Justin Berfield (from Malcolm)

any hot pics of Justin Berfield (Reese in Malcolm in the Middle). he's definitely 21 so no one freak out on me.

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Justin Berfield (from Malcolm)

any hot pics of Justin Berfield (Reese in Malcolm in the Middle). he's definitely 21 so no one freak out on me.
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isn't he gay?
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^^^ I believe so, yes.

Maybe not from the sources you have called yours
Maybe not from the directions you are staring at
Twist your head around, it's all around you
All is full of love.
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rumored to be gay. there was a news article about he house that he bought which had a lot of damage and in the article, it mentioned his boyfriend. a few days later though, the original article was retracted and the new one made no mention of the bf.
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It would be so much easier if journalists and "reporters" would just go back to calling them "live-n personal assistance," since weather boyfriend or girlfriend it's obvious that they are assisting them with something personal.

That would put an end to all the beards, lipsticks and wedding arrangers out of business.

I've found that lube, time and the lust of the receiver make almost anything possible.

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I always thought the gay rumors with him were just childish, until I saw him and a guy fellow at the mall. There is no question in my mind based on the body language the answer to that he is gay, and a pretty cool dude.

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B_henry miller

Funny, but at the start of the series I saw him as his character: the epitome of bad boy, juvenile delinquent. But toward the end of the series -- and without any knowledge of any rumors about him -- I had started to think he was gay as well, just "something" about him, his look, a bit of swish perhaps.

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Warning! This is not a test!

I know the title of that link looks suspicious, but I swear it's just a link to a Tumblr post of a very believable nude photo of Justin
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Looks convincing to me - nice. Thanks!
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I thought so too!
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cute :)
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I did a quick google image search to see if I could find a picture where the head could have come from, didn't see anything. And then I compared shirtless pics of him to this and it looks pretty similar...
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Pic is fake. Head is sourced from this pic.
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berfield, justin, malcolm

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