ball stretching

i am 18 looking to start ball stretching can someone help me make a stretcher

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ball stretching

i am 18 looking to start ball stretching can someone help me make a stretcher
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Don't think there's too many ball stretchers on this site (to me, that just looks incredibly painful.. =) I just found a link to a decent ball pumping page if you're interested, or you can google it, there are many different places to look. Here's one of them, I think you have to sign up to view the pics though. Good luck!!

Ball Pumping
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Hi Link,

I'm a ball stretcher.

Don't worry the pain subsides & yo gain length.

Stretchers are available in most adult book shops or you can improvise with things you find around the house, shed etc.

think outside the square & go for it!
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Try pumping first, you need to stretch the sack first so your balls have somewhere to drop down into.
PS. wet pumping with warm water speeds things up and is more comfortable and pleasurable.
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are your balls tight or is there some hang to them already? if so you could buy a smaller metal ball collar and start wearing that one. as you slowly stretch, add another collor or move to a bigger one. check out my pics. you should have a lot of success over a few years time.
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my balls do have a natural hang but i live in a small town no adult store to buy stretchers can anyone help me make one that i can wear under my clothes
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I've never tried it, but I think I read something once about using a empty toilet paper roll. Cut it to the desired thickness and squeeze your balls through. I guess this would depend on how big your balls are though. I don't know how comfortable this would be. Good luck.
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i tried it but cant get both balls through anyone else have a better homemade ball stretcher
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I've started stretching,
I went to a DIY store to buy rigns to do it, I ended up buying a pack of replacment plastic curtain rings.
They seem to work well.

Questions for experienced people:

I know that it's probably relative, but how long did it take before you noticed anything?

What was/is your regime.....wear them all the time, or for a period a day etc.?
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I bought a leather stretcher about a year and a half ago. I'd wear it occasionally (although it was a little bit tight at first) but now I'm able to wear it comfortably every night whilst I'm asleep, then stretch by hand in the morning for about 15 minutes using skin cream. It's only since doing this that I've noticed an improved hang, plus I need to move up a size stretcher (from 2" to 3") as there seems to be enough space now!
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Just have a look at my gallery - you wll get some ideas on stretching your sac lower.

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Check out these ball stretchers. They go from 1/2" all the way up to 3".

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there are lots of different solutions to stretching.. and lots of specialty products...
- Sax Leather

Ball Stretchers and Weights

For steel split collars... I highly recommend to look for ones with a gentle RADIUS on the inner edges...
these are very good, and come in a variety of inner diameters for the best fit.



Ball-stretchers & -crushers

Backlash Leather stretchers

Buy Steel Ball Stretcher for ball and testicle stretching at ChastityPlay with styles from 220gm up to 2 kilos, superior German design.

For leather... my favorites... and ones that can be stacked for extra length and weight, are the leather tubes filled with lead shot made by Stormy Leather. They are very comfortable and can be worn all day long... and all night without chafing.


For LOW profile-- something less obvious when out and about... you can get leather parachutes or collars and hang additional weights that will hang on a chain down near your ankles.
Mr. S Leather -- Search results

130 gram Weight - Use for Stretching or with Adult Toys - Ball Weights - Body Jewelry

Black Steel Ball Weights

Cock Ring and Ball Weight Set - Extreme Restraints

Stainless Steel Ball Stretching Weights/Ball Stretcher
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D_Golley Thatsbig

If you are looking for something cheap and comfortable to start with, try using a terry stretch wrist band like tennis players wear on their wrist. You can find them almost everywhere for under $5. Put it on your balls and wrap it with a neoprene wrap like people use to put on sprains.

Cheap and very comfortable. Once you get tired of that and feel like investing in some weight try Fort Troff's steel ball stretchers. They are very comfortable.

ball, stretching

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