Looking Up a Guys Shorts

Anyone had any personal experiences of getting a peek?

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Looking Up a Guys Shorts

Anyone had any personal experiences of getting a peek?
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i have cought some one trying to peek
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1. In a quiet public park, a guy way lying on his back in the sun on a picnic table. Walking past you could see up his shorts and see his balls and his dick laying on top of them. I walked passed a couple of times. He seemed to be asleep, but I felt pretty sure he knew he was putting on a show.

2. In the same park but in an nearby wooded area, I was walking along one of the paths and a guy was changing into his running clothes. At the point I walked by, he had on shorts, was sitting on a downed tree. His dick was hanging out of the shorts as he looked up and said "Hello".

3. At the beach, a guy was sitting looking at the ocean. He had on loose shorts with nothing under. He was sitting with his knees up--legs bent. YOu could see his nearly complete dick & balls.
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never miss an opportunity :)
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D_Ollyvalle Treegirth
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I often look but without success. Recently tho I inadvertently caught a glimpse of someone's equipment I'd rather NOT have seen -- it was an older guy at the gym in his shorts from the 1970s. yuck. Im pretty sure he was not trying to show off, just oblivious.
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Some years ago four of us (all gay) were vacationing in Panama City, Florida. On the beach not far from where we were staying, was a guy with a catamaran (I'll have to check the spelling). He was a college student doing this in the summer to earn extra money. For a fee, he would take you out in the Gulf Of Mexico. Two friends went first and couldn't wait until the waves brought them ashore to tell us he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath his shorts. True enough....the position he was sitting working the sail, gave enough leg movement that you could clearly see cock. Thinking my camera might get wet, I left it on the beach so I didn't get any photos. Too bad....several great chances to capture him - face and cock closeups.
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Originally Posted by Bluemalevolence View Post
Anyone had any personal experiences of getting a peek?
Numerous times. Back in the '70s and '80s, mens shorts had shorter inseams. Gym shorts were especially hot. If a guy you played sports with didn't wear briefs, you would see his goods eventually peeking out the leg.

Every time I go for a run on the beach in the summer, I can usually see up the legs of some of the guys sunbathing. I always appreciate the view.
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No one has anything else to share?
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I attended a Medical Convention about 2 weeks ago where they were demonstrating Ultrasound machines on live male models. All the models looked like they were recruited from the local University Athletic dept. All of the guys were shirtless, wearing only shorts and shoes and had the most perfect, athletic bodies and layed on their backs on massage type tables. One extremely muscular guy in particular had his legs bent and his feet up on the table allowing for a perfect view up his shorts. Although he was wearing underwear, it was an exceptional view nonetheless!
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Here you may peek, freely: http://www.lpsg.org/45947-what-s-und...ml#post1383332

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D_Bartholomew Bollocks
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I bet that guy on the tree was cruising you!
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every time i see a guy in shorts i look... the situation has to be right but when it is, it makes my day. i love wearing shorts and catching guys sneaking a peek. i always get a chubby
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i had a big crush on my friend after finding out he was hung, probably 8 1/2 inches and thick. he also had a cute face and a really hot body. he very rarely wore underwear and i would just stare and drool when his big and manly member hung through a shorts leg. i think he saw me lusting after his cock cause eventually i wound up sucking it.
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creepers @_@

scope out my myspace page! now it actually brings you to the right one!
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guys, shorts

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