best been caught/caught someone else naked story

have you ever caught someone else naked and maybe even doing something embarrassing like masturbating or having sex? and have you been caught yourself?

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best been caught/caught someone else naked story

have you ever caught someone else naked and maybe even doing something embarrassing like masturbating or having sex? and have you been caught yourself?
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while you guys are taking your time to reply... my best friend is totally straight and a complete homophobe, but also the most attractive guy that i've ever met - to me but also to all women. yet he hates showing off his body, even though it's incredibly well-built. our group of friends go skinny dipping upon occasion, nothing sexual, just for the rush of doing something wacky, yet he never participates. So needless to say, no one has ever seen him naked except his parents, as he is still a virgin. That's the background.
We went on this camp with a few friends, all of us just finished with high school, and as usual my friend would go shower really late so no-one would be there, as there were no doors to the showers. i went to the bathroom just after he left, not knowing that he went to shower, and when i stepped into the bathroom he was busy drying his hair so he couldn't see me. but he was completely naked with the most perfect penis and balls you could ever imagine. nothing wrong with him at all. i quickly stepped out coz i didnt wanna embarrass him. but later on in the same camp (we shared the same tent and queen sized matrass), i woke up late one night and opened my eyes and saw my buddy with a torch in his hands directed towards his crotch while stroking his penis with his other hand. i could see his entire erect penis, which was so huge, but continued pretending to be asleep. He looked really nervous masturbating next to me, coz he kept glancing towards me making sure i was asleep. but because of the lighting he couldnt see that my eyes were slightly open. it was so cool, i think i'm probably the first person whose ever seen him naked!
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i've also caught my cousin jacking off but he continued and merely gave the excuse "you do it too", so he wasn't too embarrassed about it
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one time at a party at a lake there was a skinnydipping dare. the guys all went for it but the girls chickened out. Then one finally said, "i'll do it" and stripped in front of everyone and walked into the water. I think all of us got hard and nervous. She was cool as hell with nice tits...stood in waist high water talking with us then she said, "we should get out." I said, "I can't" then she reached down in the water and grabbed my hard-on...i thought I was going to die right on the spot. she looked me right in the eye as she jacked me off...one of my favorite hs memories!
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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I was staying in some temporary housing out of town on a quick job. I sleep naked and tend to wake up very early. I also always need to piss first thing, and have always liked to piss outside, for some weird reason. These were garden apts, and out the back door (kitchen) was just a huge expanse of playing field for some kind of school. Anyway it was only about 6am so I knew of course no one would be out there. Didnt think the rear of the bldg ever had any foot traffic either. So I stepped out fully naked in the misty dawn and took several steps out from the door, held my cock and started pissing. All of a sudden a co-worker, a str8 guy I was friendly with, appeared out of nowhere. I didnt realize but that was a path to where the cars were parked, and for some reason he was up early. Neither of us said anything, but I just stopped pissing and walked back inside. I was really embarassed but glad at least I didnt have any hardon.... He saw me over the next few days of course but never said anything. I just have my suspicions he told other people though.
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last summer (i was 18 and gonna b a senior) i was at a tennis camp w/ a friend of mine, but i also had made lots of friends. at the camp there was a morning session, then we got an hour to rest and then we had an afternoon session. so naturally i went bak to my dorm (we were stayin at a college campus) and started jacking off. i was fully naked and sittin in a chair jackin fast. my floor was the ground floor, and u need a keycard to get into the building. this one friend of mine didnt have his, so he stuck his head thru my open window (the shade was down) and pulled back the shade to see me sitting in a chair jacking off. it was awkward lol. he said "can u let me in" and pulled his head out the window. so, embarrassed, i pulled on sweatpants w/ my boner basically visible still and went to let him in. luckily we talked bout it and everything was fine. he even commented on how big my dick was. a couple days later i was in the shower and i stuck my head out the curtain to grab my towel and i saw him step out w/ his cock hard and he was jacking outside the shower to a playboy! i actually stepped out and started jacking w/ him. we considered it even after that lol
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A work colleague of mine told me of a horrific experience he had when he was about 14. He had been told to go to bed by parents just as they were settling down to watch True Lies. He pretended to go to bed by going to the door behind them, opening it and then closing it but was hiding at the back of the room. He continued to watch the film with his dad in front of him and his mother lying in front of the fire. It got to the part where Jamie strips where he heard a belt being unbuckled and flies being undone.....

