A guy with two dicks- is it possible?

YouJizz.com - Babe gets fucked by dude with two dicks! do u guys reckon its real?

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A guy with two dicks- is it possible?

YouJizz.com - Babe gets fucked by dude with two dicks!

do u guys reckon its real?
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Crazy man!
I'd get even less work done if I had 2!
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Um...ok then.
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I'm surprised he'd have enough blood flow left to keep his brain from crashing :)
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the bottom one is strapped on, i think, how is this possible?
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Originally Posted by Pecker View Post
thank god for acetone
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their was this case once, with this guy with 3or4 legs
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are their any animals with more than one penis?
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Have seen it in cartoon drawings.......... it's fake, no doubt there, original maybe. Pretty kinky stuff and oddly a little bit of a turn on in some way, mmmmmm, spose it is a way to have one circumcised and one not!

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The guy may have a prosthetic penis masterfully attached with stage makeup. However, there are two guys (no pun) who appeared in the New York-based Wet Brothers early 1980's videos (not film but video porn) who did and still do have double penises arranged one over the other exactly like the guy in the clip -- though not as large. The medical texts showing men born with two penises (which actually does occur) notes that all medically documented cases have also had two complete urinary tracts and siamese twin-like prostate glands. Therefore, these guys usually have to pee twice, not at the same time but first from one bladder-urethra duct tract followed by a second time to void the second bladder-urethra duct urinary tract. Also, despite usually sharing the same single set of testicles, double-dicked men have separate orgasms -- rarely or possibly never have they been documented as being able to climax simultaneously from both dicks. Not a bad gig, being able to quickly cum a second time.

Regardless, a male child born with two penises is not as rare as we might believe, i.e. "rarer than hens teeth." These abnormalities actually exist.

I consulted my urologist about this anomaly after our weekly Wednesday afternoon tennis game. He pulled out his big "Every Thing About Penises Book" (at least that's what I like to call it) and we flipped through the color photograph prints. There is a lot stranger stuff in that medical reference text than the examples of men with two penises. A few of the less disturbing photos were of men who could easily tie their flacid dicks into loose knots. Untied, the same men had penises that hung well below their knees to about mid calf. The reference book includes old photos of poor guys who were burdened with penises so outrageously wide and long they could not possibly wear the most loose-fitting trousers. The examples were of guys who appeared to be from India or South East Asia.

As for the blood loss issue, I asked once again if it was true that men with extra large equipment actually fainted from blood loss in the rest of the body when they achieved erections. He just laughed and asked, "Where do you come up with these ideas?" He explained that "loss of blood" was not a problem because men with large equipment rarely can achieve or sustain a seriously hard stiffy. However, men do faint for other reasons when they get an erection and they don't have to be guys with giant dicks. I tend to trust his opinion and advice. He's abnormally hung, himself, and has seen and treated more than his fair share of large dicked men in Bueons Aires. From personal experience, I have to agree with him on not being able to maintain a constant hardon. I've rarely been able to keep it up without the help of cock rings to restrict the blood flow to my tool.

But double dicks are a reality. And those men who are blessed/cursed with them are lucky if the two penises are even approximately the same size.

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very informative midlife
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i sw this vid before and i still dont beleive itss true idk for some reason i just dont buy it lol btw someone give him a Mach 3 Razor lol

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I think that a guy having two penises is so lame when you think that it would be so much better to have 3 penises.
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On topic, that particular video is fake, it merely plays towards people's fantasies of a person having two penises, a branch of fantasy porn.

Regarding the real medical condition known as Diphallia (Di-phallia) it is rarer then midlifebear may lead you to believe, though I must agree it does happen.
However, basically when someone is born with Diphallia there are a whole host of complications associated with the disease, mainly being the second penis is nearly always incapable of an errection - and I direct you to the wikipedia article that summarises it succinctly;

Diphallia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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dicks, guy

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