too tight?

I feel like my gfs pussy is rejecting my penis....its too small (the pussy). Shes plenty wet, any thoughts?

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too tight?

I feel like my gfs pussy is rejecting my penis....its too small (the pussy). Shes plenty wet, any thoughts?

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ok-What are your measurements, width, length?
What position do you find you are having trouble with?
Perhaps you should try this...my husband & I still had sex right up until the night before our baby was born, BUT we had to ensure he didn't go too deep, so I put a BIG cushion under my butt, really raising me up and he knelt. It gave him more control over depth.
My husband is very well endowed and I find it a bit difficult to straddle him as his penis bangs into my cervix, which I'm told is the female equivalent to guys being whacked in the balls. So you can appreciate that it hurts when it should feel wonderful!
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B_Mademoiselle Rouge

Read this post for a complete list of things to try if she is too tight for your girth. As for length, Eissua had some wonderful things i will try when im having a shallow night.


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It was very much the same for us at first. I worried, cos even with lube my tightness hurt him, though the chafing pain we both had was certainly contributed to by the frequency of the activity.
Still, depth still causes some very occasional instances of very very diluted blood spotting, though that too is well worth it.
Now, while certainly still tight, there's not the skin chafing as frequently. He was never worried I was rejecting his penis, but I was sure worried it would continue to hurt and such lovely activity would be curtailed!! Lordy I am walking on sunshine that didnt happen!
Time, patience, lots of love and enjoyment of every aspect of lovemaking has brought us to far greater satisfaction than I ever imagined.
Good luck,
BedheadRed and eissua have given excellent tips.

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i would never complain about a pussy being too tight, stretch that fucker out dude
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WTF does 'too tight' mean??? If you mean it hurts her to get fucked by you, then you are either an alien freak or aren't taking the time to open her up.

It's not that different with guys. On the opposite side of the argument, there isn't anything more off putting than sticking your dick in a sloppy hole. Like banging your dick around the inside of a garbage can.

Use the suggestions in the post above and I bet you two will be banging her newly accommodating hole in no time.

...and if it's not too impolite, ask her if she minds getting pictures of the big day posted here!

"And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun."
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"Just fuck me."

"If it ain't spit, it ain't love"
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Sorry guys and girls. No pics.
It wasn't hurting her, she was and always is dripping wet, the problem was my dick kept popping out and was a pain in the ass to get back in, and I was losing the erection because I couldn't keep it in her, kept stopping to get it back in. It may have had something to do with her relaxing or it could be stretching out over time or maybe shes better at controlling her body. Its still not easy to get in but it seems to stay put now. I've never had this problem with other women. Most of the few (<15?) women I have been with have given me this 'holy shit. i didn't know where it was going to fit' line afterwards. I'm 7.5 long, 5.75 around.

BTW, women do you like giving head to big dicks or are you apprehensive to fuck one? Over the years I seem to get a lot more head than sex, at least according to my buddies.
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BTW bedheadred, you are soooo fucking hot. I've got a crush on you. You are smoking hot in those cute little getups....not to mention sucking your husbands big cock.
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Lots of lube + tons of foreplay + lots of time = enjoyment for both

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