Underwear for big balls...

I know this topic has probably been discussed around guys with big cocks many times but I wondered if there are any guys who can help with an underwear problem. I have an okay sized

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Underwear for big balls...

I know this topic has probably been discussed around guys with big cocks many times but I wondered if there are any guys who can help with an underwear problem.

I have an okay sized cock, about 4" soft but also have very big balls and a very big sac which means my balls hang very low. I've never stretched or played with my sac it's just always been that way - ever since high school (as I remember being teased).

I'm proud of what I've got and do like the attention that my big balls get me however there are times, in particular at work when wearing a suit that I need things to be more restrained.

I usually go commando or wear shorts as they allow my balls to hang comfortably, however what usually happens is they both go down one side and if I have tighter trousers on it's very obvious.

I've tried various makes of briefs and tighter fitting shorts however the 'pouch' tends to be too small and everything ends up very compressed - as a result I've noticed that this is when I also end up with a rash in the groin area, jock itch and have to use cream to get rid of this.

I'd appreciate any recommendations from guys of a specific make of underwear that looks okay and also is more accommodating - especially if I can get this either in the UK or through mail order.

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Dude very nice big and suckable nuts you are sporting!!
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Hi Andy,

I wondered at first if you were a guy I went to school with, but then remembered his name was Ken. He had the biggest set of balls I've ever set eyes on in my life. They looked like a couple of oranges, with his dick just laying on the top of them. You say you were teased: we used to laugh at and tease him in the showers. The enormous bulge was only too obvious even when he was fully dressed. Funny then, but how he coped later on I never knew. But I'm sure he would understand your problem ...
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I Love Those Big Nads!
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Unico and Ergowear work very well for me. I used to have troubles catching my balls on the inseam of my pants/jean when I sat down and wrack myself. These underwear have the support and the size to help avoid this from happening. There are other brands of underwear that offer the size and support, but these generally fit me very well and are good quality. I've been wearing both brands plus a couple N2N styles for over three years and am very happy with them.

I hope this is helpful.
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Hi for all you guys that have this issue check out these *** BallBra - Pouch - Comfy Underwear that Fits! I can have the pouch sowen to measure for your sack size they are designed to only hold your balls and have your cock hanging free see pic attached.
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Skiviez make their own pouch briefs with variable size pouches - order the size you want (I've ordered a pair & will let you know how they feel):

Skiviez | The Men's Underwear Authority | Home
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hey bud - my nuts are same size or bigger and when commando or boxers won't do i wear 2xist - great pouch on them - and give you a great basket if you are into that look
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Buddy, the low-rise regular c-2 (or cn-2) is a great pair for that too.

The OLD 2xist were the best. Big pouch.

Separately, COLT made an oversized pouch set of underwear that was pretty hot and honestly maybe too big for you. Dunno.
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Not sure where to post this but thought interesting video!
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how about wearing NOTHING.....i do.

Think of all the guys that are cumming right now in the world.
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Originally Posted by justine View Post
Not sure where to post this but thought interesting video!
Holy shit! My jaw dropped when that baseball came out of that machine! That's too damn risky!
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I, too, have very big, low hanging balls and a big soft cock. My solution has been to buy underwear several sizes larger than your waist size and have them tailored. It is very comfortable.
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would love to have that problem. I might have a big cock but would love those balls. I know, we're never satisfied.
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