Jerking off in bed

Hey guys, This may sound like a bit of a stupid question, but how do you jerk off in bed and not get cum everywhere? I mean, it would be good at the time when

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Jerking off in bed

Hey guys,

This may sound like a bit of a stupid question, but how do you jerk off in bed and not get cum everywhere? I mean, it would be good at the time when you're really horny but what about the next morning or the next night when you have all this dried cum all over your sheets...

I have played with my cock in bed before but never shot my load for fear of making a mess. I just go to the bathroom to finish myself off.

If anyone has a technique that results in no mess, let us know.
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You can shoot directly onto a towel, into a sock, all over yourself. Just don't cum and roll over or let it run down your side onto the sheets. Clean up as soon as you shoot and you'll be fine.

Bless your little racist hearts.

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Dude staying clean and jerking off in bed is as simple as boiling potatoes! Just put a towel on the bed and lie on that and have another towel ready to clear up the squirt stains! I always use towels and therefore regardless of whether I'm wanking wet or dry it keeps the bedsheets nice and clean! I enjoy wanking wet using spit or lube and that can get messy especially when my precum starts to leak so towels are the way to go dude
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use a rubber???
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I never do the bed either for the same reason man- and I hate soaping up in the shower... I do it in my office chair at home- next to the PC--- more fun that way :) but if the bed was the spot, I'd agree with the others and say use a cumrag to blow your wad into!!!!
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Simple, I have a bath towel underneath me, and a hand towel on me to catch anything, and I finish with a washcloth and Wet Wipe.
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D_Jurgen Klitgaard
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I will do what you do and go to the bathroom to finish up. But if I am camming for someone, I will get up and cum on the floor and let them watch.
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Either use a towel, or shoot on yourself, and then wipe yourself off.
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Keep a towel handy
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..........I recommend all of the above
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I have a pair of shorts i wear to bed, just shoot into them as often as i want
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B_Just Joe

i dont jerk off in bed. simple

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Since I was 12, I grab a pair of underwear out of the laundry basket and wrap them around my dick, stroke away, and then blow my load into them. The right kind of material feels erotic, you don't have friction problems from doing it with your bare hand, and there is no clean up issue.
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It all depends on how much and far it shoots. It's fun to aim for your chest or mouth, or pointing straight up to see how high you can shoot. Of course, some will have to mop the ceiling, from what I've read. About half seem to barely shoot anyway, if x-tube is any indication.
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yes I have done that when do not have that much time and want a quick easy clean up

Originally Posted by SpeedoMike View Post
use a rubber???
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bed, jerking

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