His dad was shaking hands with the mayor with him in the room! Horrified and panicking on what to do next he went over to the window, made a loud comment about someone over the road and then fled the room to the sound of the flies going back up and the belt jingling!

He shouldn't have told so many people, every time the film is on TV he gets many taunting messages through

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this just happened yesterday! so cool! my friend slept over at my house and asked if he could take a shower. after showering he put a towel around his waist and came out of the bathroom. i don't know how it happened, but while we were talking his towel fell off revealing his semi-hard, beautiful penis - so cool! he was really embarrassed by this, but then i quickly pulled down my pants to show him my penis and told him we were equal hehehe
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i've gotten caught fucking. but i don't stop. because hell...you shouda knocked!!!
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KYJenni, I'm a little confused.
What was the mayor doing in the room and did the dudes mother just lay there?
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Years ago, when I was around 11 or 12 & at a small summer camp. We had something going on the entire camp was involved in. For some reason I had to go back to the open bunk room. When I walked in, our 18 yo camp intern was lying on his bunk slowly jerking off his massive, uncut cock. It was past his belly button, almost to his nipples. He glanced at me, smiled and kept on stroking the monster. I stood there watching as he shot a huge load all over his chest and into his hair. As he got soft, it lay across his thigh and fell towards the bunk. That's when he lifted it and ask if I wanted to feel it, my young hand wouldn't go around it but I remember it being heavy and very warm, as I stroked it some and a big drop of cum dripped out of the foreskin. I'll never forget that summer.
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I was in Egypt with parents a few years back. I was the only person in the room so I went over and put the chain on the door so no one could get in. Oposite the door was a big row of mirrors. I sat on my bed (which you could see from the door by looking in the mirrors) completely naked and jacking off. Just as I had finished the door flies open but not completely because of the chain. Dad shouts for me to get the chain off the door, looking straight at me via the mirrors, while I'm hiding under the bed sheet. Had to go open the door naked (sheet in front of me)with a cum stain on the sheet and a hard on. Embarassing much? Eek
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Originally Posted by Dirty Videophile View Post
What was the mayor doing in the room and did the dudes mother just lay there?
I had to read that twice too.

Too many stories of this ilk to relate them all - I'm like a magnet for this sort of thing, and thankfully I don't embarrass easily. One that comes to mind would be when I first moved to LA I was staying with my best friend. He has a little apartment with a bathroom/kitchen in the basement and let me camp out there until I found my own place.

A day or two after the movers showed up with my stuff I was just out of the shower and drying my hair when I felt something moving on my foot. I look down to find the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life. Spiders are, like, #6 on the list of things that freak me the fuck out.

So I freaked the fuck out. I leaped onto the bed and screamed like I'd just been stabbed. My best friend comes running down the stairs in a panic to find me stark naked, dripping wet, standing on the bed and pointing at the spider walking across the floor. (Seriously, this was a huge fucking spider that must have gotten into one of the moving boxes when the van was traveling through the desert or Hades or wherever the fuck it came from).

My best friend just about fell down the rest of the stairs in laughter. Meanwhile I'm yelling at him to stop laughing and help me figure out how to get rid of the damn spider.

Then I hear his wife call from upstairs, "Is everything okay? Do I need to come down there?"

To which I yell "No!" at the same time as my best friend yelled "Yes!"

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i sleep walk, about every 3 years, not sure y, but i do, and have since i was a kid.....so im in this hotel in new hamshire, i wake up in the hallway, at 3am, but naked, and the door to my room is now locked.....holly fuck...so i paced the hall way, wondering what i was gonna do.....infront of the soda machine, there was one of those carpet runners....i picked it up, wrapped it around me, and off i went to the front desk......thank god for that carpet, now in hotels, its usually gym shorts or boxers!
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Years ago my roommates girl friend walked in on me masturbating, I never herd her come in to the room, I looked up and there she was. She just stared for another second and walked out of the room. It was a little awkward for awhile between me and my roommate but I don,t think she ever told him.

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