David Cassidy

Originally Posted by OtterJoq Nice. April 12th was my birthday, too! Was? Are you dead?

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Originally Posted by OtterJoq View Post

April 12th was my birthday, too!
Was? Are you dead?
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D_Bela Boxwidener

stories were that he was packin, and there was a book written about him and it was mentioned. Supposedly he got it from his Dad
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His nickname growing up was "Donk" according to the book. His brothers called him that because they thought his dick was like a donkey's -- at least it was much bigger than theirs. But childhood memories and evaluation of size are notoriously unreliable.
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Here Ya go.

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Originally Posted by kirbster View Post
Was? Are you dead?
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damn that pic shows a nice bush too bad it was two inches down more:( im surprised he didnt take or want to take anymore
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i wonder if Zac efron would follow down this path too..
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Originally Posted by txquis View Post
I do not believe that Cole Porter lost use
of his legs due to diabetes.

His legs were injured in a horseback riding accident.
The horse actually rolled over him once,
and then again the other way...

He endured multiple surgeries, and he kept both injured legs
for at least a decade afterward,
as his wife Linda insisted that they not be
Upon her death, one was removed.

he did use a wheelchair, walk with canes,
and assistance.

And i have heard that jack cassidy story so many times,
that i believe it, even if it is apocryphal (sp?)
You are correct, Sir
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Several interesting points/details outlined under 'personal life'
Jack Cassidy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I know he's much older now, but as much as I try to resist, I cannot stop watching The Partridge Family reruns!

Jack Cassidy's Wikipedia article states that the Cassidy brothers found out their dad was bi-sexual after he had passed away! Sure wish David had been/is! Hell, I'd have BLOWN him...still WOOD (err...WOULD)!
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Shirley straps on that dildo and fucks Jack up the ass. If he was bi I bet she beat his ass and fucked him. I could see her getting her aggression out on him that way. I wonder if he liked being tied up too. Wonder how many men he was with and who. Maybe Rock Hudson, Dick Sargent, The dad off The Brady Bunch, etc. You never know. So much kink in Hollywood.
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cassidy, david

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