Very Long dick, very long vid...

YouJizz.com - Tight MILF gets fucked by this enormous black cock starts a bit lame, but ends in a variety of great positions, that gal can really take a few inches....

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Very Long dick, very long vid...

YouJizz.com - Tight MILF gets fucked by this enormous black cock

starts a bit lame, but ends in a variety of great positions, that gal can really take a few inches....
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Wow, that is about the longest legit black cock I have seen in a video. Is it Mandingo? I'm not up on who is who. Where did you get the video? Anyone got a guess on length? 10.5?
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D_Gunther Snotpole
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I think it is Mandingo ... with his signature ... a-a-a-abs.
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Yes, it is Mandingo. Regarding his size, I think a proper measurement would indicate that he is about 9.5 inches.
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Monster cock...she can't even appreciate the size
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I think hes more like 10-10.5 dudes a freak of nature, what i wouldnt do to be in that shower with them, only thing is she only takes about half of it, he needs a dude to fuck so he can go nuts deep and id love to see him do it
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D_Adoniah Sheervolume
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i volunteer. monster, you can watch. :)
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Ooh I'd like to see that too!

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Hung Huge 11x7
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(w)holy crap!.. where would you put that!
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Quote WiKi

"He is known for his large penis which is about 30cm (12 in) in length, and reputed to be over 16.5 cm (6 ½ in) in girth when fully erect"

Proud to be a BIG Asian.
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Wow, that is not a human cock. Fucking hot. Love it.
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Mandingo has claim of 14" but I've also read that he's more of 11"

"Nobody is Perfect, that's why I'm a Nobody"
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I think that scene is pretty good. At least she is capable of grinning with that thing inside her. There are way too many scenes with Mandingo where the girl just looks like she rather be doing something else through the entire thing..
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Old 11-08-2007   #14 (permalink)
D_Adoniah Sheervolume
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i'm not a porn expert, but nonetheless do NOT think this guy is mandingo. and while impressive, i don't think this guy is much over 9.5. not that it *needs* to be--whew! he does seem like a fine lover though.
Old 11-08-2007   #15 (permalink)

impressive size all right. just wondering how come, at least in the porn, these guys with huge cocks can't get it or keep hard, it keeps slipping out. if I get hard it stays hard until I cum, unless some distraction occurs(like the husband walks in, ha ha). are their dick so big they can't keep an erection??? I am nowhere close to that guys size. I'm 7.25" x 6.25" and don't fall out.

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