brutal sex scene.

no really this is rough

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D_N Flay Table
brutal sex scene.

no really this is rough
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Standard John Thompson stuff. It's got a real edge, for sure.

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rough and exciting


I am a celebrity here at LPSG..... and at the other site.....my celebrity status here at LPSG has gone thouh the roof...
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um yea, got my attention

p.s. thanks for all the spam
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Well, now that has reached a new low in your vast selection of oddball vids there,DJG. I mean, the wall blowjobs were good, but then forcing her mouth open, and then having one guy piss in it is way too extreme for me. And my speakers are somewhat fired but her facial expressions tell me she wasn't enjoying this.

Ya ain't seen an attitude like a North jerseyan attitude. Hey,hetero 5'10", 185 lbs, brown/black hair, hazel green eyes, 10.5X7.5, looking for that very special romance.

I'm not interested in getting PM's from complete strangers, nor do I wish any solicitations about cock size, getting together. etc. So trust me when I tell you that you will be deleted from my message banks and put on ignore.

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Even Rocco would call that rough...

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ive seen worse lol rocco with the head-in-the-toilet-dunking was pretty funny tho
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brutal, scene, sex

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