Using condoms with an uncut cock

Question. If you have your foreskin, when you go to put a rubber on, do you just roll it on, or do you pull the foreskin back first? I'd think that pulling the foreskin back

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Using condoms with an uncut cock

Question. If you have your foreskin, when you go to put a rubber on, do you just roll it on, or do you pull the foreskin back first?

I'd think that pulling the foreskin back first would be the way to do it, but since I'm cut and am restoring, I guess I wouldn't know for sure.

How does it go?

6" long, 5-1/4" around, currently in the process of restoring my foreskin. I'm a CI-5 on the 1-10 foreskin coverage index chart.
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D_Merringtonne Meathead

I always pull it back first.
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You should pull it back. I think the instructions even say so...

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Pull it back. It will slide back on the in stroke and of course roll toward the tip of your penis when you are on the pull out stroke. Much fun.

It also helps to place at least a drop of lube inside the condom tip before you place the condom on your penis.
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When I am HARD my foreskin always is back and head looks like a great semiball. I think u should pull it back.
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When I'm hard my foreskin is taught on the shaft of my penis. You would think I was cut if you saw it hard so I didn't hvw to pull my foreskin back.
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I slide the skin back behind my head. Love the way a condom feels when i am penetrating. Never thought of putting one on with the skin over the head.
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My foreskin naturally stays behind the head when hard after pulling back so the condom slips on after this. Not sure it would work to well if your foreskin was still over your head.
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if you don't pull it back, it does it after a couple of minutes and it stays that way. but it's better if you pull it back
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I always pull it forward but I have a very very long foreskin so I'm sure it won't apply in your situation. Anyway once I have put the condom on and then roll it down, the foreskin gets mostly stretched back to a nice medium position (I am not into pulling too much because it's too painful and anyway if I dont do this its too brittle and in my experience the condom might break if I dont have the benefit of the natural lubricating effect of the foreskin)

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Slide your foreskin back if it's not already back...then roll on the condom. Same if you're cut, but have some "slidey" skin still on your shaft when you're erect. (I'd think it would be nigh impossible to roll on a condom without it sliding your foreskin back...)
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