Sweatpants / Basketball / Gym Shorts Bulge

I have got to say... I just love seeing a good looking guy wearing sweatpants or those silk basketball shorts. especially if they're freeballing.. even with boxers or breifs you can see some kind of

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Sweatpants / Basketball / Gym Shorts Bulge

I have got to say... I just love seeing a good looking guy wearing sweatpants or those silk basketball shorts. especially if they're freeballing.. even with boxers or breifs you can see some kind of bulge.. big or small. all of them are hot if you ask me. post pictures here of you, someone you took a picture of w/ a bulge, an athlete, or a picture of anyone you found somewhere online.
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Oh yeah, this is one of my favourite combos.

See: http://www.lpsg.org/62941-clothing-c...ml#post1026345

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I have a neighbor who practically lives in sweatpants. Every time I see him, he's wearing them. And showing off a nice bulge now and then. Whenever I wear them, I love to go commando.
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Originally Posted by uptown714 View Post
I just love seeing a good looking guy wearing sweatpants or those silk basketball shorts. especially if they're freeballing...
Uptown: I'm right there with you. Drives me up the wall when I see a hot guy wearing athletic clothes and I can see the outline of his dick. I've spent a small fortune buying mesh shorts and track pants, but I can't help myself. If I like the way they look when I try them on, sold! They feel so good and they look way hot. I need to take an extended lunch hour at SDSU when the warm spring days return and check out the dudes on campus!
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I always appreciate a nice bulge.
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on time at the airport bathrooms, i walked by a stall and since there were no more urinals open some football jock teenager just went in the stall and didnt close the door. he was wearing sweatpants and had his legs spread and was taking a piss. but the sweatpants were all the way down his ass and he was wearing old blue and white striped boxers and GODDAM his ass was P E R F E C T. i cant even describe this kids ass. it was round and muscular and big, i just wished i coud have seen the other side. i took the sink across the room and just looked at him in the mirror. and when he was done you could see him shake his cock and his ass jiggled a little, then when he turned around he didnt completley finish putting it back and pulling up his pants so i cought a small glimpse of his snake when he pulled his pants up over it. and it was perfect too, nice long but very thick and floppy too. ahhhh
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I've always had a thing for guys in sweatpants, especially freeballing, but something underneath will do, too. There's always a bulge of some sort.

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I'm not particularly well hung and I decided to try some sweat pants the other week. I was sporting a nice bulge in my CK trunks as I was walking around the shopping centre. I walked past a women and her husband/boyfriend who was also in sweats. She looked down at my crotch and then at her husbands and looked really disappointed.

Most of the looks at my crotch came from young lads, I assume checking out the competition.

I met a girl-friend who has never seen me in anything but jeans and combats. She kept giving my bulge a quick once over as well.

For someone who has always considered myself below average this was definately a confidence boost lol!

Sweats in general are very popular in the NE of Engalnd so you'll see some good bulges at least a few times a day guarenteed! This keeps me hapy :)
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We're packing our sweats away until November. It will be close to 90 degrees today in San Diego. Summer's almost here! Lots of guys at the 7-11 store across the street this morning in mesh bball shorts and board shorts on their way to the beach. Love those mesh shorts!
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my favorite place to sit on a coffee break: outside the gym.

it's hard when I have to go back to work
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i had a gym class everyday for 5 months in high school, and we all had to wear the same shorts. none of us were really impressed with each other when we saw that we didn't have much underneath our shorts, but one guy always had the biggest bulge in those shorts, and the push from his dick in the front tightened the fabric on the ass, which give everybody a nice view. i remember running laps around the gym, and just staring at his ass the whole time. and then doing jumping jacks i would watch as his bulge went up and down. good high school memories...
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Well the sweats will be out for a good while yet here...you know what British weather is like. They may never get put away lol!
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guys in sweats is the best ever, especially the old skool grey marl type - nice and clingy!!
anyone got any pics?!
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I often wear sweatpants while commando.

I do wear boxer briefs underneath when I leave the house though because my erections are at a 45 degree angle (instead of pointing straight up) and so I've had no hope in hell of hiding one if I got one in a store and didn't have underwear to hold it in place.
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I always look at a man's crotch, yummy

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