Girl's real views of a big penis

I stumbled upon this YouTube video. YouTube - Penis Size Do you think this is what all women think like? I don't think so, so why opposedly do most women think bigger is better? This

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Girl's real views of a big penis

I stumbled upon this YouTube video.

YouTube - Penis Size

Do you think this is what all women think like? I don't think so, so why opposedly do most women think bigger is better?

This is what the girl had to say on the matter more:
7.1 inches = 18 centimeters
5.5 inches = 15 centimeters
9.8 inches = 25 centimeters

the size of the penis... does it really has to be big?

Some more information:

women can have pleasure with all sorts of penises... and I think in general, it's the girth that counts most, and not exactly the length of the penis (bigger girth, stimulates a bigger area, mostly near the clitoris, which is the most sensible and important area to achieve the orgasm)...

I believe that the G spot isn't near the cervix, it's located approximately in the middle of the vagina and you have to do a specific movement to fully stimulate it (check out the link below)... besides, not every women as it... :P


me and my friends had a conversation and I think that sometimes, man with big penises just want to feel good about them selves... penis size as become an ego issue... and it's not that related to the amount of pleasure that a girl has with it...
sometimes it can also be a social thing... women start believing that they can get more satisfaction with a bigger penis (and that has some influence on the psychological side)

I must add that women get excited just to look at the penis (and if it's big, it makes us more excited)... but I really don't know why...

anyway... the studies around that matter are only being developed now... so we will learn some more soon enough... :P
I think with women who think that bigger is better must have had an experience where they have had to stretch the cervix enough so that big ones can fit and they like it because they're bigger themselves, I don't know.

My girlfriend has complained to me a few times saying that I have hurt her when we do doggy style and she only likes it when I'm not so big or when I've came already because I'm not as big and I'm kinda average so I don't know what it would be like with bigger guys.. maybe not all girls are the same size downstairs.

Let me know your views.

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Vaginas are HUGE.

After I've finished with them anyway lol.

For women who haven't had a large penis, they are oblivious and therefore size does not matter. For women who have had a large penis, size does matter. Either they love it or they experienced pain or had some other experience that has put them off large penises.

Therefore most women don't care about penis size.

In my experience, it is surprising what a girl can do/take when sufficiently aroused.

Girls' cervices don't get stretched. Arousal increases the anatomical capacity of the wagina (intentional )

I wish I could disappear...
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Simply: Size does matter!

Unashamed, Unabashed Size Queen
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I am not one to need a big cock. I love big cocks, but my description of big may not be the same as other ladies. To me, big is 7 and over.

An average sized penis, 6 inches, can get me off if he's at least 5 inches in girth.

That said, I prefer 7 and up.

Ok, I'm going to get specific. A cock between 7 and 9 in length and between 5 and 8 in thickness. No bigger than 9, it's a waste and I'd be worried about being hurt.

That is what I would prefer, but I definitely don't need that to cum. I just cum more with a cock in that size range.

Live your life with your eyes and mind wide open.

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Originally Posted by ScaredLittleBoy View Post
Vaginas are HUGE.

After I've finished with them anyway lol.
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she havent been fuck I guess..

she is like... after 5.5" is useless... lol it wont fit..

95% of women can take 7-8 inches.

Penis Size:
1 in 5 = 5.5"
1 in 8 = 7"
1 in 95 = 8"
1 in 1,000 = 9"
1 in 12,000 = 10"

Guys check out my videos:


Here you can see a pic of me and the horseshoe everyone likes. For non members here which cant see some pictures.http://andyo.myhardwear.comwasssap!!!! Sunny Miami!
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Originally Posted by andyo View Post
she havent been fuck I guess..

she is like... after 5.5" is useless... lol it wont fit..

95% of women can take 7-8 inches.
That's very true - it's always annoyed me how doctors and those trying to be 'official' about it say things like that. With my current girlfriend I only just about bottom out in missionary and doggy style. Five inches my ass.

6'5''/200/brown/green/8x5.5 cut.
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I will respect your view(s) on a big penis...and add that one of the draw backs I've faced from some females is rejection of not wanting to handle me and my size...esp with hard thrusing...my lenght obviously goes beyon the point of what pleases them and put them in discomfort..often much of my penis shaft is left outside of the vagina

It my understanding that a female's cervical canal is only between 4-6 inches long...so I understand to a degree why a longer penis would possibly hurt...girth on the other hand is really not a major problem that a female can adjust to in most cases.... so in my case...you win some you loose some
However, interesting also that some females like to see and play and toying around with my penis...may even suck me or jack me to get around the issue of not letting me fuck them though
And then there's a few experiences I've had that the female just wanted the challege of having me or seeing how much they get take of my penis... so I don't know...guess it aint always a blessing to have a huge peter (penis) you just live with what you got and hope for the best to function with it.
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Either she never tried a big cock and so has no idea how vaginas stretch. Or she tried one and discovered she has a small vagina, and thinks her is average.

I'd bet the former, and she never really enjoyed a big one.
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I think size does matter, but girth is way way way more important than length, which is why it never impresses me when guys bang on about the length of his cock.

A nice thick girth stretches our vaginas, and as our clitoris is much more than the outward bit you can see, but passes right down both sides of our vulvas, when our vaginas are stretched it stimulates this part of the clitoris

I enjoy using the comedy technique of self-deprecation - but I'm not very good at it.
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