We've all heard about Black guys crotches packing a decent meat hamper, what about Arab guys (AG)? Some of my girl friends have been had sex with them and they claim that invariably they are

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We've all heard about Black guys crotches packing a decent meat hamper, what about Arab guys (AG)?

Some of my girl friends have been had sex with them and they claim that invariably they are large. Is this true?

Also they refuse to eat pussy but are happy for us girls to suck their dongles.
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B_henry miller

The issue of penis size and ethnicity/race is something that comes up constantly on this forum. It seems that there is a consensus: there are large and small penises in every ethnicity/race.

It is likely that these women only had sexual relations with a few Arab men, and so they have generalized these experiences to the entire race.

There's also the correlation between penis size and alleged intelligence. I read a book called "The Male Body" that says that people assume that if you have a big penis then you are only sexual and can't be intelligent. It said that this is one reason that black men get upset about the stereotype that they have large penises: because it suggests that black men are only sexual beings and can't be intelligent.

Okay. Sorry. Don't mean to go off on a rant there. Just sharing. :)

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i wanna see a arab guys cock too :)
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I got an egyptian mate and was talking to his ex. The issue of size came up. She said he was big (something he constantly talks about). One thing lead to another, needless to say a webcam was involved. and apparently the asian triumphed over the arab lol
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Account Disabled

And remember there is a sampling problem: Guys with big ones may be more confidant and more promiscuous.

Guys with smaller ones may tend to be in more monogamous relationships where a partner craves more than a big cock.

So there would be more women (and women who talk about such things) who've been with big cocks of all races just because the big cocks get around more than the small cocks.
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I only have experience of one Arab penis, it was average.
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Having been with just one Arab guy in my life (he was from Saudi Arabia) I cant say for sure, but he was massive easily close to 8" when hard, maybe 6 when flaccid. Of course you cant generalize based on just 1 guy.

An interesting side note: The smallest guy I have ever been with was black! He was one of 3 I have been with, the other two were above average (actually one as quite massive).

Unashamed, Unabashed Size Queen
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my gf's say they are on small side, which is fine and only reason topic came up is that they are very demanding, oddly so, in bed and not real good with two way foreplay, like it for them... guess that is why brought up - "the way many act you would think they were blessed with the African gene mix versus the Asian mix which they got"
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OK, can everyone please pay attention?

-- "Race" is almost entirely a fictional concept; we are much more genetically similar to each other than different, and superficial characteristics are just the result of normal inheritance from our parents.
-- There is a very limited correlation between ethic groups and physical characteristics, including penis size. However, these are on the order of 0.05 to 0.3 inches approximately. Hardly enough to say one group is bigger than another.
-- Personal experience is meaningless in relation to any discussion of group characteristics.



Not me baby, I'm too precious, fuck off!
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Email Unconfirmed

A Wisconsin friend of mine explained to me that a man is either Superman or the Hulk in his pants. Superman is 'super' all the time, but the Hulk changes from a normal man into a giant.

Well all Arabs, true Arabs, are Superman down there...LOL! And, as Louche said, they are selfish lovers who have sex only to satisfy themselves.
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Pleased Lovers - Secret Arabic Jelqing
If there are more bigger ones it is because the "jelq" penis enlargement technique was invented by them.
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D_Gunther Snotpole
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Rachid fo' evuh.
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Only seen in person one Arab dick...and it was fucking massive! He was showing it off to his gay friends (he said he was straight). The turn-off, though, was that it had a few hairs actually growing near the end of it which made it look a dog penis when he peed (yes, we watched him urinating later).

"And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun."
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"Just fuck me."

"If it ain't spit, it ain't love"
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well i am an arab guy, so what do you think ? big, average or small ?
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Originally Posted by LeCaire View Post
well i am an arab guy, so what do you think ? big, average or small ?

Looks good to me. I'd say above average. Have you ever Jelqed. Is it really a common pratice in the Arab world as it is made to seem here on these boards?
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arab, big, penis, size, small

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