nudity during physical exam

i did before i went for National Service, went into the doc's room and he told me to strip and he was looking at me like i was a zoo exhibit, felt pretty weird back

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i did before i went for National Service, went into the doc's room and he told me to strip and he was looking at me like i was a zoo exhibit, felt pretty weird back then.

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The idea of having the compulsory military service check up scared me for all my teens.

a big locker room with I don't know... 30, 40, 50 naked young fit guys who have to be visited (included the cock btw) it's one of the most erotic thing I can imagine

thankfully we were allowed to keep our pants on, although the visit took place in the morning (peak of testosterone in male body, and I was 17yo!) and thankfully I managed to control my excitation, besides the boner I would have oozed precum all the time everywhere like I peed in my pants otherwise.

by chance the only guy who was always hard (and it has to have a very tiny cock) was the gay basher
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I enlisted in an Air Force Observation Squadron in the early forties. We had regular group physicals during which we stood in line nude and went past the Doc (seated), got our balls felt, turned our heads and coughed and were free to dress and leave. I almost always popped a boner during these sessions because the other dummies were always pointing or making cracks about my "other leg". Sometimes the doctor had to work around it (without comment) but most times it would relax by the time I got to the front of the line.


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My last complete physical exam was about five years ago.

It included the rubber glove prostate exam as well as checking my nuts for testicular cancer.

At the beginning I was asked to undress down to my underwear. I kept my underwear on during most of the exam.

The doctor was quick and efficient with the prostate check.

But he spent his time when checking for testicular cancer. Then he continued fondling my nuts to teach me how to do a self-exam for testicular cancer while informing me about the risks of testicular cancer. It felt like this went on for at least five minutes, although I'm sure it was much shorter than that. After I started to bone up a bit, I think he figured out that the exam had gone on long enough and allowed me to put my underwear back on.
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D_Keziah Binbanger

Nudity during a physical isn't a problem, what I wonder is if it is normal to get a hard on during it? I never had to be nude and I would like to know if any of you had a boner during the exam and if the physician said anything about it.
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i was so close to getting one on tat phys exam. It was like semi-erect
I think the doc was a lady too if i remembered correctly

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I've had many physicals but none where I was totally nude. It's never gotten hard during an exam either so I haven't had to worry about that problem.
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My Doctor ( also a personal friend), sees me nude in the office since I go commando. What he does about his other patients I don't know. He sees me nude at my pool parties anyway, so to me it's no big deal. We've known each other for over 20 years.

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Account Disabled

When i was in grade 12 I made the football team.... We had to do full physicals... One by one we went in the nurse's office and we were told to strip down to our boxers... Unfortunately that day i forgot it was the day of the physical so I grabbed the first pair of boxers I had and it turned out to be the ones where the button fly was broken so as soon as I pulled my pants down my dick was visible to the doctor... He didn't say anything...

Finally he told me to take my underwear off.... So he grabbed my balls and checked them for testicular cancer... I instantly popped a boner... He said something like wow... you grow alot... something along those lines...

"Bigger then some of the other guys.." he said that under his breath..
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I wear a jockstrap for every physical. The Dr thinks its a great idea.
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I know for a fact that Doctors are trained to expect a "Boner."

I have taught the cough and squeeze exam, as well as the testicle exam at a Medical School as a Training Assistant.

The comment we inform the student Doctors to say is:

"I see that everything is working correctly" or words to that effect.

In summary, a Boner is normal and can be expected, especially is you are in good health.

In fact I got a semi as I was teaching the course, with a gown, but no briefs and each of the students practiced one me.
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when i was in sophomore year, i made the varsity wrestling team, and had to go get a physical, and this nurse brought me in to a room and told me to take off my clothes and put on a gown and that doctor smith would be right with me. so i waited about 5 minutes sitting there when this really nice looking older woman about 35-40 walked in, in a doctors coat, and said hello im dr. smith. my eyes must have gotten so wide, and then she just started asking me the physical questions, took my blood pressure and such and being a horny little kid i had a full hardon, which im sure she must have saw. then she told me to drop my underwear, and when i did her eyes got wide and she muttered something that sounded like "oh my" under her breath. and then she proceded to massage my testicles for about 30 seconds feeling for lumps, and then she started palpating her fingers up and up across my shaft and y glans for about 3 minutes, but when i started flowing pre-cum really heavily she stopped. and said thats all thank you. and left.
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whether a physical or a gym shower after p.e. with 15 others for me is no problem. if a doctor has me nude then fine, if it's about doing a physical more thoroughly i gladly lose the cloth. if it's because he secretly wants to see me nude then what i don't know won't hurt me, look all you want doc! i have no great physique, am thin, have an average dick but to walk across midcourt at a laker's game nude wouldn't bother me at all. i love to be nude, if people like or want to see me nude i like to let them see.
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They've seen so many naked bodies it is nothing new to them. Altho, two of my docs hae acknowledged I was larger than average. :D
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I am always commando so when I drop my pants for a physical -- there are no secrets. I've had the same good-looking physician for years and always get an instant boner. He usually laughs and says "yep, that seems to still be working okay."
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