Ken Clark in "South Pacific"

I never saw the film South Pacific until last night and was amazed at the bulge shown by an actor named Ken Clark, who played a character named "Stew Pot". He is was a tall,

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Ken Clark in "South Pacific"

I never saw the film South Pacific until last night and was amazed at the bulge shown by an actor named Ken Clark, who played a character named "Stew Pot". He is was a tall, muscular guy, bare chested in most of the film, wearing tight Navy bell bottoms which leave nothing to the imagination. How did it get past the censors? This is not a mere frame or two, but repeated shots of him, over and over, and throughout the film. Later in the film he is lifting weights in what looks like a red Speedo (more bulge), and by the end of the movie he appears in a Thanksgiving pageant clad only in a bunch of grapes and grape leaves!!!
I thought it was a lot of beefcake and bulge for a film from the late 1940's, a Rogers and Hammerstein musical.
Never heard of the actor before. Does anyone know what other films he has appeared in and if there are any nudes of the guy?
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the director josh logan, had a well known penchant for beefcake. even in his stage productions.

see his films, picnic, tall story, ensign pulver and more
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Ken Clark (I)

has a list of his films and tv work.
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The film version of South Pacific came out in 1958, not the late 40s, but it was still a time when you didn't normally see obvious bulges in the movies.
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If you want to see a film in which Ken Clark was at his sexiest rent "Attack of the Giant Leeches" it's a godawful film real low budget but Ken plays a Sheriff and has several extended scenes in a bathing suit or with his uniform shirt undone. What a hunk of beef!
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I am SO glad that somebody else has noticed this super hunk!! Every time I watch South Pacific, I always notice him during the song "There Is Nothing Like a Dame." The bulge in his tight, white sailor pants is unbelievable! Every time he takes a forward, he reveals the size and shape of what must be an incredible piece of man-meat! And those big biceps!!

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my mouth!
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We were just watching SP on tv the other night; my hubby had never noticed Ken's amazing bulge before, even though he's seen the film countless times.

When "Nothing Like A Dame" began, I told him to pay special attention to Stewpot's crotch...and right near the end of the song, YOW!


Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's slobbered over this hunk.
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I remember the first time I viewed "South Pacific" the huge bulge in StewPots pants! Huge and just seemed to get bigger each time he came on the scene. What a hunk! Wonder what has become of him?
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I quite agree - I'm told I look quite like him!!!!
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Here's a pic of Ken that you might like.
He's hiding it but we know whats there!
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clark, ken, south pacific

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