Accidental public exposure

The warmer weather's on the way and I can't wait for those moments when we get a public glimpse of a guy's dick, or his balls and pubes inside the leg of a pair of

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Accidental public exposure

The warmer weather's on the way and I can't wait for those moments when we get a public glimpse of a guy's dick, or his balls and pubes inside the leg of a pair of generously cut shorts! Sitting in the park one time, the chap behind me was laying out commando style and I had the most mouth-watering view up inside his shorts. Cufr he WAS.. Has anyone else seen this, or got photos of similar?
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Yeah, quite a few years ago I was on holiday camping and the summer was still and hot, I was in my shorts and laying out on a blanket, the guy in the next tent, a fit looking guy, with his girlfriend were laying out sun bathing, he was wearing red football shorts (commando), which gapped at the leg, I glanced over as I turned over and could see up the leg of his shorts, to see one of his balls. This now go me interested, so I had to keep a close eye on the progress.
He started leaning over and started giving his girlfriend a kiss, well more of a snog, when I next looked over he was now sporting a big bulge in his shorts, which he adjusted, cor, was that making me hard... when I next looked over his bulge was down he leg, and YES YES YES, it was down the leg I could see up, and a nice big cut cock was there to greet me, I laying on my stomach and now drilling a whole in the ground with my hard cock.

This guy must have noticed me looking over and gave a smirk, he shortly afterwards got up (and I though oh shit he is gonna come over a say something), instead, he pulled up his girlfriend and his now very bulging shorts were really straining under the pressure from his big hard cock, they disappeared into the tent and proceeded to have a really noisy, fucking session.

When my girlfriend returned, we did the same..
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i think i've posted something similar before. it's difficult to not expose yourself when you are 1. large and 2. a source of ridicule from your high school. lets just say that because of my size, i became "known," and because of that, have been publicly exposed quite a few times. it was easy back in the early 90s to be exposed when we were all forced to wear short-short nylon shorts. at the school i went to, we posted our names in our shorts at the beginning of the season. they were handed out before each meet (at the meet). i found that my larges went to a small which had the lining cut out of it numerous times over 3 seasons with the high school. i would show up to a meet and have to wear shorts which were 2 sizes too small and without any additional support as i ran. i became exposed on numerous levels at numerous times.
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I had the issus of public exposure in gym class, in track and in soccer. I wore umbros in soccer and my cock and balls at one point would slip out until I started to wear a jock or briefs to counter it. In gym I wore boxers at the start of every class we had roll call at wich point everyone sat on the floor and waited until the teacher called everyones name. It was at this time that I became exposed a few times....also when doing sit-ups. Track...was another story...but just imagine running around the track in short shorts and it bouncing...as you run...LOL!
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this makes me wonder if there are others out there like me who don't wear shorts in public very often because they don't want to be falling out in public.

The shorts i wear in public are usually long enough to prevent such a falling out, but you will see a bulge snake along.
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Originally Posted by nubian View Post
this makes me wonder if there are others out there like me who don't wear shorts in public very often because they don't want to be falling out in public.
Definitely, nubian ... I am happy that shorts are longer now than they were back in the day, 'cause I don't want to be showing a bulge or risk falling out anytime I'm in public wearing shorts.
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I think it's hot whenever I get the chance to see a hot straight guys junk fall out of his shorts and he's unaware of it. Yes!
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Ryan Secrest had this topic on the radio this morning. It's not that cool when your junk falls out in public, y'know?

Just doesn't really make for good times...although in a fantasy situation, it would be absolutely hot.

I don't have to do nothin but stay black and die.
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Krispdx likes longer shorts while I prefer shorter shorts (although not nut huggers). I don't wear underwear unless I'm going to work...I like the feeling that something may 'accidentally' fall out. My family, as well ass the people in my dept, know I don't wear underwear. If something slips out, oh well.

Now if the rest of the fashion industry would slowly transition to shorter shorts so the guys sitting in the ballparks could accidentally let their junk fall out, as well as at the mall, restaurants, etc.
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Stopped to fill my dirt bike at a local station for a ride the next day,wearing very short gym shorts and freeballing,as I steped across the side of the trailer one foot on the fender and the other on the floor,I realised my balls were hanging out,
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Was at local Starbucks last summer and the baristas were all huddled at one end of the bar looking in my direction. When I noticed they all looked away. Apparently the head of my dick and my balls had fallen out of my shorts and onto the seat of the chair. I went back to reading my book. Needless to say they all knew my name and my drink the next day when I returned.

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