shaving the dick

How many of you guys shave your dick area completely ? and how often ?

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shaving the dick

How many of you guys shave your dick area completely ? and how often ?
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Love the feel of smooth balls, I shave every day in the shower and sometimes use electric shaver, looks cleaner neater and feels awesome, Hipster.
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I love shaving Mr. Ed! We do it usually every couple of days.
I love the way a clean shaven cock, and balls looks, with his assortment of genital piercings,it's very hot!
It depends on, how much he wants a blowjob!
He wants head,he shaves,no problem!

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Hung Huge 11x7
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I shave some of my genital area, but trim the rest so it doesn't look like a forest.
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I shave balls and all around the base of my cock. Looks good, feels good, and makes the flaccid state look even longer.
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i love having a clean shaved cock. much as i love sucking a clean shaved cock
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Every couple of weeks or so, I trim my pubes with scissors and shave the base area of my penis and CAREFULLY shave my testicles. To me, it looks and feels better & cleaner that way.
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every other day with a good mach razor

No random friend request please...
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Originally Posted by tallbig View Post
How many of you guys shave your dick area completely ? and how often ?

Shave base of my dick and my balls but only trim the public area itself. That tends to itch too much and get ingrown hairs, but it looks great the way I keep it and I've had compliments.
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I know this will probably make some guys wince, but I actually tweeze any hairs along my penis. It really doesn't hurt as much as you'd think, especially if I'm hard and the skin is taut. It takes longer than shaving, but the results are a smooth shaft for several weeks, and the hairs grow back finer, so there's no worry about them getting ingrown. Having tweezed my eyebrows myself for years, I've got doing it quickly and painlessly down to a science. OK, here come the "ouch" replies, but I swear, it really isn't bad at all.
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Shave between the legs and the cock and balls - Usually do it when I shave my beard in the shower - with maybe a couple of days off during the week. Then, will tweeze any that I miss. Pubic hair is only trimmed with a beard trimmer.
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cock and balls, somtimes if i feel tired of the pelvic welcome mat I get rid of that too

P.s. we got dicks like jesus.

height 6'3'' weight 145lbs
Soft: 17cm Hard: 24x16cm
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Shave the base and balls, trim all else
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Shave daily or every other day. easier if regular.
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Shave it when I can, mostly every week, but would better do it every couple of days instead
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dick, shaving

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