my girlfriend saw my friends dick she said it was bigger then mine on soft

should i be worried

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my girlfriend saw my friends dick she said it was bigger then mine on soft

should i be worried
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Why in the world would you be worried? So what. Lot's of guys are going to have a bigger dick than you,why should she care?
You wouldn't be insecure now,would you?

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Depends. Is she a size queen? If she accidentally saw him in by walking in on him by mistake, no. If she saw it because she was about to have sex with him, yes.

Need a little more info to answer you there.

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looking at your pic if hes bigger than you she must be real game to try him on for size anyways.

why worrie if she is curious about him invite him for a 3some then you can check him out too.
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A bit insensitive and kind of a non-starter of the GF if it is true but she could also be pulling your chain.
Not sure she would find it as easy to accept your comment on the melons on one of her friends as being bigger than hers.
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judging by yours if he's bigger than that soft he ain't gonna grow much more.
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Your pic information lead me to believe that this is your friend's dick, not yours. Your information is a bit spotty.

I would say that the size of your friend's dick is the least of your worries in your relationship. It appears that there is a lot more going on then measuring dicks here
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dump her
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I don't think there's necessarily anything to be worried about (unless they are having an affair) - several of my friends' girlfriends know about my size but as they're not attracted to me, and in love with my friends, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference (just the way it should be).
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who cares. Where's your cock pic?
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I had previously posted a more politically correct response but I like the "dump Her" post cause that is what I would do to the ignorant B---h.
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How did she manage to see his dick? WHY in the world would she tell you? This doesn't sound kosher. Maybe she wants a threesome and is trying to test you.

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Originally Posted by badboybryce View Post
How did she manage to see his dick? WHY in the world would she tell you? This doesn't sound kosher. Maybe she wants a threesome and is trying to test you.

Naaa no threesome motive here. Just common shit-talking and he should fire her like the Donald...


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How did it come about that she saw your friends penis?
Why did she feel the need to tell you she saw it?
Freddie53 is correct, your relationship is on shaky ground.
I think the fact you are asking us what we think means you know something is rotten in Denmark. Translation: I wouldn't be spending any time in Tiffany's looking at engagement rings.

A few questions though:
Since she saw his penis has her sex drive decreased? If so, she is sleeping with him.
Since she saw his penis has her sex drive increased? If so, she still likes you, but she is fantasizing about him.
Does she make frequent comments about how she can't believe how much bigger he is than you when you are together? Then she wants to sleep with him.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

Until Further Notice:
I will not be accepting friend or contact requests.
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first off, so what? secondly, no, you shouldn't be worried about his soft size brah. so many factors go into a guy's soft size, it's never an accurate measurement. also, someone's always gonna have a bigger cock than you, and someone's always gonna have a smaller cock that you. so who the fuck cares brah? why you so insecure? i'd be more worried about why she saw yer friend's cock.

*NOTE: i didn't read the responses before posting, so i dunno if what i said had already been said

scope out my myspace page! now it actually brings you to the right one!

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