Do bodybuilders have small dicks?

Originally Posted by meatpackingbubba Yes, small penis and small testes. A driving factor in motivating extreme body building to over compensate. I suppose also for bodybuilders dicks come in all shapes and sizes.

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View Poll Results: bb have small dicks?
True 45 30.82%
False 12 8.22%
Being a BB is not relevent with dick size 61 41.78%
I dont give a fuck 28 19.18%
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Originally Posted by meatpackingbubba View Post
Yes, small penis and small testes. A driving factor in motivating extreme body building to over compensate.
I suppose also for bodybuilders dicks come in all shapes and sizes.
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LGX, yur example is on point. The cock of most bodybuilders would be average, but relative to their body size, which is larger than the avg guy, would look small. And then their are those who try to compensate for their small manhood, by bulking up on the outside, basically what meatpackbubba said.
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Originally Posted by PinkSteel View Post
I know you can find all sizes of cocks with body builders, but isn't it true that there tends to be more body builders who have small penises and are trying to make up for it in other ways?
(Similar to the "hot car/small dick" thing the girls talk about)
Isn't it true that some people say stupid shite? Isn't also true that some people actually believe the stupid shite they hear? Look at the Tea Party for example.
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im a bodybuilder and i have a big cock so no i dont think so or at least no more or less than average
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Originally Posted by craiggers92 View Post
im a bodybuilder and i have a big cock so no i dont think so or at least no more or less than average
can we get sum hot pics of ya?
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Yep! It is a normal psycological act like big cars, expensive toys etc...

People who have big cocks don't need to do more to attract pussies. Also, too busy fucking to go to gym anyway.

In my life, I have never met a guy who has a better body build with a bigger cock than me. Sorry, my experiences are telling me this.

Originally Posted by THEDUDER View Post
yes. their entire life is spent trying to get people to not look at their cocks.

I am big among these Asian pussies

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I guess I'm trying to compensate then. LOL

As a competitive bb'er, when you get onstage (if you do it right) you are extremely dehydrated. Your body is 70 percent water, and you deliberately manipulate your natural homeostasis to a point that it is unhealthy and possibly deadly depending on the extremes one goes through.

My dick shrivels up so bad, my wife has even said during sex the just after the show (same night) that my dick felt much smaller. It takes a couple days to replace all the fluid lost.

Keep in mind that alot of the guys you see in magazines are extremely large muscle wise. It is not uncommon for someone 5 feet 9 inches tall to weight between 250-270 pure muscle. Considering the dick doesn't grow then it may look unproportionate to the rest of their body.

Dammit, all these stereo types made me tie a 5 pound dumbell to my dick.............LOL
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Juice doesn't make your Dick shrink- I still have have a big cock.
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Not sure how tall though.
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women body builders who take steroids end up with huge clits. women have all the luck! i've eaten a lot of pussy, but i've never sucked a big clit. i sure would like to.
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There is zero truth to this. This is another myth perpetrated by a bunch of uneducated individuals pushing their own agendas.

The problem is created by an illusion based on proportion. If a bodybuilder has 32 inch quads this will make an 8 inch erection look quite small. Again, the problem is not that the penis is so much smaller, but that the quads, glutes, and other surrounding muscle structures are large enough to make something that is average or above appear to be small.

When it comes to usage of steroids the "shrinking dick" is another myth. In order to shrink a penis in fact one would have to remove cell structure. This is just as true as it would be that in order to grow one you would have to have cellular division and multiplication.

Nope! No shrinking penis here.......

Testicular atrophy does happen, but, again a good to average size set of balls will look microscopic when placed between two 31 inch thighs. When testosterone is taken in high dosages testicular atrophy takes place. This means a small amount of shrinkage happens when the testicles no longer have to work hard to produce the hormone. This is compensated for by cycles of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Men receiving male HRT have the same thing if they have a smart MD. The idea is to make certain that one does not allow testosterone production to be shut down completely.

Mainly myths here and again some individuals who really need to get out and read a great deal more.
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D_Oswaldo Whiteheade
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Well said FuzzyKen. I know a guy that competes in the superheavy weight class and is hung very big. He about 6' 2", 310 in the off season and hits the stage at around 270 lbs. Not sure how large his penis is but the bulge is very obvious in his posing trunks. He's worried it'll pop out one day...maybe that will work in his favor with the judges LOL

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