For ladies, What is considered too small?

Im about 5.8x5.5 somtimes 6.5x5.5 What would you consider to be small?

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For ladies, What is considered too small?

Im about 5.8x5.5 somtimes 6.5x5.5
What would you consider to be small?
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No offense but I prefer cocks that arer 8 and over and quite thick say over 7 around. xo ann
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SuperDrew.....you are averga in endowment if a little thicker than average. You're fine so don't worrry about it......some of the ladies on this site have discovered that they really enjoy mastodon-sized units but I have found most girls and guys are not that specific, though those bigger ones do look impressive, eh?
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D_Keziah Binbanger

I'm not a lady but I can tell you 5.8 is very nice. 8 inches and over is definitely not the rule among men and a lot of guys, more than you think, would be pleased to have a 5.8 long cock.
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It's how you work it. I've been with longer and shorter and it doesn't matter. As long as it works is my only criteria.
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Over 6" for me. Thickness is more important than length for women. Only the initial three inches of a pussy experiences the majority of feeling. Much can be said for the feeling of fullness a truly big dick can provide, however. For the most part, Mr. UncutAtlanta is correct. I've been with massive dicks with absolutely no skillz and it was incredibly boring.
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Account Disabled

I would say anything under a 5" length or girth. So while your measurements aren't huge they certainly are 'workable'
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18 by 10
Fento plank
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According to Kinsey, average is between 5.3" and 5.5" therefore you are slightly above average.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

Until Further Notice:
I will not be accepting friend or contact requests.
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Just under 3" hard here.
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I'd say under 4 1/2 is small

Don't worry guys size doesn't matter....YEAH RIGHT!
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Account Disabled

Bet you're going to get a bit of an unrepresentative sample here. The average erect adult male penis is something in the league of 5.5". If that were insufficient to women, the species wouldn't be very successful, would it? I like to think that, even among women who prefer larger endowments, love (or at least personality) is paramount.

That's not to say that people are not entitled to their preferences. We all have them. But most women will have no qualms with an average-sized guy, and even those who have preferences -- unless it's a one night stand -- will put you ahead of your penis. I would hope.

My two cents. :)
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Remember you are asking women on LPSG. We most likely do not represent the majority of females out there. So, is the question, "what do most women consider too small?" or "what do women on LPSG consider too small?"

I prefer > 7" x 6"
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considered, ladies, small

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