large penis worship?

Having had a lot of sexual stimulation over many years, I am rather surprised that perhaps the most intense sex I have had has been from my favorite cock-worshiper. Familiarity probably tends to enhance this.

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Having had a lot of sexual stimulation over many years, I am rather surprised that perhaps the most intense sex I have had has been from my favorite cock-worshiper. Familiarity probably tends to enhance this. When we have the opportunity he often spends up to or over an hour before I cannot stand it any more. The intensity of orgasm could be related to the length of time being edged. Of course I do help him to some extent, but his greatest pleasure seems to be to give me pleasure.
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Worshipped vs serviced - to me, two separate events.

I would like to have my penis thoroughly serviced - but not worshipped. There is more to me than my cock - so give the rest some attention.

However, that's probably secondary to never having been with a woman who wants to REALLY service me. Perhaps if there were such a woman in my life I might like it. Who knows.

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this site is turning me into a size hound
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I agree with Simba. Worshippers are really into getting themselves off, whereas Servicers are into getting you off. Worshippers see you as a fetish to please them. Servicers see you as a man they want to please. I'll take a Servicer over a Worshipper any day of the week, and the weekend too. :)
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i like hearing nice things about mine. that's why I come here
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D_Ernest Porknine

I have had guys who absolutely worshipped my cock and body but would.much rather have a woman do so. My wife likes my cock and bod but after a few years she just has gotten used to it. I'd love for her to crave it more.
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I used to feel this way too (as a cocksucker who seeks out big cocks), but I don't let it concern me too much anymore. I just don't think it matters with a sex partner (as opposed to a significant other). My feeling now is if a well-hung stud has a problem with me worshiping his size, it's his problem.

Anyway, it's much hotter when the guy feeding me acknowledges his size and encourages me to enjoy it. I like verbal play too and when my throat isn't stuffed full of dick, sharing a thought that is running through my mind... "Your cock is so fuckin fat" before you go down on it again.... nothing better than that. Likewise, hearing a big-dicked stud acknowledge his power over me is hot as hell.

I'd go even further and say, I've realized I wish I had a big cock so I could dominate men with my size... but I don't. And since size is very much equated with power (for me), I'm the one on my knees worshiping the big dick.

(Edit: Also, reading posts above me, I think worshipers actually make the best servicers. As one who had my own glory hole for years, I was very motivated to become skillful at what I did, because I want those big dicked studs coming back for more.)

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I love having my cock worshipped/serviced. I love handjobs for that reason, the right combo of words can get me off right away. I'm not that sensitive, so I usually get off from verbal rather than just physical sensation.A great pair of eyes helps too.

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I can worship or service. Whatever. I just am tired of being alone!
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Originally Posted by losangelestim View Post
cock worship is required for me. it separates the men from the boys.
Mate, next time I am in LA, I am looking you up!
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Originally Posted by Captain Elephant View Post
I have to admit that my wifes enjoys servicing my penis and definitely doesn't worship it. In fact, she told me she doesn't find it very attractive. I really don't care. She likes to give me attention and satisfaction, and what more can you ask?

I find that almost every "wow" response that I've received have come from males, either in the high school locker room or at a nude beach once. They seem to find it physically attractive, while women are more interested in the potential, I think.
That's very encouraging for us "normal endowed ones" and, to me, it seems that all of this porn bullshit they bomb us with every damn day, it's just making us loose touch with the real world...

Thank you
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Yes I enjoy it, I tend to date sizequeens for the reason their main focus is my size. All women comment on its size but it's quite disapointing when a women is like 'Yeah its huge but size doesnt matter to me'. Sizequeens revel in it alot more.

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Nothin better than kickin back and lettin a boy feed for about an hour then givin him his "treat".
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I love to have mine worshipped and I love to show mine off. Finding alike hung guys is really difficult I find!
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Originally Posted by SuckEmBig M4M View Post
Question for you big guys. Do you like to have your large dick worshiped and serviced or is it a turn-off to have a partner who is so focused on your dick? I love to worship and serve, but don't meet many guys who like that. I am searching, but usually come up empty. I'm not unattractive, either.
Just looking for some insight, thanks!

I love to have my dick worshiped and serviced. My only problem is getting STDs from oral sex. I am scared to death of getting HIV/AIDS.
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large, penis, worship

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