True Stories of Gym Sex?

Years ago at my gym I was heading into the steam room and caught a guy rubbing one out. Only incident In the 10 years there. If I have the chance, I will knock one

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Years ago at my gym I was heading into the steam room and caught a guy rubbing one out. Only incident In the 10 years there. If I have the chance, I will knock one off in the steamroom If I'm alone in there. Find the steam to be very stimulating.
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I've seen a lot of stuff and have been offered a lot of 'perks' at my gym. Straight and married so I don't participate, but don't care what other guys are doing around me in the hot tub/sauna/ steam...
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The steam really makes it. It's even more fun with another dude (or five).

Originally Posted by hd4me2 View Post
If I have the chance, I will knock one off in the steamroom If I'm alone in there. Find the steam to be very stimulating.
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Originally Posted by hd4me2 View Post
Years ago at my gym I was heading into the steam room and caught a guy rubbing one out. Only incident In the 10 years there. If I have the chance, I will knock one off in the steamroom If I'm alone in there. Find the steam to be very stimulating.
Where is there a steam room in New England?
There used to be 5 or 6 in my town. It has a lot of Finnish people.
They have all closed down.
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I responded to a similar post once. In LA the Bally's on Bundy in West Hollywood was notorious for gay sex in the showers and steamroom. Back in 2001-03 when I would go regularly each week there would be jacking off and sometimes full anal on a daily bases. Hot guys too! The Bally's in Hollywood was the same too. Hot Hispanic guys at both spots with large uncut cocks. A few times I hooked up with a few guys at the gym for a quick rub-n-tug and occasionally went home with a few. I'm a total top so to get up with a very masculine guy with a nice body was quite easy then. I also met a few Black guys at the gyms too. I guess its the easy environment of nakedness and somewhat safety that allows a few guys to engage in some of these activities.

As an aside, that's why you should always wear flipflops in the gym showers, steamrooms and saunas.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!
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Originally Posted by mandoman View Post
Where is there a steam room in New England?
There used to be 5 or 6 in my town. It has a lot of Finnish people.
They have all closed down.
Not sure to which you refer to but most fitness centers I have been to all have a room dedicated to people that prefer to sit and have their bodies smothered in steam from a steam generator!
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I've had a lot of experiences in locker rooms, saunas, etc. Not so much in the past 5-6 years, but I had a really hot encounter in 2001 and I wrote it down right after. Here it is:


Here's a little something that just happened to me tonight:

I left to go to ECC South (a community college) at about 6:30pm, post-Simpsons. I wasn't really expecting much, since I haven't had much luck there lately; well, nothing really, since about a year ago. Sure, I had been seeing hot guys, but I could have been a brick in the wall, they were that disinterested.

As I park and walk into the gym building about 6:45pm, I notice lots of parents and their little ones. Crap--kiddie sports or something. Well, they were all carrying soccer balls, so maybe it is still adult swim in the pool.

I go into the locker room, getting the nice rush of jock smells, and hear a shower running. Great! Well, it's probably just an old geezer, but it can't hurt to find out. I go to the last row of lockers and strip--fast. I grab my towel and soap and go into the small shower room that leads to the pool. there are only 2 heads, and the one that's occupied has the hottest man under it.

I just get a quick glimpse of his body, about 5' 11" 175-185 pounds of nice firm muscle, great dusting of dark hair on his meaty pecs, big arms, flat stomach, nice hairy legs. He has a crew cut, too. Very exotic, foreign eyes, maybe French? and hot full lips, very sensual. One very handsome fucker. I can't see what his cock or ass looks like, cause he is wearing boxer-style swim trunks.

Just as I turn on my shower, he turns his off. Damn! A hot guy and he's leaving. He steps out of the room, into the main locker area, and starts to dry off. First, though, he takes off his trunks. He pulls em down and I see this sweet round jock ass. Then he turns around and I see this beautiful thick cut cock, that is curving up and then over his nuts. I am soaping up my crotch as I stare at this hot stud.

