Hospital sponge bath

Thankfully, I've never spent a night in a hospital. However, I have a fantasy about being in a hospital with an injury or illness that would require a hot nurse to give me a sponge

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Hospital sponge bath

Thankfully, I've never spent a night in a hospital. However, I have a fantasy about being in a hospital with an injury or illness that would require a hot nurse to give me a sponge bath in bed. Has anyone (guys)ever experienced this? Did she wash your genitals? Did you get a hard-on? If so, did she react in any way?
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Ugh, having to be in the hospital for anything was a real drag. I've never had a sponge bath. Maybe my nurses were lazy but they all fixed it so all the tubes and electrodes could be mobile and waterproof enough so I could get a quick shower....

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Originally Posted by simcha View Post
Ugh, having to be in the hospital for anything was a real drag. I've never had a sponge bath. Maybe my nurses were lazy but they all fixed it so all the tubes and electrodes could be mobile and waterproof enough so I could get a quick shower....
Seems like they usually give the male patients male nurses (which would have suited me just fine if he'd been in shape )...so I did get one, but it wasn't as much fun as I'd been hanging out for!
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Most people are embarrased to be washed down there so I generally hand them the cloth and let them clean and dry themselves but if they can't use their arms or hands for whatver reason, then I do it. I've showered and done a pubic shave on a lot of men and some have gained an errection; they seemed to be unembarrassed and happy to show it off really!

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When I was a freshman at university, I got a sprained ankle, which they at first thought was broken. I had been running in a Inter-fraternity Cross Country Race for charity and was really hot and sweaty and smelled like a pig! It was late in the afternoon when I was taken to the infirmary, and after they checked me out and put a temporary splint on my leg (the x-ray could not be done until the next morning) I was given a bed for the night. The doctor told the male orderly to try to clean me up, but that I was to be given a sponge bath and that I was not to use the shower.

The orderly, a young man of about 22 (older than I) told me to get out of my clothes since I would have to wear one of the gowns. What was left of my pants (the doctors had cut one pants leg off) the orderly cut off and there I was, completely naked except for my boxers. He told me I had to take them off so he could bathe me. He slipped them down over my legs, and as he did his arm brushed against my dick. It immediately sprang to attention....it had wanted to do that all afternoon as they were working on me but somehow I was able to control it. But now, I couldn't.

He gave me a thorough bathing and then finally he began doing my crotch. I told him I could do that, but he insisted. So....I let him. He spent more time doing the crotch, balls, and all, than he did the rest of my body. I lay there with my eyes closed and then it happened.

It was probably the best BJ and rimming that I have ever had. I never looked at him while he was doing it. I just couldn't! I guess you could say I was as stiff as a board from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet! I was scared we would be caught, and that in itself thrilled me to no end! Every emotion that could be felt flooded through me. I had to stick my hand in my mouth to keep from yelling when I finally came to orgasm! After he finished and did some more cleaning up, I looked at him. He just smiled and said, "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon, okay?" I wanted to say no, but the next day was the longest day I have ever spent waiting for his return and another of his bathing sessions!
On the 3rd day, I was released, to my disappointment

Over the years, I have occasionally thought about those two days and wondered what ever happened to that young may who was so good at his job.
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Finaly Something From My Past I Fondly Remember. Short Version. Was Hospitalized For A Minor Surgery. At About 8:oo That Evening An Orderly Young And Very Cute Came In To Shave The Area Of Surgery Which Was A Cyst On My Tail Bone. He Started With A Warm Towel Which Instantly Brought Memember To Full Attention Of Course I Was Lying On My Belly, He Shaved The Area And Then Ask If I'd Like A Massage , Which I Replied Yes During The Massage Another Person Came In A Mail Nurse And Said He Had To Check On The Shave And Proceeded To Feel The Area And Move On Down To My Balls Pausing There For A While Driving Me Crazy. Then He Ask Me Turn Over, Which I Did Proudly, The Orderly Gasp Openly And Looked At The Nurse Who Smiled,grabed My Dick And Both Went Down On What Has Been One Of The Best Blow Jobs Performed By Two Guys At The Same Time I Will Never Forget.
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Oh, yeah, had one of those.

A couple of years ago I came down with a serious kidney malfunction - I won't call it a disease because the drs didn't know why it happened and never has again. Anyway, I had just felt crappy for months and but the time I was told to go to the ER it was terribly advanced. I was in the hospital for 10 days and for most of that time, weak and helpless.

About day 5 a nice looking, tall, muscled male nurse comes in and tells me it is time for a bath. Hooray. He lifts me out of the bed, puts me in the chair and we head towards the shower but he can't get me to stand up from the chair so it is clear I'm not going to be able to stand in the shower. "No problem," he says, "we'll just give you a sponge bath in the chair." (Doesn't get the bed wet.)

Fairly easy to do in a hospital robe. He unties the top and go to it. It feels great to be freshened up. Feeling as I have for so long, sex was the last thing on my mind but he was hot. Before I know it, you could take my pulse from my dick as it starts keeping time with my heartbeat. It had been a VERY long time as the condition had made me mostly impotent but I was on the mend, electrolites and BP back to normal, and there was no stopping it.

By this time he was scrubbing my thighs by reaching under the gown and had just finished the outer thigh and was ready to do my inner thighs and groin. I said, "Umm..." to warn him just as he reached all the way in inside one thigh. The back of his soapy hand hit the head of my semi and slid all the way down the side of the shaft before either one of us could react. I just about jumped out the chair and he froze there with his arm pressing against my pulsing dick.

We locked eyes, mine wide open and face beet red no doubt. "Don't sweat," he said, "it just means you're getting better." and continued in his professional manner. I couldn't help twitching as he finished that side with two more strokes, a couple of rinse strokes. By then my rod fully lengthened but coudn't lift as it was trapped by the gown across my lap.

He switched sides and while he soaped up the washcloth again he leaned over and checked me out! He washed and rinsed my other thigh and then started washing my balls - normally at first then very slowly, looking at eyes every once in a while. GOD! that felt so good. I'm certain my eyes glazed over and he could tell I wasn't going to object so he continued the ball cleaning well past the time needed.

He pulled out the washcloth, set it aside and soaped his hands. Staring me right in the face he slipped his hand around the head of my dick. He circled it for some time then started slowly stroking my shaft down the to the base and then back up. My hands clutched at the armrests and the most incredible waves of sensation where driving me crazy.

About 2 mins of this and I started grunting and gasping and my dick was as hard as it ever was. A final groan and I shot one of the biggest loads I ever have and I had some full-body shutters as he milked it for a while after. "Jeez I needed that!" was all I could say. "Guess so." he said as he flashed a great smile and winked at me.

Holy shit! I thought, I just had a hand job from a hunky Texas male nurse. The stuff that fantasies are made of and one the hottest "fucks" I've ever had. I'll never forget it. True, boys, all very true.

(Now I'm hard as fuck and I'm going to have to take care of it.)

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