Hardons @ nude beaches

Originally Posted by zumzum if it's a semi no problem if it's an erection and I can't avoid it, I go into the water, or turn around with belly down, this doesn't help much because

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Originally Posted by zumzum View Post
if it's a semi no problem

if it's an erection and I can't avoid it, I go into the water, or turn around with belly down, this doesn't help much because with the cock rubbing against the towel is even worst haha, not to mention if someone calls you...

erections can happen but you need to have some salus granis to understand when it's too much

pervs are disgusting and annoying
I agree with zumzum...someone told me once to not concentrate on the hardon but to think of other things...if I feel one coming on, I think of something else...it works for me! I also think once you get used to it, the boner factor goes down! (yes that was a cheap play on words)...
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I was worried about this too my first time. After I took everything off it felt right.

After I was there discovered there was nothing sexual about it so it wasn't a problem.

Simi are cool seen that happen with several guys. Full grown hard ons don't happen unless some one is playing and doesn't realize they are ... hid.
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I have been to several nude beaches, both gay and straight. An occassional hard-on is seen. Most people ignore it. Few if any make a scene of it. Nude beaches and resorts are full of nudists and naturalists. Being naked is in no way sexual to them. When you go..just pretend you are wearing shorts over your swim siut. Then take off your shorts and just get comfortable. If you do get a hard-on...lay down or cover it up. No one will care. I saw on guy get hard while photgarphing his girl. He sure didn't care and no one that saw him cared either. There are some exhibitionist that want you to see them and there are voyeurs that like to see you. Just don't think about all that...just do what feels right....once you get comfortable...you will never want to go to a "regular" beach again. But I will say...seeing some of the meat on this site....many men and women would gawk at the dick I've seen here....again it is not sexual...more envy than anything!
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I was always surprised that I didn't get hard at a nude beach. And that was when I was in my 20's. It was just fun and natural.
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I'm a nudist and I've never seen anyone have one there, unless its intentional. Whenever i feel one coming on, I cover with a towel, and go off and wait till it goes back down.
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B_Hung Muscle

Don't sweat it if you grow some wood. Boners happen there. Generally, most nude beaches are populated with people (fat, straight, gay, beautiful, young, old, etc) who just like the feeling of not wearing lycra and spandex when they're swimming. At most nude beaches, sex is frowned upon, but I have yet to find one where hanky-panky doesn't go on somewhere. Having said that, I believe the vibe on nude beaches is welcoming and friendly. I think there is a heavy uncurrent of sensuality but I personally don't really find it overtly sexual.

Of course, if I were on a nude beach with zumzum, I might have different ideas...
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YOU can allways go take a dive, and let it cool off...
go around the bushes and j.o.

OR make it an super sexual mix BEACH ORGY ;)
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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Ive been to a number of nude beaches and have never seen a hardon (I mean, a spontaneous one....in a few beaches, there are cruising areas where guys go for sex, so that's different.)
But if a guy should get a hardon, there is obviously a way to be discreet and minimize its view, and a way to flaunt it. You're among adults; Im sure if you discreetly turn on your stomach or turn away from the crowd, no on would mind. There are some people (not all but some) who would obviously be uncomfortable if you deliberately showed off your hardon. Likewise some people complain at nude beaches if they spot some guy who cant seem to stop leering. So just use common sense and you'll be cool (even if you get hot and bothered<G>).
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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Originally Posted by Smaccoms View Post
would I be one of them?
no, believe me, you would be in the upper half
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i'd make sure uwsswimguy had a hard on at the beach. <evil grin>
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i used to go to our local nudest beach, and i never had, or saw an erection.
you are in public, so CONTROL is the order of the day. and we all can control ourselfs from time to time.
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Was on a nude beach a couple of years ago - My wife noticed that the only hardons occured when the guys were asleep on their blankets.
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I visit a nude beach quite often and you do see some hard-ons and I've had a couple myself, but just hit the water or roll over until it goes down. I do remember seeing a guy at a nude beach stopping to talk to women as they walked un and down the beach. His gig was that as they talked he would get an erection. He did this several times - enough to convince me he was an exhibitionist - although his sense of control seemed pretty darn good. In short don't worry about a hard-on and just enjoy the nude beach. Once you try it the textile bit is boring.
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WHY are men at nude beaches so afraid of having hard ons!?!?!? Is it some self control thing? At a nude beach of any kind, I would think its natural. We make too much of it! GET HARD!
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Originally Posted by PAHARDJOCK View Post
Trust me not all the naked people should be naked... They should place an XL mirror near the entrance to the pool so some these dudes can see how they look naked....
If I looked like you I might go to a nudist colony or go skinny dipping.
The interesting thing about it all is that most real hunks are much more sexy with a perfect fitting speedo or a see through mesh that shows a good outline. That look is so erotic.
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