nudity during physical exam

have you ever had to do a physical exam completely in the nude? I had to go to the doctor for a medical follow up. My current doctor was unavailable so they schedule me with

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nudity during physical exam

have you ever had to do a physical exam completely in the nude?
I had to go to the doctor for a medical follow up. My current doctor was unavailable so they schedule me with another doctor there. They also scheduled me for a complete physical as it had been years since I had one. The nurse told me to take everything off and put on the gown. When the doctor came in he did the follow up and then had me take off the gown at the start of the physical leaving me completely exposed from start to finish. There was nothing odd about his behavior I just never had a physical where I was naked the entire time. Has anyone else had this experience?
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No, not yet!! Great idea though... perhaps I should request one
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Yes in high school i had a physical exam. The nurse told me to take my clothes of and when the doctor came he checked my body and then said to take of my boxers to check my penis. I was completely nude.
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I have for years had the same doc. When I go for phisical I am asked to strip down to shorts, and then when he needs to check the nether regions, he pulls them down
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All of my doctors have done the same thing: they tell me to get undressed down to my underwear and then sit on the 'table'. After doing some quick tests (eyes, ears, throat, etc.) they then tell me to stand. They pull down the front of my underwear, feel my balls, then pull my underwear back up. None have told me to turn my head and cough or felt my penis, though. Should they?

I had a doctor who spent about two minutes feeling my balls. I never went back to him.

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What's the big deal? We're born naked and we die naked...well, at least we do if we do it right....

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Back when I was in junior high, I played football for a small school in rural Alabama. Our coach had the local doctor (the only one) come to the field house one day right after practice started. We had a short practice and then the coach told us to shower and line up outside his office. Some guys put on their briefs or jockstraps, a few more wrapped towels around their waist, but some stood in line nude. We were called into the coaches office 5 at a time for a quick physical exam. The assistant coach was outside the coach's office and when 5 boys went in, he had the next 5 take off their briefs or get rid of their towel. It seemed like an hour passed, but probably only about 15 minutes of us standing their totally nude, and then we went in for a physical exam.

All the older boys told us to "watch out for the doctor's finger" but it was just a regular physical, no rectal. They just told all of the 6th graders that to scare us - and it worked!!! But there were still a few partial hardons and even a few full boners as we were standing in line.

Ahh, good times.

Openminded nudist
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Ive given 1000's of physicals over the years. When I have a patent in my office, its always with the gown and underwear on. As the phsical progresses, the gown comes off, and then I ask the patient to lower his underwear for the hernia, prostate, and testicular cancer check.
When I do sports physicals at the high schools, most of the time the students are in their underwear, and come one at a time into the coaches office. Once there, we do the cursory checks, then a quick drop of the underwear, and they are done. I have had coaches that have the boys line up nude, but that is very rare.
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Just posted something on this topic under physical exam attire
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Way back when in the dark ages - Military physicals were given with all the candidates in the nude for about six hours. We stood around in the exam station waiting to be checked over from head to toes.

This was in the 60s.

No problems.
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I have had physicals with that gown or with just dropping the pants when you had to get the finger or turn your head and cough :)

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I used to have an DOT exam every 2 years nude with a female practioner. and she was no beauty. later found out she is a lesbian, nonetheless a good practioner. the first time she did the hernia test on me(turn head, cough), she squeezed my balls kinda of hard. I have big balls, and I'm not sure if she had them all in her little hand. but anyway, as the years went by she even learned to warm her hand up. one fellow employee(older) asked for the male doctor, said the only woman who had seen him nude was his wife. I told him I bet his mom did to. He asked me how I felt about being naked in front of another woman, and I told him I had slept with a lot of women, skinnydipped and swam in pools and gravel pits with lots of men & women, some women were just friends, and some were my lovers. no big deal.
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Originally Posted by hung View Post
Military physicals were given with all the candidates in the nude for about six hours.
I could think of worse ways to spend 6 hours!

too much of a good thing can be nice

hmm... if you send a friendship request, i'd be happy to know why:) pm or public profile message first might work:)
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I wish I could find a doctor that really does a physical for health reasons. My does it from across the room with me fully dresses.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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I have to, Going on a school medical examination. When I was with the doctor, the pulled my underwear down and checked everything. My balls were measured with a kind of necklace with different sizes of balls. I was the onlyone in my class who was measured with a necklace! Bizar!

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