I soap my cock and continue to soap it as he dries off. I don't care if I'm being obvious, cause this fucker is so fine. I don't sense any interest though. I rinse off and start to soap up again, as he is finish his toweling off. I keep getting great shots of his meaty prick and if he's showing off for me, great, but I doubt it. I rinse off and leave the showers. I start to dry off myself, and spend lots of time on my crotch as I stare at his. He puts on his black boxer briefs and then his jeans, but doesn't zip em up. I am practically full hard and fisting my cock when I see him reach down to adjust his equipment. He does, showing me his black pubes, but then he keeps arranging himself and looking down at his crotch, not at me. He then pulls out his cock and balls and starts to play with them, not really stroking at first, just moving them around.

I am flabbergasted and totally turned on by this display. I keep playing with myself and I see him finally look at my meat. Only when he starts to jack his thick cock do I go close to him. As I reach out to touch his cock, he takes his hand away. His cock is smooth, thick and very hot to the touch.

I kneel down on the cold and dirty tiles, and take him into my mouth. His cock tastes so sweet and clean and keeps getting larger and larger. I reach up and feel his pecs, the kinky black hair making them rough and his nipples are rock hard points between my fingers.

I work my tongue all over the fat cockhead and use my right hand to fist his shaft. He says" You gonna take my cum?" in a low and authoritative voice. I mumble an affirmative, while I move my left hand to his sweet ass, and pull his jeans off his hips. His butt is rock hard but soft at the same time. I move my finger to his hole and tease it. His cock gets even fatter and harder in my mouth, but he's not even fully hard yet.

He pulls out of my mouth, turns around and bends over, showing me his shaved asshole. I dive in and can hear him moan from my tonguing and feel his hole grab at my tongue. All too soon, only after a few licks, he turns around and starts to slap my face with his massive not-full-hard meat. I can feel its heat against my cheek each time he slaps me with it. He tells me to lick his nuts, which are shaved as well. As I lap at his balls, I ask him to please let me have his cum. He tells me to keep working at what I'm doing.

After a bit, my tongue at his balls, my hands all over his muscular body, he feeds me his cock again. This time it is really hard and really thick, I can barely get my mouth around it. I reach up to stroke him as well, but he tells me to take my hand away. He reaches out and grabs my head and slowly pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue is working the underside very fast, and I can feel his cock flex in my mouth. I look up into his eyes during all of this, but they betray nothing. I am rock hard at this point, and a few strokes on my dick will make me shoot. He's pumping my face, and tells me maybe he should fuck that tight ass of mine. I keep sucking and can taste his precum flowing.

He slowly starts to pick up the pace of his thrusting. He says, "After I cum, I'm going to walk away. You ready to cum?" I gurgle a yes, and touch my cock; it shoots all over my abs, the tiled floor, everywhere. I feel his fat cock get even thicker, and the head swell. "You gonna swallow it all?"

Then I hear the door from the pool open. we split apart, I get up and grab my towel and soap and cover myself as I go down the rows of lockers to my one. No way we're gonna be able to finish, so I clean up and dress. I hear him leave the locker room. I finish dressing, pack up, and leave as well. As I am exiting the building, I see a group: A woman, 2 little girls, and him. I never saw a ring on his finger, so I still don't know what the story is, but they packed the girls in the back seat of the Volvo, he got in the passenger side, and the woman drove them away. Needless to say, I'm going back next week...maybe HE'LL be able to get off.

I can still smell him on my fingers. Probably will have to go jack off again, too.

6.5x5c, hairy bull nuts...not horse hung, but appreciate those who are. The grade A size nuts really do me well.
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Originally Posted by Notthe7 View Post
I just moved into a new apartment and they have an excellent gym.

I was running on the treadmill today watching CNN [as i usually do when I work out] when this real cutie came in to do weights. The machine i was on is positioned near the end of the gym, facing the pools etc.

Pretty much my ass was facing him.

I hadn't at all noticed him [too busy focusing on busting ass and the news] when all of a sudden next to me I hear, 'Fucking Edwards, he's a real puss.' I was a little thrown off and I started laughing... 'Typical Texan Republican I see...'

To which he replied... 'You're just mad because it's proven we're better in bed.'

I muttered prove it... but when you're running a mutter is more of a spattered sigh.

He laughed really hard and went back to lifting his weights.

That's ALL.

I wouldn't mind cruising a locker room.... but apprently all the men are gay at gyms. lmfao.
LOL! This sounds to be the long and short of it. :p
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