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Originally Posted by gcbenji0 dont ask your roomate "hey do you wanna jack off?" instead...ask "hey do you wanna jack off each other "

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Originally Posted by gcbenji0 View Post
dont ask your roomate "hey do you wanna jack off?"
instead...ask "hey do you wanna jack off each other"
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D_Lawsonne Lackingnuts

I only went to college for a year, and I had some difficulties with masturbation at first. My roommate and I had pretty similar schedules and I felt that it would be rude to masturbate without addressing it first. I went the whole first two weeks without wanking it. I discovered his porn stash coming back from the showers one night and made a joke about it being his "jerk-off material" and he laughed and said he had hoped I would be gone from the room longer so he could get off. That broke the ice and he and I decided to just have an open policy.

We ended up really bonding and he became one of my best friends. I would walk in on him jerking off. He'd just say, "hey" and continue doing it. Same here for me. We would walk around nude when we wanted. I eventually started sleeping nude, though he still slept in his underwear. He was straight, but I got him to do a little "experimenting" with me, haha.

Seriously, if you and your roommate are open and what not, you could have a great experience. He's seriously one of the best guys I've met. I hope you have the same amount of luck.
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Was in the army here and shared a room with 3 other guys. I was on a top bunk and used to jack off most nights to go to sleep. Never heard any complaints or comments about it. Just stroked real slow, but when precuming a lot it was hard to keep from making the swishing sound. Just came in my shorts and showered in the mornings. Always slept great and still do after a good wank.
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Jacking in the Dorm Room. Great memories. During my brief college years I was open and honest. My room mates also enjoyed the opportunity to jack it and we all grew to appreciate our needs to achieve a release. Never jerked each other off, but we all knew we needed to jack it and it never was a problem once we all realized that it was a normal event in each of our lives. Which is as it should be.

Great topic and I wish you well in College.
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Originally Posted by ryanishung View Post
We ended up really bonding and he became one of my best friends. I would walk in on him jerking off. He'd just say, "hey" and continue doing it. Same here for me. We would walk around nude when we wanted. I eventually started sleeping nude, though he still slept in his underwear. He was straight, but I got him to do a little "experimenting" with me, haha.
Ryan, if you were my roommate and I walked in on you I'd offer to give you a hand ;)
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I jack off in my room when my roommate is gone
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Well, I'm currently in my dorm and I beat off when I know my roommate is in class or I know he would be gone for a while. This is my third roommate. My first one was bi so I didn't want to give him any ideas, my second one is still a really close friend and we watched porn and stuff like that together but he was very reserved. He use to say, "I'm sorry but I have to look at some ass". I always thought it was funny. My roommate now is cool but nudity and jacking was something that was discussed just by the way he acts I think he would be uncomfortable. I say once you get to school you'll find out what type of person your roommate is and you can be the judge.
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just wait till he goes to class and lock the door...i used to watch my roommate leave the building through my window before i whipped it out....the shower is always a good option, unless you have to share it with a number of people at once
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Originally Posted by frgman View Post
In college again working on another major.
The first time I had a private room most of the time.
One time me and my girl was having sex, my roomate walked in, turned on the tv and pretended we were not there. So we pretended he was not either, LOL (Probably should have saved this for another post, but I just remembered and now I'm horny as hell, so thanks)

I walked in on my roommate having sex once. It was awkward. His girlfriend would not stop apologizing the next morning (I had went to a friend house to stay the night). In the end we talked about and it actually broke the ice because I don't think anything could be more embarrassing. We laugh about it now. He now admits that it was kinda funny.
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Originally Posted by p5ycho5partan View Post
For college guys:

do you still jack off while your in a dorm? Do you jack of with your room mates? Just wondering how that works, because I jack off alot now and I'm not used to sharing a room with some one...

I'll be going to WSU this Fall...
Great question. It probably depends on your personality, but most guys I know straight or gay like it when you are direct and upfront.

I was shy about this (since I'm gay) but shared a studio apt in grad school with a straight guy who since became my life-long friend. He had the biggest dick I've ever seen, and was always naked the first summer when our a/c broke down. He liked it when I told him I was gay, since it gave him the chance to say he wasn't--and we both beat off happily, but separately after that. There is nothing like honesty to turn ordinary guys into life long friends--which is the best thing of all, straight or gay.

this avatar is not my ass.
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I posted this in an earlier thread from a few months ago...

If you've always had your own room or a lot of privacy, then sharing close quarters with a stranger may require a little adjusting on your part-- and maybe his, too.

Nowadays, with surveillance cameras and security monitors everywhere, I would never masturbate out in the open-- no bathrooms, no showers, no study rooms or walk-in closets. Even in your dorm room, approach your "private routine" as if there's a hidden camera somewhere. Kind of creepy I know, but you're better safe than sorry.

A lot of guys have a "masturbation routine" that require props: towels, oil, porn, etc. Get rid of that stuff for now. Learn how to cum with less. And when you climax, if you're a moaner, a leg shaker, or a body spasm-er, then STOP all that nonsense, too.

Learn how to masturbate in your bed, under the sheets with as little noise, movement and props as possible. It may not be as much fun, but its better than your roommate and his gf walking in on you while you're playing hand-jive with all the bells and whistles. You can never live down an awkward moment like that, and you'll get a 4-year nickname to go along with it, too.

As a young man, here are 2 life lessons for you to learn. They apply to just about everything and everyone:
#1: People will always find time to do the things they really want to do; #2: If there is a will, there's a way. And when it comes to guys and masturbation, those 2 lessons fall rignt in place.

Good luck on campus, and happy squirts!

"Let's be real here: What guy doesn't want to have the biggest dick in the room?" --Scott Poulson-Bryant, "Hung"
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It is akward! You WILL get a nickname if you get caught. In our dorm we had two rooms sharing a common bathroom. One day my roommate got up early to piss and one of our suitemates got caught totally naked in full stroke jacking off to a porn mag. He was a nice guy though - very popular - EVERYBODY wanted to invite "Spermy Sammy" to their next party ALL through college...
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The real theme here is honesty. I'd say there's a 100% chance that your roommate jacks off too, and the most important thing is that you're both able to do it when you want to.

Has it occurred to you that you could approach it by giving your roommate the latitude he needs? I recall when I was in college, I was craving some strokin time, and finally figured how to get it when I said to my roommate, "you know what, I'll stay out an extra hour tomorrow afternoon. I know it's hard to get real down time."

From then on we started switching off, which meant that we each got a solid hour a day in the room alone, which, at 18, was enough time for 3 wads.

Good luck in school
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D_Biff Wellington

dude do not even breach the topic of JO with your roommate. the chances are that he'll just freak the fuck out and call you out in front of anyone he knows so i wouldn't recommend it.

seriously, its a private matter and treat it as a private issue. i'm sure your roomie will appreciate it if he doesn't have to know that he has to take a hike so you can jack off.
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I'm around other pro jocks all day. Guys are now open about this and circle jerks are common with frat guys and jocks.
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