Your Homemade Penis Pump

All the suff you need to make a pump can be found here but i dont know how cheep it will end up being as the componintry can be pricy even in its bace unformed

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All the suff you need to make a pump can be found here but i dont know how cheep it will end up being as the componintry can be pricy even in its bace unformed state Clear PVC pipe,Tubing ,Shut off valve,etc... As for the pump well as for that your on your own


You can get a pump here Or just fork out the money and just buy one

Boston pump the advance penis pump technology making penis enlargement products for almost 27 years
Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pumps by VacuTech

The verry chepest pumps can be made from componentry from Home Depot
but these will not be clear tube designs ( although they will be functional)


Hope all that helps.
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When I first started pumping, I realized I was too big for the adult-store cheapo pumps, and too poor for the 'real' ones.

I made mine from a 4x9 lucite candle mold I bought at Michael's Crafts. I drilled a hole (carefully) in the top, and installed a brass 1/4" male hose nipple. At the base I simply wrapped a thin strip of duct tape many times to form a wide lip. I used a Sears Craftsman brass vacuum pump.

Today I have a Monster Tube Jr. I can't say it's "better" because both were comfortable and held vacuum. The Monster works better for me because I can pump cock and balls simultaneously, even though in reality only my balls get bigger that way...I have to pump my cock separately.
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I have a very good electric pump I made about 15 years ago, and I also inherited a very expensive professional one from a friend when he died in the mid 1990's.

Purchase the vinyl tubing from any hardware store and or some of the local home centers. The price varies, but you should be able to get that and the fittings for less than $10.00

One of the best places to look for the electric pump is from a "war-surplus" store or nowdays on Ebay. I purchased a small used 110v laboratory vacuum pump from "war-surplus" that still works great and the price was about $50.00. You'll have to shop on this one.

In the automotive/refrigeration trades you can also look for a small used 110v pump used for air conditioning or refrigeration evacuation. Again take you time and shop the price.

The vacuum gauge is simple and is available at any automotive trades supply. Simply use an enging automotive manifold vacuum gauge. Add a "T" fitting and that is taken care of.

I do NOT in any manner endorse making your own cylinders. Doing it right is more hassle than it is worth. If the tubing wall is not thick enough you run the risk of the tube splitting even under light vacuum as it ages. Take the time and buy the thick wall cylinders from VaccUTech. These are very comfortable and though they are expensive they are worth it.

There is also some value to using several attachments used in the dairy industry it seems. I have not added these devices in line to my equipment as yet, but I am contemplating it.
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teeny weeny

i have a tiny little dick, and i've pumped for years. my job requires me to be on the road a lot, and i use my pump while driving. i want my cock bigger because i cruise all the rest areas, and vista points and other areas where truckers and horny motorists hang out, and hate the embarrassment of whipping out my tiny one. the hard, plastic cylinder was obviously too dangerous to use in the event of an accident, and was a little too visible to passing motorists, so i made my own. i used a curved piece of radiator hose instead of a plastic tube. they come in different diameters. i found a fluid extracting pump at an auto parts store ( it sucks fluid through a tube and deposits it into a small jar that screws onto the end of the pump.) the pump fit the radiator hose, just right, and i secured it with a hose clamp. when i used it, the suction would collapse the hose, so i wrapped the lower half with wire to reinforce the hose and that solved the problem. it works very well. it's soft and smooth and very comfortable to use while driving. i never wear underwear, so i just unzip, lube my cock with some hand cream, attach the pump, and pump away! an additional benefit is that the unreinforced section of the hose still tends to collapse around my cock, and it feels wonderful to rub my pumped up dick against the smooth walls of the hose, rather like a flesh light. it's big and smooth and black, and the curve hangs off the edge of the car seat, so it looks like a big, black cock hanging out of my pants! ( oops! my fetishes are showing! ) i'm sure my pump has confused a number of truckers who look down and see that big, black dick attached to a white boy!
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Here's one I made a few years ago. Very tricky to make, but worked well.
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Guys PLEASE TEach me how to make one coz here in our place we could hardly buy Penis pump please help me to make 1.... email me
joeros06@yahoo.com thnk you very much
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Guys PLEASE TEach me how to make one coz here in our place we could hardly buy Penis pump please help me to make 1.... email me
joeros06@yahoo.com thnk you very much
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Cylinder: An old Nalgene (super sturdy) plastic water bottle

