obviously drunk. We talked a bit about her aunt, my ex. The niece wanted to know about what her aunt was like back when we were dating. I gave her a general description but kept the dirty details to myself.

The girls went back to their table, I continued with the hockey, my beer, the hot bartender, and my semi-stiff cock. Several minutes later the niece comes back, leans in close so that she wonít have to raise her voice, and says, ďBy the way, my aunt says you were the best sex she has ever had and that you have a really big cock.Ē

I pause for a moment, not knowing what to say, feeling my cock get stiffer, loving the moment, as a big, surprised smile comes to my face. The niece then reaches in between me and the front of the bar and gives my cock not one, but three good squeezes. What she doesnít know is that I am by now three-quarters of the way to a full erection. Then she says, ďOh my God!Ē and almost runs back to her table. I see her say something and there is a lot of laughing amongst the girls.

I donít know where to look so I just watch the game some more, with a big smile on my face. Between the bartender and the squeezing I am now fully hard but the bar and the low lighting is hiding the evidence.

I wait for 15 minutes until my dick shrivels and then head for the door. On the way out, I stop by the table, wish the niece a Happy Birthday, ask her to give her aunt my best regards, and leave.

Thanks for listening.
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nice story. ive had the same thing happen at clubs and stuff where id be dancin with a girl and net thing you know shes feelin whats goin on and qutie surprised lol.

strippers also get quite surprised when they are giving lapdances. that leads to being a familiar face at the club and a friend of a lot of hot strippers lol
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Jeez, I got a semi reading that. Hockey game, hot bartender and 22 year-old hottie cock grabber... what bar is this? I hope it is nearby.
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