How Much cum do you cum and how far does it shoot?

i was just wondering how much cum comes out when you cum and how far it shoots when yo do cum??

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How Much cum do you cum and how far does it shoot?

i was just wondering how much cum comes out when you cum and how far it shoots when yo do cum??
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Once i didnt eyaculate for at least 3 weeks and when i jerked off, it went flying like 6 feet plus a little more... and like 10 full squirts... spent like 20 minutes cleaning all that shiz , lol.... and when i jerk off regularly like 5 full squirts and like 4 feet
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It depends on how excited I am. I can a lot one day, and the very next day cum even more. Just depends.
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I nearly always cum a lot (with few exceptions) but lately it's coming out in one massive string instead of separate spurts. Weird.

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i usually cum a lot. it squirts. i never measured but i know it squirts pretty far so if I'm not fucking someone I prefer to aim somewhere it's easy for cleanup lol
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With my small balls, not very much. 1/2 tsp to a whole tsp at a time.
women seem to find it amusing, but thats ok.
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About this much and about this far *points to forehead* I find that when I'm with someone I my orgasim is alot more intense, and I shoot alot further. Average load is prolly 1 or 2 tablespoons.

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I shit you not, I've hit the ceiling once. Generally however 5-8 thick squirts followed by tremor shots.

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it varies - earlier in day - watch out!
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Why is this in the fictitious stories category?
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Usually the first shot goes 3 to 4 feet often hitting me in the face and sometimes even in my mouth followed by 7 or 8 smaller shots. Lately the first shot has been like a really thick long rope of cum followed by 7 or 8 small thin squirts.
If I am tired it will sometimes only be about 5 or 6 short squirts but if I am incredibly horny I have hit the wall behind my bed.
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It all depends how excited I am, If I'm alone, not that far cause I can't have cum flying all over the room, What if CSI shows up with that black light?
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Load depends on the last time i wank, if it's everyday the load won't be alot.
Shooting wise, mine just oozes with the occasional squirt (still trying to work on that)

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When I'm really horny I shoot like 8-9 big ones. And I can go like seven feet. It's a turn-on for most of the girls i've fucked.

This pic is of a load. Not huge but still decent. Normally i'm too tred to pic up a camera after a huge one.
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Typically, I shoot up to about my chest when I get off frequently. One time, however, it got in my hair after not doing it for about a week or two. I typically have about a tablespoon, but the time it got in my hair, it was A LOT more than that.
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cum, shoot

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