Gauge: My Cheeks

Pump: My mouth/tongue

Let me clarify. I wanted to see if I would like pumpng withough having to invest anythin in it (I'm a poor college student) so I decided in an instant to make one out of things from around the house!

I had some fuel tubing from my model airplane, and I had a flesh light already as a "seal". All that was left was a little ingenuity and a golf tee to plug the end of the tubing while I wasn't sucking on it. Fantastic results, I think, although getting a good seal was a bit tricky at first.

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this sounds like some kind of outtake from a Jack-Ass video.

it gets stuck on steve-o and pontius lights an m-80 on the opposite end to blast it off.

Et in Arcadia Ego
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Why is there so much fear surrounding this? I mean I walked into it with a relatively sound mechanical understanding of the apparatus, and when I put it into practice I only used as much suction as I could without any sort of unexpected discomfort.

As far as a pump getting stuck on you, well, i mad the mistake ONCE during my latest venture of sliding out the tubing that I used to draw/bleed off vacuum pressure and yes it got "stuck" and it was uncomfortable because I did not have complete control of the pressure going on, but let me tell you what I did.

I did not panic. I was uncomfortable, but I realized that all of the spongy engorged tissue around the base of my dick was soft enough to slide a lubed finger under and bleed off the suction with a tickling vibrating flapping "fart" noise, haha.

Based on my limited knowledge and experience, pumping does not necessarily require immense levels of vacuum pressure to be successful. i mean, if you are in any danger of ripping off your testicles or dick, then you are probably using more vacuum pressure than you should.

TL;DR: If you're worried about tearing off your genitals "ur doing it wrong!"
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Cylinder: 1.5"X9" Thick Wall, 1.75" X 9" Flared, 3" X 9" Flared

Where you got it from: Vacutech
What's is it made out of: High Quality Polycarbonate / Lexan
Price: $60-80 each

Gauge - See Pump Description

Where you got it from: LA Pump Distributing
Type: Trigger Style with Gauge
Price: $40

Pump 2: Vacutech VT-9000 Electric (sold)
Type: Electric automatic
Price: $400

I enjoy mine. They work Great, have had permanent gains from them.
You MUST measure correctly to get the right size cylinder.

You CAN make your own pump. See Harbor Freight Tools auto section. Commonly they sell their Metal Brake Bleeder Pump for around $15.00 on sale, and this is the SAME EXACT PUMP that you find in the porn stores for 4X more cost. They even sell a Mity-Vac for around $20 on sale, but its plastic.

Originally Posted by leap247 View Post
I searched through to find a thread but didn't, so here we go!

If you have made a penis pump, list the following:

Where you got it from / What's is it made out of

Where you got it from

Where you got it from

And of course let us know how it works and if you like it.

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How to make your own pump:

Go to a Petstore and go to the fish tank isle and buy a gravel cleaner tube. It comes in different sizes. I bought a 2 inch wide tube that was about 4 feet long. It also comes with it's own end cap so you don't have to worry about finding one some where.

Then head to your local automotive store and buy a pump with gauge. Cost me 30.00. it will come with adapters and a small hose that will connect perfectly to the end cap of of your tube from the pet store.

After you purchase all the materials just cut the tube to whatever size you need. I cut mine to 10 inches and attached the end cap, adapater and hose and you're good to go. You've built yourself a quality pump for less then 40.00. I've been using mine for 2 years.
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homemade, penis, pump

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